Mobile World Congress Day 0: No new Windows Phones from LG, Huawei, Sony or HTC

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We wrapping up what has turned out to be a somewhat busy day here in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress--well, for Android at least. And even though tomorrow it technically kicks off, lots of companies had their press events today with new device announcements. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), there were no new Windows Phones to be shown or announced. This comes by way of three companies:

  • LG - They had a lot to discuss including eight new Android devices but no love for Windows Phone
  • Huawei - They announced three new phones all Android and tentatively a new Android tablet lending credence to the rumors that Huawei are out of Windows Phone even before they were ever really in
  • HTC - Likewise, Windows Phone supporter HTC announced three new devices today but there was not a single Windows Phone amongst them. That despite many of us expecting an "international" Titan II
  • Sony - And though we weren't really expecting anything from them, some other sites were and we're remiss to say that no, they had nothing but Android news as well. No dramatic shifts in allegiances there, folks.

All in all there was little good news happening here but we have Nokia in just a few hours as well as ZTE for device announcements today--hopefully things will pick up a bit.


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Mobile World Congress Day 0: No new Windows Phones from LG, Huawei, Sony or HTC


Yeah, wp7 looks pritty dead...
I guess I didn't realy expect it to be the center of attention but I expected it to be at least mentioned..

That means ...microsoft has to speed up things to final version windows 8 and stop playing with devices selling policy. And include as much as possible in WP8 !!!

No, Microsoft has to get it right, regardless of how long that takes. There are no shortcuts for true success. Not to mention, the bugs in a rushed product will never get fixed because carriers still hold the cards for updates. Microsoft knows what they are doing.

The LG Miracle has is pretty much a certainty, if they didn't unveil it at their press event, perhaps all of the manufacturers are holding the WP's back until the MS event post MWC?

Nokia is the core of WP7 these days, with ZTE possibly being the second tier "volume play."
The lack of effort the others have put into their WP lines shows in the market share numbers.  With just one handset in a handful of European countries and a little bit of marketing push, Nokia went from 0 to 33% share of WP overnight.  The other competitors put so little effort into marketing, positioning and distribution that Nokia walked in overnight and took over the market.
I wouldn't expect the others to start focusing aggressively on WP until Nokia's got volumes in the 5 to 10 million per quarter number... and by then it will be a bit too late to compete on anything but price.

Lg doesn't even put enough effort to their designs and they expect to get a 'wow' effect? No wonder they r selling only 10%. I just don't get how htc n lg ...well samsung too keeps dumbing down features for wp7 devices. Sooner or l8r, they'll feel more heat from Nokia.

Patience my friends. Patience.
They are currently ignoring WP for the most part and letting Nokia build itself up as the premiere Windows Phone OEM. When WP takes off (think Windows 8 launching and WP being the best companion phone for it), you'll see the others take note but a bit late to the game. Nokia will lead that market and skyrocket hopefully. Big risk = big reward.

I'm glad they didn't announce anything cuz that miracle design is bland - for me atleast. I dont care too much bout the quad core frenzy, but pls make the dang phone look gr8 with good features to boot. LG sounds like they're out of the wp7 soon like Dell. Nokia will single handedly take the platform IMO in the yrs ahead.

A part of me wishes Nokia would devote all of it's resources to WP, as the standalone hardware manufacturer. They may have forgotten how to develop an OS, but they're still the best in the business when it comes down to hardware, IMO. WP would benefit, much like Apple, from standalone (in house) hardware development...... easier update process, bug fixes, with less chance of fragmentation.

I really don't understand some of (supposed community members), WP can't have Androids dynamic, since it's borderline anarchy, with fragmentation, and every company doing stuff their way, an I wouldn't have chosen WP if it was like that.
You may now continue with : "oooog WP doesn't have 24 new devices a announced per day, it's doomed...".

Dont need to have dozens, but not even one?
Anyway, this really shouldn't surprise anyone. Right from day one, none of these companies have really paid any real attention to WP7, they all produced pretty average handsets and did nothing to promote them. They really cant complain about poor sales when they did nothing to help those sales.

Now I fully expect Nokia to be the premier, if not only WP7 OEM left, and the only question left is if Microsoft can actually move faster in improving the OS and not always be 10 steps behind the competition.

Edit: as I said, Nokia is in reality the only true WP OEM left: http://wmpoweruser.com/htc-waiting-for-apollo-for-next-wave-of-wp7-hands...

