Surface Mini reportedly already built, just waiting for touch-friendly version of Office

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's move to not announce the Surface Mini at yesterday's event in New York City took us by surprise, so we were left wondering what happened. Aside from being pushed back by the hands of Nadella and Elop, it turns out that the smaller Surface tablet was already in production, with some 15,000-20,000 units having already been assembled.

Neowin is reporting that Microsoft's partners were already manufacturing the device, though more so in smaller runs (as much as several thousand is a a 'small' run) to work out kinks in the manufacturing process. The decision by Microsoft executives to push back the announcement was reportedly a last minute one, coming as late as two days before the actual announcement.

In addition to the earlier report of the Surface Mini lacking differentiating features, it's also being reported that Microsoft chose to delay the tablet until a touch-friendly version of Microsoft Office is ready. A touch version of Office would be especially important on the Surface Mini, given the smaller screen size would make the designed-for-a-cursor controls of the current version even less friendly.

All that said, we'd rather Microsoft take their time to get the Surface Mini and its software right, rather than release something that's not quite ready for prime time. What do you think — is specifically optimized software what the hypothetical Surface Mini needs? Or is a Surface Mini even something you want anymore, now that there's a Microsoft Surface Pro 3?

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Surface Mini reportedly already built, just waiting for touch-friendly version of Office


surprised they didnt announce it at the "small gathering" - a last minute decision to delay the launch? interesting.

Yeah, the "small gathering" was for the (larger) Surface Pro 3.  Maybe the Surface Mini announcement will be "the next big thing."  :)

I think "small gathering" meant exactly what it was.

Not a huge audience and they only released one product

Funny to see how people jump to conclusions XD

Well done MS!!!
The attitude 'attention to detail' is driving the businesses again. That how should be and must be. Releasing half baked products when you're not the market leader is not acceptable. Full stop.
Hope for phone using new Surface design language (slim, light, minimal bezel, powerful, neutral colors) soon.
MS must sort out Nokia obsession with brickish design (with small exceptions). Just look at the latest offering - 630. Pure ugly staff. How can you get it so wrong?

poor windows office team. not only are you smaked down by the ipad team delivering office first, but also android will be next. And if the pressure to deliver wasn't enough, now surface mini is sitting gathering dust just because they can't ship :) These guys must be hearing it from management ha ha ha...and they deserve it :)


I think this is all one team. And thats why its taking so long. I think they prioritized the other platforms above Windows. Becuase they have a bigger market for touch.

Touch is needed for iOS and Android becuase these keyboards and usb otg are not fully supported like they are in Windows. They work for some apps not all. Plus when the screen is smaller, touch is better. Plus when its a tablet or phone, Touch comes naturally.

+1 Really, to deliver touch versions of office to Apple and Android before Win, must be the same team who took 3+ years to go from Win SE 6.5 to WP 7.

The office team is a different team from the WP team. Two totally different teams, two totally differenct OSs unless you meant to say Windows Mobile 6.5 to WP7. And those are also two totally different OSs as far as architecture is concerned. 

Two totally different teams exact same mistakes; it seems to be an organisational failure that has rooted itself very deep during the 10 year Ballmer reign.


Well there was no "One Micrsoft" vision back then. All apps and OSs were separate with some integrations here and there. Remember Software like this just became big. Back then it was kinda still not mature. So it made sense back then to do things this way.

Probably they are developing it in obsolete C++ instead of robust C#. Microsoft should use theier own technology to speed up development.

This proves that you never programmed before. C++ is faster and by it's nature, it is not depending on framework, like C#. I am working with C# for 5 years and it is faster with each edition, but C# is still too heavy for set of applications like Office. The lower you go with languages, you will get optimizations. Higher you go with languages, you will get languages that is easy to learn because of frameworks.

you're right and yo know what, why hasn't MSFT delivered a non managed version of the C# language (similar to D or M#) with a modern FCL similar to the .NET stack, much friendlier syntax and features similar to C#, but with the performance of c++.

Mary Jo reported on M# which is exactly what many of us have been asking from them for years: keep all that is great from C#, and .NET (its syntax, and huge class library) and all that is great from c++ (performance). There will off course be some areas of compromise such as the need to do memory management, etc, however the productivity and performance gains would be worth it.

As usual, someone talking who doesn't know anything..... It's all one team; they died that much when they introduced the touch version for iPad.

