Modern Combat 5: Blackout teaser trailer brings the noise to Venice

Modern Combat 5 teaser

With just a few more days until the big E3 2014 video game trade show begins, the folks at mobile publisher Gameloft have released the first teaser trailer for Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the next installment for one of their most popular franchises.

The trailer itself has all of the first person modern military shooting action players of the Modern Combat series have come to expect from Gameloft. The brief teaser shows what looks like a campaign mission set in the canal-filled city of Venice, Italy. That means players can expect to shoot enemy helicopters while sitting on a speeding boat surrounded by buildings that are centuries old.

There's not really anything else that's revealed in this teaser, other than the game is "coming soon" for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It's likely that a longer trailer will be released by Gameloft when E3 2014 begins next week in Los Angeles. Gameloft released some brief story details about Modern Combat 5 back in April, where the main character will have to track a terrorist group in a worldwide campaign that also includes a stop in Tokyo.

Are you a fan of the Modern Combat series and does this teaser for the fifth installment get you pumped up for the game's eventual release?

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout teaser trailer brings the noise to Venice


No, they're not. It's a rip-off of CoD, and is unplayable without a MOGA purchase. Why would I spend $7 on a rip-off that I have to spend another $25-50 on, just for it to be a serviceable rip-off?

So you play games just for the points and achievements. I remember when those were made just to have fun.

This game will be better without Xbox support, because if it is a Xbox game then the game won't have cross platform multiplayer.

I'm so tired of hearing that. Your loss, your a fool. There are good games without the all mighty Xbox achievements. Seems faster

Games without Xbox integration are not as fun. No Xbox, No buy. I'll spend my money on Xbox games instead. #SaveXboxWP

God you're so lame. It's funny seeing you and all of 5 other people use that hash tag like it's ever gonna mean anything.

$5 is in my Microsoft Wallet from Bing Rewards. I guess I will buy this. The graphics in this trailer look about the same as the original MC5 trailer from last year in my opinion.

The biggest thing lacking in mobile games currently is realistic lighting. The games have greater texture detail and polygon cound by realistic or real-time lighting is still limited with the a lot of the graphical engines that are being used currently on mobile devices.

The chipsets are capable so hopefully we will see better lighting in future games. I would like to see Graphics Settings be an option on all games just as they are on PC games and that would solve the issue of people having low end phones that cannot run games and also people having high end phones yet the games default to a lower graphical quality.

Sorry to be of topic but my Bing news live tile isn't working. I downloaded thrice but still its not working. Please help!!!!!

Hey, I had the exact same problem a few weeks ago. Try this. Don't pin it to the start screen, for a really long time,(for 2-3 weeks). Do it after the said time, and I hope it starts working again for you. This method worked for me.

Maybe someone needs to explain to John Callaham he left Neowin and now writes for a __Windows Phone__ centric site??! Why is this here when it's not on/about/for/coming to Windows Phone? WP central is going down hill very quick and should really rebrand to 'whatever is remotely relevant to Microsoft' central.. Or just send Callaham back to Neowin where these articles are really more suited. Or was hiring him from Neowin meant as an indication WPC is no longer a site about Windows Phone.


Not liking this development much really.

""Why is this here when it's not on/about/for/coming to Windows Phone?"


What are you rambling on about?.. this is coming to Windows Phone. Eventually.

Yes, clarification would be nice since there have been many articles lately that have nothing to do with WP. The ones that mention an app or game for other platforms and that aren't coming to WP are particularly frustrating; almost infuriating.

1) This game is coming to Windows Phone. They say so in the video. Not sure what the confusion is here.

2) WPC has always been about more than Windows Phone. That may be the primary focus, but from the beginning there have posts not about Windows Phone. We've covered Windows, OneDrive, Surface, and more. If you can't deal with the fact that there is Microsoft worth covering outside of Windows Phone, I don't know what to tell you.

Come on, you bought phone for few bucks a want play hi-end stuff? buy lagdroid for same money and you'll be happy for making a call:D