Missed the Xbox One reveal earlier? Highlights now on up on YouTube

Xbox One Promo

If this is your first time logging onto Windows Phone Central for the day you might have missed something. That something was the reveal of the next generation console from Microsoft called the Xbox One. If you weren’t tuned into the live broadcast or our live blog you’ll be feeling fairly left out right about now. No worries, the Xbox channel over on YouTube has you covered with some highlights of the day.

Head on over to the official Xbox channel and you’ll see nine videos for your perusing. It’s not the whole broadcast of the event (which we’re guessing will be up later), but some highlights that you should not miss. Naturally we’ve embedded the most important of the videos, the reveal of the Xbox One.

If you don’t have time for all videos, you’ll want to at least watch the trailer for Quantum Break – an exclusive new IP for the Xbox One. Also don’t miss the behind the scenes video where you get a short glimpse of Studio B – the place on Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

Any favorite videos? Thoughts of the event? Sound off below.

Source: YouTube, Via: Major Nelson


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Missed the Xbox One reveal earlier? Highlights now on up on YouTube


Yeah i was very impressed by the capabilities, but so far ive heard nothing but complaints.

The snap function is awesome, and how quickly it changes app is stunning. Having a movie play while i play halo. Fuck yeah

Aside from On Demand on my Xbox console, where else can i watch the reveal. The wp8 failed me on an epic scale. Thanks in advance.
Edit: meant to say that the wp8 live events player app failed me.

Edit: i know about the reveal being on Xbox OD. Just hope there was a stream i could tap into on my phone

I really didn't like the reveal they should of showed more.. I can't wait until E3 to see which games the Xbox one is working with besides sports games and halo/forza

I'm looking forward to battlefield 4 on the X1... Pretty sure their 17 minute game play trailer will be similar looking on the X1.

I really doubt it will look that good as they run it on high end computers. The X1 will run it fine but somethings turn off or down for sure. 

You are right, it wont look quite that good, but that's lazy devs, the console has the power. But they wont wanna code twice so will just drop the polygon count

Definitely intriguing I'm still on the fence about which console I want. I am a windows phone user with a ps3, have not owned an Xbox since Gen 1 but the cable integration and voice commands along with multitasking makes a pretty compelling argument for me to make a change with my gaming habits!!!

And if you go to Xbox.com, read the small print: just as I suspected, the features are subject to change, the satellite/cable box has to be compatible, and you still have to pay your provider for them. So no guarantee that say you have DirecTV, if they don't want to go along with the Xbox One, it won't work for you and you won't be watching tv through the X1. And it's possible that won't even be a feature of the X1 when it goes on sale, which the small print also says is holidays 2013. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. Right now, it's pretty but it's a crap shoot.

Easy answer? A halo effect for the Microsoft ecosystem. But, we'll have a better picture after E3 and Build. 

Considering that they didn't even mention the graphics chip, I guess it's just something mediocer. This generation consoles did not get me excited at all, unfortunately.

Fuck backwards compatibility,that's what got MS in the dumps on PC,phones sometimes you have to walk away from legacy.plus don't ypu have an Xbox already just play your old games on that

All I heard in the second video with all the staff talking was "We're going to collect lots of data on YOU!" Not that i'm paranoid about that just what I noticed.