Mobile Nations Fitness Month: Help Sam get #MobileFit


As you may have noticed, June is Fitness Month

With June being Fitness Month around these parts, we are tapping into Connectedly.com's forums to chat things up. One discussion is from our own Managing Editor Sam Sabri where he is discussing how he plans on spending the month getting back on the fitness bandwagon.

From charging up his Fitbit Force to dusting off his running shoes, Sam hopes to get on the road to fitness recovery and plans on sharing all his highlights in the Connectedly.com forum discussion.

We've already had a few suggestions and words of encouragement from Mobile Nations readers to help motivate Sam on his quest. We've even received a recommendation on a Windows Phone running app to help track all of Sam's runs.

If you have any suggestions on how Sam can use his Windows Phone or any other connected gear he could use while getting back on the fitness background, feel free to join in on the discussion.


Reader comments

Mobile Nations Fitness Month: Help Sam get #MobileFit


First of all, Sam should pay attention at eating habbits. The best app for this is Myfitnesspal (it can be connected with Endomondo, Runtastic etc) but is „bugged” like hell and needs to be reinstalled again and again to work again. I'm wainting for the promised update.

Because of its huge global food database it can't be replaced with nothing I know for now.

Strava is a really good way to track hiking/running /cycling routes. We don't have an
official Strava app but I've heard Cycle Track GPS can upload to Strava. The Fitbit is nice but Strava is an awesome way to see all of your activities on maps and you can compare your segment times to other people and also your own past efforts. It's highly motivational to try and beat your own Personal Records (and your friends')

Haven't used Strava but I do use Caledos Runner (which hooks into RunKeeper if you switched from iOS like me). Have been thinking about a FitBit for a long time, not sure whether to wait to see what else comes along from them or other players. Good luck Sam, getting fit these last three years has changed my life! :D

anyone know of a decent calorie tracker that is free on windows phone?  Only reason I had to go buy an android, was for MyFitnessPal.