More info on the Lumia 822 for Verizon comes forward

Lumia 822

Some more details about the Lumia 822 have come forward, a device which many of you have expressed vehement abhorrence with in our comments previously.

The device will use “Nokia Maps” instead of just “Maps” like other Windows Phone 8 devices, but that’s not really news as it is just a name change. Nokia Maps and regular Maps are one and the same with downloadable offline content in Windows Phone 8, something that is available in the emulator today. In short, you can pick and choose areas like whole States to download for usage when there is no signal.

The phone does not show up as a mass-storage device in Windows 7 but we know for a fact now that Windows Phone 8 devices do appear with Windows 8 desktop—yet another reason to upgrade. In fact, when you plug in a WP8 device into a Windows 8 PC, the device shows up in File Explorer with drag-n-drop capabilities for music, photos, documents etc.

Other tidbits about the device itself are more interesting:

  • 16GB of storage with SD card slot for expandable memory
  • Wireless charging is included
  • Backplate is not removable
  • Will supposedly retail only for $49 on contract
  • The device feels much like the HTC Trophy i.e. plastic like

Be certain that this is no flagship phone for Verizon but rather aiming for the low-end without a serious financial commitment from consumers. That's not a bad demographic to aim for and Nokia has had success with the Lumia 710 on T-Mobile. It would seem that Verizon may be going for the Lumia 822 instead of the HTC 8S although we’ll have to wait until Verizon officially announces these devices in the coming weeks.

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More info on the Lumia 822 for Verizon comes forward


The 9xx though is not expected until 2013 or the end of the year, the earliest. Still in development/testing by most accounts.

I'm on AT&T and honestly, I feel there should be four phones per carrier. I know it doesn't look like much, but it's good to see Nokia stepping up to offer variety. I'm torn on the "carrier exclusives" situation.
•Carriers offer unique phones
•You see a variety from manufacturers.
•You may have to leave your carrier for your phone of choice (I think that's where buying unlocked comes in handy).
•Carriers will jack up the prices knowing we'll be coming for the flagship devices. >.<
I'm trying to decide between the ATIV S (if it comes to AT&T) and the Lumia 920. Decisions, decisions...

Not to mention that it is just a rumor at this point with no official announcements or even a decent leaked picture.

The phone in the link is very attractive. This one looks nothing like that. Have you seen the picture of the back? The front look plain and the back looks awful.

well... that makes up my mind right there "The device feels much like the HTC Trophy i.e. plastic like"
I'm sick of a poverty 2008 device. Will not buy. Guess it's HTC 8X for me or the Lumia 9XX if by Chance Verizon gets it.

Could be as low as $49 and all it gets is complaints? Maybe think of how this compares to other $49 android devices and it makes more sense as a volume mover for Nokia for budget customers and actually getting a good experience instead of the typical lag-fest.

I think Verizon customers are just pissed that after two years of the Trophy, it appears Verizon is still getting "shafted" in terms of the premiere WP8 devices. 
Yes, the 8X and Ativ S will probably be good phones, and yes the Lumia 9xx may make it to Verizon, but as of right now, nothing is looking that great. 
People really want Nokia devices and to see that the 822 is cheap and plasticy, with no removable backplate, etc is a bit of a let down.

i'm pretty sure it's verizon doing the "shafting" and not msft or nokia. they would want their devices and platform on as many carriers as possible, but if verizon is not working with them or providing unfavorable terms, they have little reason to put as much work into their devices as opposed to carriers who want to work with them.
if the 922 proves to be real though and they don't at least announce something about it by the time teh 822 goes on sale, they could have a bunch of angry customers who jumped on the 822 or 8x thinking there was no flagship from nokia coming.

You sir are an air head! Do you really think Verizon didn't confer with Nokia about this the you're beyond stupid. As stated Verizon is choosing to go low end with WP, their flagship is the iPhone & Galaxy S III

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the complaints--I don't. A lot of our audience are enthusiasts and simply want the top of the line. I don't blame them for that at all but we need to separate what enthusiast consumers want from "average folks" coming from flip phones, etc.

As far as the device not being great looking, look if Verizon can sell Motorola Android phones, they can sell this ;)

Been through that with the DVP on tmo while at&t got all the good phones, didn't make me cry like a girl everytime a phone not coming to my carrier was released.

i agree, especially if they can price this under $100, if should move a good amount of units if their reps actually tell people it exists.
i'd like to see some press shots before calling the design anything. but it looks decent, albeit somewhat plain.

