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It's official as plans on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 apps later this year

Good news for all of those who have been waiting for an official app, as it looks like the popular Quicken-like service is coming to both Windows Phone and Windows later this year. The announcement comes via their support forums from an “official” responder earlier today. is considered by many to be the foremost financial planner service and with apps on iOS and Android, Windows Phone was left holding the bag. Indeed last we checked, back in March, was filed under “no plans yet”, despite a constant barrage of users requesting it.

However now, the company seems to have had a change of mind as a representative named Jami has posted the following in their forums:

“We heard you loud and clear, and now it’s official, Mint will be available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 later this year, just in time for the holidays!  Stay tuned for more details!”

Not a bad deal and although we’re sure many of you would prefer the app to come out sooner than later, at least it is now officially on the roadmap for our respective platforms. Hopefully other services who are still no-shows will also have a change of heart.

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It's official as plans on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 apps later this year


I would rejoice, but I was so unhappy with their "not enough demand" responses that I say "ABOUT TIME!"

True true, I made it a habit of pushing for a WP8 app with Mint on a somewhat regular basis. Hell, I was pushing for WP7 when I got my first HTC Trophy. I am very excited though, its going to be awesome to be able to access Mint on my Lumia 928, the website is godaaawfuuul to use on a mobile phone.

The only app I've actively wanted. Sure other apps are good n all, but this is the one I needed/really wanted.

It definitely feels like the release of Windows 8 was the milestone that everybody was waiting for. Lo and behold, eight months after its official release we're seeing a deluge of WP8 apps. This is exactly why sharing the WP8 kernel was a smart move.

They announced this and a ton of other apps at the BUILD keynote today. Was surprised WPCentral and other sites didn't report it. Guess only devs were watching today.

Yeah, I wanted to see if someone had a list, since most of them, they specifically mentioned Win8 AND WP8.

Time to start bugging Wells Fargo again. I will call email and tweet. I bug them about once a month. Maybe it should be every week :)

This is a step in the right direction. Many local banks (including mine) web portals and online banking apps are built by Intuit, the makers of Mint. If Intuit finally hops on the WinPhone train, we can see Mint, Square, and many online banking presense systems.

USAA didn't even need to pull their app. Who cares if you had to go into your camera roll later and manually delete the photos of the check you were depositing. I'm still angry with them.

Yes! So this is all we need to do! I sent them two e-mails requesting the app on wp8. And they answered so incredibly and nicely! And now this article officially announcing the app! This week cannot get any better lol.

Good one getting Mint! But "just in time for the holidays"?!? Sorry to complain, but I'm fairly certain they could get it done faster than that!

Company's (like mine) usually plan and schedule projects over a years period. So while they may decide to do it today, it may not fit in the schedule/budget for six more months.

At least they got on board.

This was my number one app request.
Now on to beg the others:
PNC Bank
US Bank
SouthWest Airlines

This makes me happy. All that's needed now is a capital one app and I won't be missing anything from android.

Do you realize how silly it sounds to refer to.a service offered by Intuit as a Quicken like servuce? That is the equivlent of refering to Skydrive as a Microsoft like service....

I thought the same thing, although a lot of people don't know that Intuit bought them a few years ago.
I was actually kind of bummed when that happened. Intuit sucks.  I also felt the same way when CapitalOne took over ING Direct.  Products and services almost ALWAYS get worse when they're assimilated.

Fantastic! One of the two apps I really want on WP. I'm happy Mint that they changed their mind on WP support, and it's nice to see a Windows 8 version coming as well.

Cool, I'm really happy to see these big apps finally being brought over to our OS! Now all I need is a TD Canada Trust app!

Great! I've been waiting for this since day one of WP7. Been a user of Mint for a long time and hated having to try the web version on the phone or tablet. Even wrote them a few times asking for WP support. I tried other services, and they were not as complete as Mint, so this is just great news to me. Don't care if it took a while, this is another sign of Windows Phone's momentum. So many companies said they were going to support Windows Phone when there were enough users, and seeing many of these official apps coming to WP makes me feel we are getting there.

Wow, I like pageonce or check-whatever-it-is now but the functionality just isnt the same. This will be something to look out for...

Last time I used Mint (a year ago?) it didn't have the ability to get bill information from utility companies and show the actual payment due. Both and (formerly PageOnce) do that. has an app for WP (still named PageOnce and hasn't been updated since it was released) that I've been using.
Does Mint now support real bill info? Or it still asks you to manually set a reminder date for each different type of bill?

Finally! I've used Pageonce and I really wasn't too fond of the experience...just all over the place and really unorganized. Hopefully delivers.

All them people who doubted now want to jump on board. I feel like saying "piss off " but we need the big names. Just leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, doesn't it? To forgive is to forget I guess. Just remember who was on board from the start, that's all.its like winning the lottery, now all of a sudden everyone comes out of the woodwork. They all will follow, except Instagram. They will always have a bug up there ass. . .

Glad Mint is coming, but I liked the Pageonce (now Check) iOS app better. It had matured very nicely - the billing function was superb. I would really like to see a WP8 version of the Check app of the same caliber as iOS's.

Next on my list is a Directv update, Amazon Prime Video and Flixster Ultraviolet and I'm a Happy Man!!!

Too late! I was happy using Mint online and the beta Money Thyme on WP. But unfortunately, that never was released officially. Since I have switched to Pageonce (Check) online and WP. Account login and access is much more stable than mint.