4:3 is awful!  Couldn't stand using an ipad! 


While it is nice for reading, it sucks for creation.  When the on screen keyboard comes up on a 4:3 screen, there is almost no room left for your content.  A 16:9 screen allows you to see a full page of content (whether a document, book, spreadsheet, whatever) WITH the on screen keyboard up.  Makes content creation SO SO SO much better!  Also, when using it in landscape mode, it gives you much more snap room to work with.  You can have an app snapped narrow on one side and STILL have a nice 4:3 ratio left for a productive app.  I love 16:9 for productive work.  And it makes watching movies better too!  a 10" 16:9 screen will display a movie significantly larger than a 10" 4:3 screen, even though they are both 10" tablets.

Well you make a good argument productivity wise. I guess I just prefer the 4:3 shape more or the aspect ratio of the new Surface Pro 3 more so than the elongated shape of the 16:9. But it makes sense for landscape use.

You're creating jack and shit on an 8" screen. It's a consumption form factor. 4:3 is better or 3:2.

Lol I love how you think I know what I do with my tablet. I actually spend a lot of time writing and designing my website on my dell venue 8, with three windows (two desktop apps open: Textpad and Filezilla, and metro IE snapped narrow). I spend a lot of time out of the office so my dell gets PLENTY of productivity action. It is also my go to device for contract and invoice creation and signing for my business, which is why I need the pen. In fact I hardly use it for non-productive consumption at all. I VERY occasionally play Spartan assault and Shuffle Party, but that's about it.

I also run my sales software on it to create my sales pitch for each individual client, and use Miracast to project the products wirelessly onto a 120" screen. I use it also for the workshops I teach by running PowerPoint, and the 16:9 ratio is great for the PowerPoint presentation mode which fits the current slide, next slide, and notes on the tablet screen at once while the full slides are displayed on the projected screen.

This thing actually fits in my jacket pocket, so it is always with me. It has been invaluable for my business.

Just because YOU can't figure out how to use it for productivity and creation doesn't mean others can't.

Clearly diffirent users will prefer different form factors. For me, who generally works in landscape mode with the keyboard, but loves the ability to use it as a pure tablet too for non-creation work, 16:9 is a bit of a pain. The screen is just too short vertically to work effectively in landscape mode and too tall in portrait mode for a tablet. The SP3, with a 12" screen and a 3:2 aspect ratio provides an excellent vertical (in landscape) on par with a 14" screen. It also just provides more screen real estate for the size of the device (basic geomotry: a square gives you the most area for any given perimeter). That's fantastic for me. I'm very glad to see MS moving back in this direction with the SP3.

I agree, 16:9 is just too wide or too tall for a device that will mostly be used for browsing. I have an Asus eee pad, surface rt and hptouchpad. The hp is the best to use for browsing (based on size and shape). The percentage of users with an 8 inch tablet that will actually use it for professional productivity is nearly nothing.

The DV8P fits the bill pretty nicely. I barely use mine, but when I do I always fall in love again and again. I will admit that I'd ditch it in a heartbeat for a Surface Mini (even though that too would probably end up sitting in a drawer only to be used once or twice a month). With my L928 and desktop at home, a tablet is just not a neccesity (for me).

I have the dell venue 8 pro and the ONLY complaint I have is with the sub par pen . IF the surface mini came out I would trade the dell in but I am happy with the dell till the mini comes out.

Do you have the first gen pen or the second?  I just got the second gen and it is much much better.  No complaints!  Not a lot of people know, but they brought out a new pen (silently) because of all the people complaining about the first one. 

There is a third Gen now too, which is even better, but still not perfect. I would love to see a Surface Mini, with W8 pro and a Wacom pen... But I will probably stick to the Venue 8 pro until Gen 2

I wish the surface pro had that too. I haven't even tried the pen out because of no storage slot, as I have it sitting on the charger almost all of the time.

I've had a funny history with my DVP8. When I first got it, I played with it a bunch to see what it could do (like playing Civ 5). Then the novelty wore off and it gathered dust for two months until I realized its perfect for watching downloaded movies on the train. Now I'm also using it all the time for smart glass after my Xbox controller ran out of batteries. Gradually this thing is getting actual use. Ironically the real use is all win rt capable. But I still sick to my preference for full windows. Unless this eventual surface mini offers a better value proposition.