It's true that a lot of "average folks" would be happy with the 822, but I know a few people who are considering switching from iPhone and getting a Lumia 920 instead of an iPhone 5. I think Lumia 920 is an iPhone killer, but the 822... not so much. If they're on Verizon they might have went Lumia but instead will end up sticking with Android or iOS. That's the big problem. Windows Phone 8 needs to get in as many hands as possible 

I'm sure they CAN sell it but WILL they sell it?
If someone comes into a Verizon store and says their new to the smartphone world and looking to get their feet wet with a decent low to midrange phone what are the chances of that employee suggesting the 822 over a Droid RZR M or something else there used to pushing on newbies?

Why do you think Nokia is doing these exclusives? To get the carriers to push their phones! Also, it's the carriers who want a "third ecosystem", why wouldn't they push a WP8 phone?

the only thing the gnex has over this is a higher res (but pentile) screen and more RAM.
the 8xx series still run S4 processors, right? and the lumia 800/900 camera (which is what the 8xx series seem to be using) is just as good if not better than the mediocre camera in the gnex.

I'll compare to the 820, as that is what we have specs on, and I don't see those changing much in these variants.
Nexus has 1GB [2], 820 has 1GB [1]. Higher PenTile res, but no CBD or supersensitive touch.
S4 has indeed better performance per core per clock, and it is clocked higher[3] + with WP8 being exclusively Qualcomm, they can likely squeeze out more ( the less the operating system uses, the more is left for apps, also better optimized VM for C# apps, and  more optimized compiler for native apps ).
I don't know much about the camera, but it is likely the same as with the 900 ( which I hear is pretty good now, after some updates ). Pretty sure some of those Lens Apps were Nokia exclusive. Apparently, 820 (and 920) also has better LEDs for the flash.
1. http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/lumia820/specifications/
2. http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_nexus_i9250-4219.php
3. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/snapdragon-s4-pro-apq8064-msm8960t,3...

Just wanted to say. If you think Verizon doesn't have a big following for WPs. Every article written about Verizon and WPs get the most comments on this site. Everyone has over 100, I'm sure this one is on its way also.

I told everyone here that Verizon doesn't want to invest heavily into windows phone and they would opt to go low end just like when they chose the trophy and hid it near the storage closet in the back of the store without advertising it. Unless you're going android, I suggest you switch carriers noe

I have a trophy on Verizon & an l900 on Att. I've gotten better service on ATT. Idk where you are, but maybe you should move to southern TX

By support, he meant timely release of software updates and the like. Trophy is running Tango right now, many at&t WP7s aren't.

My Nokia Lumia gets timely updates on ATT unlike the first Gen focus I had. With that said, could the manufacturer have not RTM'd their firmware specific their device to the cellular carrier? The experience I've had since getting the L900 has been light years ahead of the focus or titan. And yes, I'm speaking about updates. We all know ip to this point, HTC & Samsung have not put muc effort behind WP, so I believe they are the culprits, not ATT as I've not had update issues since moving to the lumia

I'm guessing 528 on the ram. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of budget smartphones. All they do is turn people off of an os. Also, why would someone make a two year commitment like that and spend those two years miserable because of slow, crap hardware.

This phone actually does not look bad at all. My only gripe is that huge Verizon logo at the bottom.

For $49, that might attract alot of first time smartphone buyers, even if just to say it also does wireless charging.

I can see myself growing to like this... and that price is certainly appealing ot us 'average folks'... I'm going to have to look at the specs for it when I compare the 8X to the Ativ... IF Verizon has all three, I'll be giddy as Imelda Marcos in a shoe store!

Can't wait for the next Nokia Central poll "What color 822 will you buy" ...... The ugly black one or the ugly black one or the ugly black one

now now, don't be so sensitve... besides, he's from Philly, he could be dead tomorrow, and then how would you feel?

Looks like a great phone. My advice to Verizon and Nokia put your focus and attention to enteprise small, medium and large buiness. The 822 is 49$ runs Windows Phone 8, fast and integrated with Windows 8. This is a no brainer if your company runs using Microsoft software and services that company should be getting Nokia 822's from Verizon.

That verizon logo at the bottom is uglier than sin. When are the carriers going to get out of the way? There's no way that Apple is the only ones who can push them around like they have. Microsoft has plenty of money and pull too.

Im from Europe and im glad things are different over here. In the past we had lots of branded mobiles in The Netherlands but now only low budget prepaid phones are branded. Other thing is we only get the 820 and 920 without logos, subversions or phones with minor (or in this case ugly) changes like this 822.

