'MLB at Bat 11' gets a price drop to $10 in the Marketplace

Last week, in the avalanche of official apps that was unleashed, 'MLB at Bat 11' was hands down the most expensive, coming in at $15. The official app of Major League Baseball though had some amazing features, including radio for every game being played (often two choices), instant replay video, live stats and more.

Our own George Ponder gave it a quick review and he left impressed, even with the hefty price tag:

"If you are a baseball fan, I dare say that MLB.com at Bat 11 is a must have app for your Windows Phone. There's no indication if part of the proceeds are going to help the Dodgers climb out of Bankruptcy but MLB.com is well worth the price of admission."

But still, $15 is expensive which leads us to today's story that it has dropped to $9.99 from $14.99. That savings of $5 could make a difference for many of you, so it well worth the look for reconsideration. Unfortunately, there's still no trial, so you'll have to take a look at George's video reivew to decide--but most folks seem to be happy. Well, except for the folks having paid $5 more just a few days ago. Maybe they can hang with the IM+ crowd.

Grab it here in the Marketplace.

(Thanks, Bishop, for the heads up!)


Reader comments

'MLB at Bat 11' gets a price drop to $10 in the Marketplace


Sigh. Paid $10 for IM+, $15 for MLB At Bat '11. I think I've learned my lesson and I'm going to stop buying apps for a while.

Ouch. Double whammy.If you noticed the date, it's exactly 7 days from release. So my new rule of thumb in situations is to wait from 7 to 14 days upon release.

It must be a common tactic in software sales. I learned my lesson from PC games. If you can wait a few months you can usually get games for half price. Seems like apps don't even take that long.

I'm pretty sure it's because the season is half over. It's down to $9.99 over at the Android Market as well. Oh well, it is what it is! It's still a great app.

There's actually an ad for this on the MLB website indicating that it's limited time across all platforms. It's probably an All-Star game promotion.