MLB.com at Bat 11 - Quick Take

MLB.com at Bat 11 is one of many new apps hitting the Windows Phone Marketplace. It's also one of the pricier apps and to make the purchase more difficult, there's no trial version.

MLB.com lets you follow your favorite team, check out how the competition is fairing, and listen in on live home and away audio broadcasts. But is it worth $15? The short answer is yes.

MLB.com at Bat 11 gives you access to every Major League Baseball game being played. The game break down includes a Gameday Pitch-by-Pitch tracker, Box Score, Field View, and in-game video highlights.

Streaming audio is available for every game being played (sometimes from multiple sources), you have league standings, league news, league videos, league schedules and player cards that highlights each players season stats (reminds me of the backside of baseball cards).

The only thing missing from MLB.com might be streaming live video of games. The app ran smoothly and scores, game stats, videos and audio streams loaded just as smooth.

If you are a baseball fan, I dare say that MLB.com at Bat 11 is a must have app for your Windows Phone. There's no indication if part of the proceeds are going to help the Dodgers climb out of Bankruptcy but MLB.com is well worth the price of admission.

Still, I would have liked to have seen a trial version to give consumers a feel for the app before making the purchase. I just hope that after October it will eventually be updated to MLB.com at Bat 12.

MLB.com at Bat 11 can be downloaded here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.


Reader comments

MLB.com at Bat 11 - Quick Take


This is awesome. It's one of the two main apps I've been waiting for. Now if EA would release Facebook Scrabble, I'll have everything I need. Is there any live tile support for At Bat? I can see them waiting until Mango for that so they don't have to run push servers for it.

It's a good deal if you like mlb and want to stream audio. Other than those features, you really can get everything they offer for free on mlb.com mobile site. That's what I use and will continue to use. I guess it's good for away fans who want to listen to their teams radio broadcasts. And for those thinking that they will update this to mlb '12, get real! I bet it's 15 bucks next year for mlb '12.

"The only thing missing from MLB.com might be streaming live video of games.""... might be"?Yes, streaming live video is *definitely* missing from the WP7-version of this app. The iPhone version has MLB.tv feeds, and live "look-ins" of blacked-out games in the 9th inning. Why not the WP7 version?Please don't blame lack-of-codec support on WP7. MLB.com controls both ends of the "feed pipeline", and can add any/all codecs they choose. Add a feed that works with WP7... not rocket-science.What about "Team Alerts"? Do I get toast when my game starts? When my team scores? Oops, forgot to add that feature too?Paint me negative, but this review (as well as the app) is half-baked. It would be overpriced at $6, let alone $15.