MonsterUp Adventures now on Windows Phone and free through Sunday

MonsterUp Adventures

MonsterUp Adventures, sequel to the hit indie jumping game MonsterUp from Karios Games, is now available on the Marketplace. Even better, it’s free through Saturday! Time to start downloading if you enjoy platformers or games like Doodle Jump

We’ve been excited about Adventures since first learning about it way back in spring 2011. Karios has taken the endless jumping game formula and married with a more traditional and robust game structure. Players now venture across an island map, taking on individual stages rather than just endlessly jumping after a better high score. Stages last about 10 minutes apiece and have specific goals like collecting different numbers of gems along the way. A bar at the right of the screen shows progress so you can know when you’re getting close to the top. Check out our video preview to see how it all works.

Gems collected throughout your adventures can be spent on unlocking new characters and even a ringtone. Adventures also features a PDLC system in which players can purchase gems to hurry along the unlocking process. These optional code purchases must be made through the Karios website, which provides codes instantly upon purchase. Just input the code into the game and the shiny gems are yours.

The original MonsterUp (review) was the best endless jumping game on Windows Phone at the time of its release, and the same applies to the sequel as well. MonsterUp Adventures is a welcome advancement of the genre that should appeal to an even wider audience. Grab it here on the Marketplace while it’s free! After this weekend, the price goes back up to $1.99.

Update: The free offer has been extended to Monday morning.

Thanks to Matt C. for the tip!

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MonsterUp Adventures now on Windows Phone and free through Sunday


Unfortunately the marketplace seems to be down for me too (error code c101a249), dammit microsoft, I'll definitely check back later for it though!

When this story was first tweeted, I got an error message both through the web marketplace and on my phone.  I was just able to download it now, though.  (In the USA)

Wow, this game is pretty good. The graphics are nice and clean, high quality stuff here. The audio is great as well and fitting for the theme, again high quality stuff. Game play is old and linear, but the quality of the overall game is stunning making up for that.

Absolutely awesome game. I adored the previous version of the same game. I was fretting about buying this one again.. Good that I noticed it being free for the moment.