That's a lot of power, and heat, in a small package. ;o Mainly worried about that heat, it has to go somewhere.

Need no source. Intel Core processors would jack the cost right up. Coupled with difficulties in designing proper airflow and fitting all the components on such a small device, even the R&D cost can increase the price of the tablet by a lot.

Credit card prepared and ready, and chomping at the bit to buy it for $599.  A 4GB RAM 128GB i3 with pen, in an 8" size.  Holy wet dream. 

Yeah, Surface Mini plus pen and the tap with pen to start writing in One Note functionality shown in yesterday's Pro 3 presentation

I have.  Twice.  First the 32GB, but after a few months, I realized I needed more storage because I was using it a LOT more than I thought I would.  So now I have the 64GB version.  Fantastic little tablet, but I would just love 4GB RAM and a Core processor.  But I still love the DV8P, it's an absolutely fantastic device.

You'll probably need to wait until Broadwell at the earliest for a Core CPU in an 8" tablet and even then it'll be a Y series. Better than ATOM but not as much as you'd think. I think simply equiping ATOM with 4GB of RAM would go a long way to speed the V8P up. IE is especially terrible with just 2GB. I can't even go back 1 page without it having to reload and re-render everything which takes a while.

I use office on my dell venue 8 pro just fine when I need to.

Can't wait for the surface mini to be released as long as it's for the right price.

A mini with rt would have to match or beat the price of the dell v8pro for me to even be interested. More interested in the pro3, one device to replace two. Still need to compare specs but that's the way I'm leaning now.

I think they would have to drastically beat the price if it is RT. If they go the Pro route, but have slightly better specs then happy days.

The decision makes sense, would rather have a touch optimized office bundled with the surface mini. Also this would give it a major upside when put in the comparison arena against the iPad and Android tablets.

I'm pro surface as opposed to iPad, but as everyone here knows, iPad had a touch version of office already, do I think there's something hidden other than office that's not being mentioned here!

I want a mini with rt, I want a fun tablet for just metro apps and games, no desktop, that would make rt a option for those dinky android tablets, they could make a pro version of the mini but it takes away from the Sp3, I like rt, I dont know why people say bad things, ios and Android dont run legacy apps, small tablets should be just for fun

Yeh agreed. The biggest problem is the way they sold it. Also the apps. I have an rt and a pro(v1) and I much prefer the pro for freedom. (sky, love film random apps) but just for browsing and "fun" the rt wins hands down. Although if I can afford the pro3 I think that's a winner. Does everything and doesn't weigh a ton.

I also would prefer it over pro as i have no need for a portable workstation & if i want to do some serious gaming i'll use my aw or game console. To bad the xps 10 lte came to late & costed too much as i would've jumped onboard even though i would have had to import it since they only sold the wifi model in my country

Would like full, as there are missing apps. Especially my cable provider apps. Maybe they need to make desktop apps work better on small screens.

You don't need to use the desktop if it has an x86 CPU. x86 Windows does EVERYTHING RT does but RT can't do everything x86 does. An x86 tablet would just be better, those who don't want to use the desktop don't have to and those that want to can.

I agree with the decision to drop it. This has got to be Microsoft's last attempt at getting into this space. They have to get it right. No more "vistas"

Yeah I remember seeing the hd on my country's zune originals site a few months before they discontinued it. Wish I would've gotten it.

I think this is the right move.  The desktop is not much fun on a smaller device, so having a touch based Office is very important.  Let's hope there's another release in a few months when it's ready.

I still want a Mini RT. Touch-optimized Office would be nice and makes sense from a marketing perspective, but really that isn't why I would be buying it - I basically want something in that 7"-8" range for the on-the-couch eReading, Plex, and SmartGlass. I'm sure I would also check emails and web browse on it occasionally, but Office would pretty much all be done on my desktop or laptop anyway. I know I could get this cheaply with a Nexus 7, but I'm really not a fan of Android so have been waiting on a good Win RT option.

Hopefully not RT. I don't see why wanyone would want RT. There are no advantages whatsoever. Not even power advantages since x86 finally got more power efficient. If you don't want to use the desktop then don't, but if it's an RT device it becomes impossible to use third party desktop programs for those that do want to use them. Just turn UAC to max or run as a standard user if you're worried about viruses (but you shouldn't get any if you don't open any exe file which you can't on RT anyways)

I don't use office on my small tablets. I have a Venue Pro 8. It is used for casual use and recreation.

