MOLOME for Windows Phone gets infinitely better with latest update, re-becomes a beta

Over the weekend, photo sharing service Molome finally launched on Windows Phone after nearly a year of gestation. Unfortunately, it came on the scene after Instagram and with a boatload of bugs.

Later, we reported that the wrong version of the app may have been uploaded to the Store by the developer. In a mea culpa on Twitter, Sittiphol (who is also the co-founder of the service), confirmed that an incorrect build had been submitted, meaning a correct one was most likely inbound.

Today, version 0.8 has arrived on the Store with a new ‘beta’ label in tow. Luckily, that’s not all as the app has a lengthy changelog and we’re happy to report, the app is finally useable. That’s a good thing because the app is actually well designed and kind of fun.

MOLOME beta 0.8

  • Reshare function added
  • Fix login page Authentication Failed problem
  • Fix random app crash
  • Fix bug on Store page
  • Several bugs fixed

We previously had some issues with repeat launching of Molome and we can report now that the app runs just fine on our Lumia 1520. That already is a big improvement. We also get a reshare option, which is similar to 6tag’s regram feature.

True, Molome is yet-another-photo-sharing app, but the addition of stickers and other features make the app worthy of your attention. Plus, you get a lot of social-sharing abilities, including Flickr, VK, App.net, Picasa, DropBox and more, giving it some unique abilities over other similar apps.

So now that it's working, how do you like Molome? Let us know comments!

Pick up Molome 0.8 beta here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Thanks, Kevin S., for the tip

QR: molome


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MOLOME for Windows Phone gets infinitely better with latest update, re-becomes a beta


I think when you study the "awful" layout design and notice that you'll never need to extend your thumbs to the further top coreners, you'll wish all apps were made that way. :)

Yeah I think they should mix both one thing I hate about the app layout is that it doesn't allow apps to be as graphical as they are in IOS like instagram we don't have the bar at the bottom weather people like it or not it suppose to be apart of the app functional or not dev should have the option for more designs!