Worries me a bit. I love Windows Phone, but don't see it surviving if things stay par for the course. Would also love to see Microsoft just say t('•'t) to these manufacturers & go the way of apple, with Nokia ad it's sole manufacturer. That's saying a lot, since I've never even used a Nokia, ever.

Windows Phone will survive; it has to. Smartphones and tablets are branches on the PC tree. MS are 100% committed to the cause, but it's going to take time for the platform to pick up serious momentum. Sure they could just throw everything at WP, but having deep pockets doesn't substitute for a sound business strategy. IMO, MS and Nokia are going to conquer Europe, followed by a modest claim of the US market share by the end of 2013.

HTC is waiting for Apollo to make more handsets, right now they have the titan II which is a great handset, better sounding than the Nokia lumia 900.

Nokia has really made an impact with the Lumia family in the WP world. And this may come of as pretty ignorant, but I had never even heard of WP before Nokia and windows teamed up, so I don't really see anything bad if Nokia and windows would possibly go exclusive (not that they necessarily will). As long as they both are willing to commit to it.

Don't you think HTC, LG and Samsung would "love" to make iPhones. Apple won't let them though. No reason to burn bridges. Let Nokia do their thing. They have a lot at stake. When WP reaches 8-10% market share, along with an upward spiral, there will be a line outside Microsoft's door to secure WP licenses. The more the merrier.

Looks like the pressure is on Microsoft now. 
The excuse being used is "waiting for Apollo".  What is being said is Apollo creates a realistic timeline for Microsoft to get their act together; release Windows 8, WP 8 and either buy Nokia and cut loose the device partner channel or start treating partners as you treat Nokia. 
While they are a pain in my backside, Verizon was the first to make this statement.  Pissed me off, but they made a good business move.  Especially after the KIN screw up.  Looks like the manufacturers are following along and are forcing Microsoft to stop the doubletalk and make a decision that should have been made over a year ago.  HTC, Samsung and others didn't jump on board with WP to wait for Nokia to catch up.  Microsoft is already behind the technology support that we see with Apple and Android.  It's time to play catch-up and may the best man win.  Stop tipping the cards towards Nokia or buy Nokia and lop Elop.  In Spain - the ball was just slammed to Microsoft's side of the court (again).  Chances are running out to make WP right and to level the playing field with the competition.  2 steps forward, then stopping to wait for Nokia isn't getting it.  Looks like HTC and Samsung are "ready to go".  That would be ahead as a partner, or away to sell nothing but Android.

I'm thinking the lukewarm support for WP7 at the moment is due to two factors. The first is obviously Nokia, which is an intimidating competitor even without the partnership with MS. But I'm also thinking that Microsoft will be pushing Apollo upgrades to current devices, so manufacturers are reluctant on getting too many new devices tied to two year contracts at the moment and are instead focusing on riding the major version wave when it comes.
I'm still thinking there are a few Tango devices coming up, though. The update will probably be presented by Nokia, and since others can't discuss that before then they're holding their announcements.

Microsoft is perfectly positioned. Metro UI across their two most popular platforms in X-Box and Windows combined with WP introduces a level of integration no consumer has ever seen before. MSFT ensured long term success when they let Elop go to Nokia and he got them to make that deal with MSFT for WP. Without It they are sunk. Then MSFT goes and sign patent deals with most of the Android makers to fuel their war chest. This time next year Nokia will have blown the doors off everyone with a killer WP8 lineup, Win8 tablets, Ultrabooks and desktops will be everywhere. All these OEMs will be singing a different tune come Christmas 2013.

Its not like HTC, LG, Samsung etc are going to annouce new Tango handsets when Microsoft hasn't officially annouced Tango yet.
As of right now I think the Mango line up is great HTC, Samsung, Nokia all have great phones and now its time to put more of those phones on different carriers.
I expect some Tango phones to be annouced but not alot. I am going to bet that all of these OEM's are gearing up for Windows 8 right now and thats what they should be doing.
We have great phones in the market from low to high end and Microsoft and their partner OEM's have done a great job.
Now its time for Microsoft to annouce more key apps and some new features before Apollo hits which is a huge game changer.

I wouldn't freak too much about lack of announcements so far. Samsung and HTC already released 2nd Gen windows phones. Maybe some of the manufacturers are waiting for the spec changes coming in Apollo to roll with new phones. Look at the flack HTC got for announcing the Titan 2 at CES so soon after the first Titan came out.