More details surrounding tethering and the web Marketplace [Video]

Ben Rudolph has published a detailed article on the Windows Phone Developer blog covering tethering in Mango and the web Marketplace, which is currently being rolled out. Tethering, or Internet sharing, will be available to those who are on a plan that allows it by the carrier, if implemented by the manufacturer. It will enable Windows Phone users to connect to the Internet on a laptop or desktop via their handset, should no other access points be available.

Unfortunately, before you get your hopes up while installing the update, also written in the article:

"I should note that this feature will only be available on new Windows Phones that have radios capable of broadcasting a connection; if you update your existing phone to 7.5, it won’t give it the ability to use Internet Sharing."

Joe Belfiore also tweeted that newer handsets will be able to take advantage of the new feature, but no word on 1st generation devices. Hopefully we'll bring good news for us 'oldbies' as updating our handsets just for tethering seems baloney.

Moving onto the web Marketplace, which we recently covered the launch. The advantages noted in our coverage is the ability to try and buy apps and games on the web while your device secretly installs them in the background requiring no user input. In the video above, Ben walks us through the new Marketplace and what's so awesome about it. Let's not forget the new My Windows Phone section!

Source: Windows Phone Developer blog


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More details surrounding tethering and the web Marketplace [Video]


If you can confirm it on a 7.0 to 7.5 device then by all means do so. If not, then we'd appreciate if you could tone down the language. We're still in the midst of updating our handsets too so we'll post any speculation until it can be verified.

USB tethering should still be possible, shouldn't need updated radios for that (already dont it on my Nodo DVP so no real excuse).

"Doom and gloom" aside. Hopefully, they'll make it so that you can remove apps from your history list because I'd imagine it can get pretty lengthy after a while and I'm sure there are some apps that many either found better replacements for or just don't want after trying them.

Would someone care to enlighten me with information as to what determines a 1st gen WP7 from a 2nd gen one? I want to know if my Trophy is one of those 2nd gen phones.

1st gen are those devices that originally shipped with WP 7 installed.2nd gen are those devices that originally shipped with WP 7.5 installed. Therefore, Trophy is 1st gen.

OMG! If I have to buy a new phone just to use wifi tethering, might as well NOT be another WP phone. Fed up of empty promises. First was the early promise for Adobe Flash compatibility in the works at launch, then killing the hope months later when people have already bought the phone.News of wifi tethering will be enable in Mango got everyone excite...now they tell us its only possible with 2nd generation WP phones & also pushing the blame on certain carriers???? What a joke. There are many carriers worldwide that doesn't bother if users use wifi tethering!No point having a dressed up **** OS when basic features are still missing!