Last but not least. The contracts sucks alot. Most of the time you have a cheaper contract if you dont renew your contract or buy a sim only-contract. Lots of high and middle priced phones are solded online in one of the 30+ webstores without branding but decent and fair prices. The providers can only sell these kind of phones with overpriced contracts or lease them. But both are very expensive. More and more people realise that.

Initial rage has subsided. Not the prettiest handset ever, but with wireless charging & expandable storage this isn't the worst thing ever. Add in Nokia app support & a nice price point, I'm sure many VZW customers (myself included) will consider this phone.

Probably still gonna pick up an 8X, barring a 9xx before the end of the year, but budget choices are better than none.

+1 I totally agree with this.  Initial leaks didn't mention wireless charging.   That is one of my big wish list items, so this could be a contender.  I just have to wait and see what happens with the 920.  But if it doesn't come to verizon, I still don't think I'd go for this model....

Well with reps like me being in the "field" (stores) for vzw this thing can sell. Lol i sold worse devices for both att and vzw. But it will be hard positioning the 8x against the Maxx HD. WP better have some hefty features to last on vzw. The Droid series is our flagship not the S3 or Iphone. The razr series crushed sales surprisingly even iPhones were outsold. The 920 on the other hand a lot of customers want.

Maybe you should talk to your employer about why they chose not to carry a 920 equivalent.  You have even stated the issue with my carrier, they are more interested in Scamdroid than anything else.  Hell, you even seem to be in the Scamdroid camp with your post. 

So with 16gb built in and a 32gb max for SD cards this thing can hold 48gb, right? I'm fine with no back plates as long as it comes in anything other than black and has wireless charging. I'd still rather have a 922 or 8X with 32gb built in and/or an SD slot though.

All I  can say is I confirmed within the last few days that plugging it in to W8 will give you the ability to drag-n-drop media to the device. I'll try to find out more soon.

Daniel, can I assume the 822 will also have the super sensitive screen also? That is a huge selling point for me since I live in the midwest and winters here can get pretty terrible. I really like the thought of not having to take my gloves off to use my phone in the winter. I have stated before that I'm not a fan of the design of this phone but I am willing to overlook that negative part of the phone for that super sensitve screen.

When did Nokia change the screen specs on the 820 series? AFAIK, only the 920 (and probably 922) has SSTS.

Edit: What do you know, specs updated to show SSTS on the 820 as well.

Thanks Daniel for the quick follow up! I've sold quite a few people on the SSTS feature of the Lumias. They are quite blown away on this feature alone!

I thought I was the only one to notice. This makes me want to wait for the rumored Lumia 922 on Verizon, instead of getting the 920 on AT&T as I had previously planned.

I was hoping that Verizon would have a solid Windows Phone that I could recommend to friends that are on Verizon...this phone definitly is not it.  How sad and frustrating for fans of Windows Phone.  How does Microsoft expect to grow its user base when all of your really good phones are limited to one carrier?  Even Apple finally figured out they couldn't do that anymore when competing against Android.

A top end phone it isn't, but a bad phone does not work to describe this. Wireless charging, SSST screen, >average camera, 16gb memory that is expandable to 48gb and a super efficient and fast OS that comes with high level social media integration, free voice navigation with downloadable maps for $49 and support from the OS manufacturer. The only problem with it is it's butt ugly from this picture.

Damnit!... woke up and saw this, before my morning eyes adjusted to the screen, the pics looked like 920s', with wood casings instead of polycarbonate, and i got super excited.
Then my eyes ajusted, and I was like "awwwww :("

Now I want a 920 made of wood...

Try crossing your eyes while looking at these pics, you'll want one too

all they had to do was leave that ugly section off with the verizon branding on it and it would have been a nice phone.

If this has the super sensitive screen this might be the one I buy outright.  I want to keep my unlimited plan and also don't want to argue with my wife about a monthly budget increase.
The Nokia apps and SD card option are also pretty appealing.

Also, we are all WP geeks, this bland design and low pp will be attractive to droid uses who want to give WP a try

If it  is "plastic" feeling like my Trophy I will put a cover on it anyway.  Hopefully there will actually be accessories for this one though.  My options are very limited for the Trophy.

At first I thought this had a wooden frame and was like whoa! Then I realized it was just the ugly round thing in the middle :-/  Is Verizon forcing this design I wonder?