More Lumia 610 photos prior to MWC Windows Phone announcements

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PocketNow has published more images of the upcoming budget Windows Phone, the Lumia 610. The colour variations fit in with the colour selection process for the Lumia family of Nokia handsets, which was recently explained. Rumours are flying left, right and centre, but the specifications for the low-end device are set to sport a 3.2" display, 3/5MP camera, and 256MB RAM.

The 610 is rumoured to be available in magenta, cyan, black and white. We'll be sure to keep a watchful eye out for any lying around at MWC to get some hands-on action.

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More Lumia 610 photos prior to MWC Windows Phone announcements


Two more days! I can't wait for the new Windows 8 preview! And please let Nokia launch the 900 in white on ATT!

There would be no logic to talk WP8 at this point, I wouldn't expect em say anything, but maybe Mango update.

I'm sick of all the waiting. Just put the products out. Microsoft is starting to get in my nerves. Show the damn products and sell the products. I'm a fan but damn. Venting that's all

This is how it always is, products are announced then released months later. Nothings changed cept for maybe your ignorant reasoning

No, apple announces and products release within 2 weeks and the make record sales....the news never gets stale by the time they actually go on sale thus maximizing the buzz....everyone else does opposite

Wow! I do hope that every other company in the world see this post so they can all realise what they are doing wrong! They'll all do well to find an expert like you to teach them how to run there multi-million dollar companies for them. Genius....

If you are going to make 10 million phones, even a dollar less is pretty effective, plus with a lower price point, Nokia will get developing countries hooked on windows phone and they will start get higher priced phones (like 710 and 800)

And ruin the no fragmentation aspect of wp7. This will confuse consumers. If they market the low end devices like feature phones maybe it would work, but meh....

3.2" seems to be running HVGA resolution. And current WP apps are not supposed to work on smaller resolutions, I think that majority of apps will be not usable on HVGA until developers will update them. WP7 is going then the same way as Android: different devices with different OS versions and different resolutions. I hope that this will not happen.

@illegaloperation: yes, this could be solution, but with different ratio. Current and only resolution used in WP7 until Tango was/is WVGA (480x800) and it has aspect ratio 5:3.

What happened to a yet ago when windows phones had such struck requirements. 512 RAM, 8Gb internal, 5MP camera, and all the works.. We don't need weaker phones to set and example but I guess they're just trying to pull in the consumers.

I look at the 610 for emerging markets like Ford back in the day: finally, a smartphone the average person can afford. What Flagz doesn't seem to realize is that there are other countries apart from the USA. Countries where the average family income is a fraction of the average the American family's income.

Its unlikely that this phone will hit the USA outside of the paygo realm. Stop complaining about tech that you don't have to buy.

They're working on making the ecosystem more accessible, and you're complaining about it?!?
50 million or 100 million new users in India, China and on prepaid around the world (including the USA) would be a huge boon for WP, and helps everyone, including phone snobs who will only buy a high-end device.

This is a sound strategic move. Need more consumers to drive more app development and thus build out a more mature ecosystem. A little bit of Fragmentation is the compromise at thus juncture.

I'm all for it, the more WP users the better for the community. I don't think it's too much of a fragmentation either, not even close to android.

I like the design of this phone, but at 3.2"...no! I know, I know, it's a low-end phone and everything, but still. Typing on it will be a pain. Even my 4" Nexus S is feeling tiny compared to all the 4.5+ devices that are comming out.

Remember, all of the specs are rumors at this point, especially the 3.2" screen. Unless this phone is targeting the 9-13 age range or people overseas have very small hands, it's just too small to type on without being a slider

The Windows Phone hardware spec has always been minimum 256MB so its not like Microsoft have lowered the spec recently for emerging markets. If developers have targeted their apps to works on the minimum required specs these phones should not have any trouble running apps available in the marketplace.

Hardware Minimums, FYI: Windows Phone 7 Series Minimum System Requirements
• Capacitive Touch: 4 or more contact points
• Sensors: A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity
• Camera: 5 megapixels or more, Camera with a flash and dedicated camera button
• Multimedia: Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration
• Memory: 256 MB, 8 GB Flash or more
• GPU: DirectX 9 acceleration
• Processor: ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better
• 2 screen sizes: 480×800 WVGA, 480×320 HVGA
• Keyboard: Optional
• Hardware Buttons: Must be fixed on the face

Hm, those are really old specs (pre-release as far as I can recall), for example, 480x320 resolution support never hit the light of day... regarding Lumia 610, it is good to have phones with affordable prices. I wouldn't get it for myself but it would be something great for my kids...

It's worth noting that the LG Optimus One, an entry-level Android phone being sold around the world on various carriers, is a huge seller for the company and it has a 3.2" HVGA screen. I doubt the size of the screen will be an issue. People who want a larger screen badly enough will get one.

Personally, I can't wait for the day that SkyDrive is used to save states and configuration data so that I can swap my SIM from a higher level phone to something like the 610 or 710 and have the same setup on every device.

As Long as Tue fragmentation does go too crazy I don't think it's much of a big deal to market these lower end - but still very cool - devices, it's different markets, with different customers with different needs. Regarding the post whining about wanting everything now... buddy, enjoy the amazing everyday.

Even though I know the 610 is not aimed at the US market (as far as we know), I think Microsoft should consider releasing these phones (this & maybe the 710) as pre-paid phones.  There are a LOT of people on pre-paid nowadays, and Android is pretty much the only option for people looking for a smartphone. 
If you bring the smoothness and cohesiveness of WP7 to that market - I think it would sell very well, as people wouldn't have to sacrifice user experience to not be in contract.
Just a thought.