I really wanted this to be released, but if it has last year's internals (remember, they were supposed to have been "ready" last fall as well), then rework it with updated components before releasing it. Do it right and it will sell itself!

Surface Mini was what I wanted all along, yesterday's announcement was a huge disappointment actually. Don't need differentiating features as the fact it's a Windows RT tablet already is. Touch Office sounds nice but isn't why I'd get one. If they're aiming at students and on the go business I definitely understand that though. They'll have my preorder once they announce it.

Surface pro does nothing for me since I want a tablet, not a laptop. That being said, they need to worry about Xbox Music and Xbox Video as much as they do Office. People use tablets for apps and media consumption. Right now they are playing catch up with the apps (understandably) and just a mess with media (unforgivable).

I was very much hoping for a "Surface Mini". A nice, light, 7-8" RT Tablet would be great for what I need, and it was rather disappointing to not hear any news about it.  The Surface Pro 3 is fantastic, sure, but a completely different target audience.

I was thinking again about the Dell Venue 8 Pro... but now if Microsoft really does have "Surface mini" coming soon... I'm torn. I'd be happy if Microsoft could at least confirm it's coming "soon", even if not unveiling all the specs/features yet.

Oh well... 8)

I think Surface Mini would be an RT device so it wouldn't eat any of the Surface Pro or possibly Surface 3 sales. The ThinkPad 8 is already a great device, and I doubt Surface Mini would have as many ports, or be as thin as current devices.

That's a good move on Microsoft's part. They need the Mini to get as much praise as the Pro 3 has gotten and making sure its perfect before launch should help with that!

A modern version of Office is greatly appreciated for 8" users. Mostly because the desktop won't automatically bring up the freaking keyboard when you actually need it.

The device they were going to announce yesterday almost makes no sense now. Even if they get Gemini finished next week and a Phone/RT merger by the end of the year, the longer they wait, the more they HAVE TO release a completely new device. Seriously you're going to announce the Surface Pro 3, you're only a  few months away from Surface 3, and you're going to release what is basically a Surface 2 mini at the same time ?

With 27 million downloads of the iPad version of Office, I'm quite sure that the Surffie Mini would be quite a hit if they wait until OneNote MX's touch friendly companions are bake fresh.

A surface 2 with a snapdragon 80X and 7-8" would be fine for me as a surface mini. I like my RT but it's too slow and a little too big imo.

The Mini didn't appeal to me, for the same reasons other small tablets don't appeal to me: I am going to be using it around the house 95% of the time, and thus size is not that important. I have the cellphone for outside the house. The Surface Pro 3 is more suited to my use.

Of course, seeing how popular small tablets are, I'm probably not a typical case.

I think countries should ban apple products. It's mostly of no use. Good for some rest is show off. Then Microsoft initially needs to hire a better marketing stratergy and let the surface rise.

Didn't want it before the Pro 3 event, definitely don't want it after. I wonder if the Micro Surface will use the same pen as the Pro 3, since it falls off so easily as seen in the video Mark Guim made about the ways to attach the pen.

I have a huge laptop, I no longer have my convertible, or a nook color (just reader) .... I want a surface mini and I will put my money where my mouth is.

Why no Surface 3 (RT) with new kickstand and power connector etc?
This sends a mixed message about Microsoft's commitment to Windows on ARM.

Yes, microsoft please take more time on the surface mini! in my honest opinion microsoft has shown with the surface pro 3, that if the surface mini will also be promoted as a note taking device, A LOT OF WORK AND FINETUNING needs to be done. Glad to help on pointers that need changing (call me! hahaha). The surface pro 3 keynote shocked me to the surprise that the surface pro 3 is promoted as an all in one device, that could raplace an ipad (mini?) and mac pro. If the mini was deomoed with the surface 3, because of this comparison, the surface mini could be considered as obsolete! Perhaps a reason also why microsoft did this approach?

I definitely would love an optimized Lightroom (or equivalent) for RT to go along with the Mini. It definitely would be my go to device for portable photo editing.

Exactly what i was thinking if they can do it for ios why not rt & if it can import dng from l1020/1520/929 then all the better

Ship a product when it's ready.  I have no problems with this.  In the meantime other vendors are making 8 inch devices that work well enough so those in the market now have options.  I would like to get a 7 inch machine.  Hopefully those will come in the near future.



