More details on HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 surface

We are learning more about HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7.  We've seen a video demo of Sense and a brief video of Sense actually running on a device (it's back up by the way).  We know it's a hub/tile that will run on Windows Phone 7's main screen and not the user interface we are used to on Windows Mobile.

We are now learning that the tile will include an assortment of applications and may have the potential to add additional applications through the Marketplace.

Details on each app is somewhat sketchy with the leaked videos likely offering the best detail so far on some of these apps. A list of applications, for the time being, should include:

  • Weather App
  • Calculator (both simple and scientific)
  • Connection Setup (utility)
  • Unit Converter
  • Flashlight (utilizing your camera light)
  • List (a basic list app)
  • Notes
  • Love Me/Love Me Not
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Sound Enhancer (an equalizer of sorts?)
  • Stock quotes

We have gotten used to Sense taking center stage on a HTC Windows Phone and it will be interesting to see how all this comes together with Windows Phone 7.

Curious.  Does moving Sense to a tile give it more flexibility (use it when you need it, hide it when you don't) or will it be overshadowed too much with the Windows Phone 7 interface?

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More details on HTC Sense on Windows Phone 7 surface


I am amazed that Microsoft would allow this as developers have to use the metro UI. It all looks like blaotware and eye candy with no function.

Microsoft announced a while back that they and HTC were working together on something for windows phone7. Im not one bit surprised by this. MS knows that there are manufactures out there that want to put a little twist on the OS. Besides if it wasnt for Htc and the skins they did for winmo, winmo would've died of a looong time ago.

I don't really know why people are all opposed to it like it's permanent and you can't get rid of it. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get rid of it and still have the phone work like any other WP7 device.

I look at it like a downloaded game. I don't think game menus have to follow the Metro UI look. And, again, I doubt you'll be forced to play the game. Some people might like to show off the animations in it, which I would say is a step up from showing off iFart apps.

I'm open to the idea of maker differentiation AS LONG AS
1) The tile is the only place on the phone that has the OEM presence, so no integration with the rest of the interface.
2) WM7 and the tile should be able to be updated separately - in other words, Microsoft can push updates without waiting for the OEM to have to tweak it and make it available, and said tile will survive the update, and vice-versa.
Otherwise, I'm getting a Samsung.

What seems suspicious about this is the double wide icon. I thought MS said only they were allowed to make double wide tiles.

I am staying away from HTC phones with Windows Phone 7. If I wanted Sence I would get Android. I want Windows Phone 7 without the Sence bloatware. I dont see any added functionality from any of the apps, its just eye candy. I don't want a phone whose performance will suffer because of the Sence crap and its animations.

Ugh... Like I said above, I'm 99.9% certain Sense will be completely removable from every HTC WP7 device without a hitch and won't interfere with WP7's Metro UI in any other place outside of the Sense app.

em,same as before. HTC make different theme based on the wm6 or wm6.5 system. like the good one TOUCHFLO. it is a classic theme on wm6 system. same windows mobile 6.5 phones show on the http://www.cndigit.com, it has TouchFLO themes.