Mobile Nations 14: New BlackBerry boss, unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Windows 8

Kevin, Phil, Derek, Daniel, and Rene discuss RIM's new CEO and what it means for BlackBerry in 2012, the unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Windows 8 tablets, Chinese working conditions, and apps and your privacy. This is Mobile Nations!







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Mobile Nations 14: New BlackBerry boss, unstoppable Android, iPad 3 vs. Windows 8


Well, I'm really glad and appreciative that we have Daniel as EiC.  He really shone in comparison to many of the other hosts in this video (no names, of course, haha). 

An oversight that Apple allows complete address book uploads to app developers without at least a notification to the user? That is preposterous. It is deliberate and it is egregious. Any rational person would no longer trust Apple. And to then think that the developers aren't going to do anything with that information is naive. I found myself disagreeing with almost everything Derek said.

Agreed.  While Derek is a lot more reasonable and logical than some others, he is still wrong in this instance.  This was a huge oversight.  So much so that I don't see how Apple could have let it slide for so long without having alterior motives (even if it just wanted to keep it on the DL for PR reasons).

"This is war; for we must stop the dark side young Jedi... Use the force", use the force!....... The force being any measure it takes, like filing site on Google for any damn copyright infringement we can find.... "Remember WP must succeed at any cost for there is light at the end of the tunnel"" Damn I really am a heard!

As much as I love Windows Phone (as does everyone else I have shown it to, even converting a few along the way) I don't think that it will be as successful until Microsoft is able to shake this negativity that is surrounding the 'Windows' brand. Windows 8 is going to be massive for Windows Phone as it will bring metro into the mainstream act as a stepping stone to other products and hopefully remove some of this negativity towards Microsoft in regards to design or functionality in favour of Apple.
Aside from that, hopefully Nokia will be the driving force in awaring people that there is even a WP7 operating system available (still waiting on the marketing blitz here in Australia), because I am sick of telling people that I have a Windows Phone only to hear them ask 'Is that running Android?' *facepalm*
I do think Windows Phone will surge up very soon, just not sure if it will be through Nokia's push or the massive redesign of Windows 8 that will aware people towards metro. Maybe it will be both.

don't worry, we the evanglist (i can say that right?) can do alot
in the 5 weeks of owning my Lumia 800 I have already converted my sis and my mom to windows phone (800/flash respectively) and gave at least 20 of my friends a good impression windowsphone (I know 3 of them are looking into getting one eventually), several of my co-workers are showing lots of interest in the device  
most importantly! my gf is planning on getting one 710 for her mom (they are a iphone family due to her bro and dad...) now that i have a beach head, may be i can persuade her and her sis over to windows phone :) (her bro and dad might not like me very much after that though...)

That preview shot on the video (before you click play) looks hilarious. Kevin's deeply invested in his phone, Phil looks terribly unhappy, Derek looks gravely concerned, Rene looks like he's talking about the iPhone, and Daniel looks like he just got there and wondering wtf is wrong with everyone else. lol