Mini just has to be cheap. Tablets in that size category are generally for web browsing and media consumption. The Nexus is the competiton when it comes to price, features and apps. I dont really think touch version of Office matters one way or the other.

The problem I would've had with the mini is its lack of hardware innovation. I need a kickstand. A tablet to me needs one to be productive. And most importantly the software needs to fit the form factor. The Surface Pro 3 has the perfect software running on it.

The Surface Mini needs not only a true hardware innovation but a software innovation. With the One Microsoft approach in place, their products need to have all this in place for the experience to be delivered to the customer. They can't just throw Windows RT on it and be done with it.

It needs to ship with a hybrid OS that has both Windows Phone and Windows RT converged with a refreshed consistent UI.

My Lumia 1520 is 2 inches smaller and runs Windows Phone 8.1. To just drop Windows RT on the Mini would not only give you a whole different store of apps but confuse customers who expected a Windows Phone experience and instead got something very different (Windows RT). The OSs look similar but behave very differently, and evolved differently. One is very gesture based, the other is very energy efficient and has a dark UI. One allows more customization, the other does in different ways. Idk I expect Microsoft to unveil the Mini with Windows 9.

It looks like MS is doing a lot of One Microsoft work to improve inking (both the windows and office teams are involved), make it faster, more convenient, better in many ways, etc. I think that by waiting, they could have a really differentiated product compared to an ipad mini. But I think that after threshold is really when you'll start to really see the benefits of a unified microsoft. We'll probably see some cortana integration in windows by then and hopefully the desktop will be removed from what is now Windows RT. With touch office there will be no need for it on an ARM tablet anymore.

I'm actually not that excited about the surface pro 3. Don't get me wrong it's cool but 12 inches is just a little too big for me. I was a lot more excited about the surface mini

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No need, or maybe they are leaving that option for OEM partners to provide.

I honestly thought there was no Surface Mini because they had just made Windows free for those tablet sizes and didn't want to put off any manufactures from making new devices by introducing their own device.

Based on the rumors I was clearly wrong, but it seems that Microsoft could also stand to boost the market by laying off of that particular category.

Too much money to be made though so I'm on board with the rumors.

maybe they're pulling the plug on RT.

which would probably be good, considering the lukewarm reception it got. probably piss off some early adopters, though... and not help MS's image of flipfloping and screwing over their early adopters.

They probably should. There are no advantages to using an ARM CPU for Windows 8. None.

The only reason to keep it alive is to make sure x86 stays competitive with ARM in terms of power usage. But no one wants the crippled devices.

Personally id rather use w8 wordpad then have to wait for this mythical version of office. Most people dont need a full office suite full time so its kind of a waste of time to push a device back this long

So, this summer we might here something about it, as Office Touch is expected in the summer and already RTM'ed according to recent rumors (today).

What will happen to the devicese they  made ,,

After 3 months it will be an old devicese with

Qualcomm  snapdragon 805 or they just going to

upgrade the Qualcomm processor

If they have 15-20,000 already produced but at the last minute cancelled because it was different enough then I don't want it later in the fall when office touch comes out. They better put those in the same place Microsoft found those ET games and start over

Not interested in surface mini....a surface mini pro....that I would've bought. Surface mini by itself doesn't differentiate enough. A mini pro I could connect via widi or mini display to a larger screen/tv wherever I go...that I would welcome.....and don't forget to include the pen and nfc

Why does it require a special version for touch? I personally like the cursor option on the remote desktop application from Microsoft. Why don't they just design it with that as an option? Just have the cursor a centimeter or so off from your fingertip, then allow for left and right click through multitouch...
I'm sure there are functions I'm overlooking but honestly I don't see the big deal.

I was looking to buy an 8" tablet for my wife, looked at the Dell and Lenovo 8" offerings and thought both were very good (I cannot fathom the need for Intel/Win8 Pro on such a small device), but thought I should wait for rumoured Surface Mini - especially after hearing the rumours of a pen/OneNote pairing with the mini. With Touch MS Office and a OneNote Pen (I guess it is a Surface Pen) I will definitely buy one, otherwise will have to consider.

I want both, but first the Surface Mini. My corporate laptop is only ready to be replaced in december.

if true, i think thats the right call...
the new SP3 is going after the ultra-portable scene... presumably the surface mini would go after the tablet scene. Office not being touch friendly isn't as big of a deal for the SP3 because its a laptop replacement... but for the mini it'd be a much bigger deal.

