Mobilligy on Windows Phone gets name change to Prism Bill Pay


Mobilligy, one of the best financial-based Windows Phone apps, has now been updated to 2.0 with an all new name, Prism Bill Pay:

Why the name change for the app, which lets users pay and keep track of their bills? As the app's page states:

"Looking for Mobilligy? You're in the right place! We recently changed our name to Prism; we made this change because we have big plans for the future that include so much more than what you've seen so far, and we want our name to reflect all the things we hope to bring you as we move forward. We have not removed any features, and everything you have come to expect from Mobilligy is still the same. Welcome to Prism!."

Aside from the name change and the new logo, the app itself only got bug fixes in this latest update, but it does sound like we can expect some major changes in the future for Prism. By the way, the company also has a Windows 8.1 app but so far it has not changed its name.

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Mobilligy on Windows Phone gets name change to Prism Bill Pay


Yup I been using it for almost a year, def good at reminding me when shit is due. I haven't used it to actually pay a bill but it seems like it will do it solidly

This is honestly the best app in the platform. It is so simple yet extremely useful. The developers are mostly former Microsoft employees so they have a windows first mentality, which is pretty cool. I started using this app when it first came out and it has made a world of a difference for my finances.

I don't get too exercised about the name "Prism". Two different things.  Not the fault of these devs how the paranoia of a few turned then name into something evil.