I can also believe that they pulled the plug because it doesn't stand out enough, and they don't want to compete with their OEMs.

I'm not sure why they'd announce the event if they weren't sure they were going ahead with the product launch, though.

Windows RT: Failure
Bought surface rt and sold it yesterday on ebay after constantly relisting it for a month. I paid $650 for it and it sold for $158.50 on ebay so I am not happy. I got asus t100 tp replace it but that cracked so I got a dell venue 11 pro. Once I get paid for surface rt and my iphone 4s sells I will buy keyboard for dell. Idk why microsoft does not use intel atom.

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Man, I just want a Surface mini to use as my smartglass with the Xbox One.  I was so dissapointed when they didn't announce it the other day.  It's going to be the best, most expensive, remote control ever but I don't care.  I want it bad!  Microsoft make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It might be just me, but I'd like an adaptive version of software. Use it in "modern" and it has a subset of features that are most commonly used and work best with touch, and on the desktop side it morphs into the full non-touch version. Switch back and forth on the fly.

Surface Mini will do well with the following differentiators:

1.  Touch version Office

2.  Office Reader with Nook eReader/Magazine

3.  Interactive Live Tiles

RT makes sense for 8" and smaller screen tablets which are not suitable for running legacy softwares.  RT and WP should be merged to become Windows Mobile OS which supports all 4" to 8" devices.  Better yet, all with LTE support.

Microsoft needs to get past using office as the main reason to buy a surface...its the only thing they can come up with so it seems :-/ they prioritised android and iOS first and their own OS last for touch office anyway :-/

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The market isn't clamoring for a Surface Mini, so it's better to delay for a better end product. That way they can pull people in with a later, better release, rather than push people away with "another sub-par Surface" released too early.

I actually was watching for this dicision as a marker of the quality and courage of the new managment.  We've been suffering for years as a result of half-baked decisions by a panicky Balmer. Using Office can be painful at times on my Surface Pro unless I have a mouse.  A smaller tablet would have been excrutiating.


Good Call

Please explain, why do people prefer RT over x86? I literally can not see a SINGLE advantage it has over x86. Power usage is no longer an advantage for ARM processors. x86 runs everything ARM does but not the other way around. x86 has more drivers.

Worried about viruses? Well don't download any executable. You can't run them on RT anyways. Run as a standard user so even if you DO download an executable and then you DO run it, it can't do anything.

So please, why would anyone possibly want RT over x86? It'll just doom the device. Every other RT tablet has done terribly. The x86 8" tablets seem to be doing much better.

When an RT tablet outruns all other x86 tablets in terms of design, nobody cares about the disadvantages of RT. People buy a Surface, since its (from my point of view) the most delicate and best designed Windows tablet, thus a Mini version of Surface with advanced features like, for example, 1080p AND a stylus (no tablet combines that, its a shame) would outrun the competitors. 

On a casual tablet (no pro device), nobody cares about .exes. Its just the usual blabla of RT haters that predominates the masses. 

+1520 I've been using the original Surface RT since December. I used it everyday,both my gf and I have been loving ours.. She's on hers now,and I'm about to go jump on her *cough*,I mean mine now..

Design has nothing to do with RT or x86. You didn't answer the question, just gave me some BS about how you like RT.

Why would you prefer RT over x86 when there are no advantages to that? Assuming two tablets are exactly the same other than one has RT and one has x86, why would you choose the RT one?

Most people probably would do just fine with RT. They just let perception scare them away. I've been doing just fine with it,for personal and business use. Why the hell people use an iPad? You can't do any of that with one of those either.. Let me guess.. There's an app for that?

You didn't answer the question. Why do people want it to be RT instead of x86? I'm not asking if you like RT, but why would you prefer it to be RT over x86 when there are zero benefits to RT over x86. If you don't care about the things that x86 can do over RT shouldn't you just not care if it's x86 or RT?

I personally think that it makes sense to hold off until you have something more to offer and unique. I personally have no problems with RT,however if you make a premium device it will have to get a "premium" price and since it's OEM partners already have been offering good products,then you have to come out strong. I'm super curious as to what and how they come up with,especially since things were,supposedly already underway.

I want a regular Surface 3... With rounded edges Microsoft! Rounded soft nice-to-hold edges!