More Nokia device codenames leaked, hinting at future Microsoft hardware?

Windows Phone handset

After leaking codenames of a bevy of Windows Phone devices alleged to be under development at Nokia earlier this year, notorious leakster @evleaks is back at it with a new set of codenames that could be teasing upcoming handsets from Microsoft. Unfortunately, that's all we know for now.

The codenames revealed today are Vela, Athena and Libra. As noted above, there is no further information to suggest what these devices might be, and at this stage we don't even know whether they're smartphones or tablets. Other notable codenames that were previously leaked include McLaren, Moonraker, Tesla, Onyx and Goldfinger.

What we do know is that Microsoft has an aggressive roadmap this year with regards to Windows Phone devices, so it is likely that we'll see new device launches in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the codenames? What kind of products are you looking forward to?

Source: evleaks.at


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More Nokia device codenames leaked, hinting at future Microsoft hardware?


Why wait? additional codenames leaked!
The Lumia Sextape: built in tripod and dual 41MP front facing cameras.
The Lumia Kegger: Built in bottle opener and corkscrew.
The Lumia Cinnamon: Built in knife and pepperspray for tricky robbery situations.
The Lumia Quickdraw: Dual SIM and .22 caliber support for use in home defense.

I'll take that QuickDraw... Is it available in 9mm? I know it makes the device thicker but I'm willing to overlook that. jejeje

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Its Cyrillic and maybe, just a a minor possibility he/she forgot to shift languages on their Keyboard without realizing it because it might be a royal pain flipping between two languages /translating in your head and so on. I could only wish to be bi or multilingual.

He didn't, he tryed writing "first" in Russian and managed to misspell it. It should be spelled "первый" pervii if you spell it with English letters

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..... I see deed people. :l

What is Cyan even bringing to the table for 8.1 DP users? I haven't really seen a list anywhere. From what I understand its the same, just a formalized release for consumers.

They should plaster it on the front screen in solid opaque white, taking up the entirety of it!
On a serious note though, how sweet would it be if the flash bulb was shaped like the windows logo?

Yaa that wud b great too.. In the place of the current nokia branding on the front beside the speaker grill.

Maybe it should say "Lumia" like they say "Surface" on the back of the new Surfaces.

Give ma something a little smaller than the 1520 with a Snapdragon 805 and I am first in queue. And also dont forget the sell it after the announcement unlike recent models

Waiting for a hamburger with the lot, that also comes with new age head turning hardware that nobody has ever heard of! Then I want it on the front page of newspapers and in the news headlines... Being so advanced, Microsoft wont even need to pay them for the advertising!!

Libra, that's a zodiac sign right? It is symbolized by a weighing scale. So im guess this phone would be ultra light?

All I care about is the number eight (fav. number btw). You said eight different code names. There's got to be some gems in that lot. Can I get a hell yeah?

Looking forward to McLaren & what HTC got cooking! Yet at the same time I want to hold of, get something with the SnapDragon 810 & see what Microsoft got for us at /Build/ '15 especially if the rumors about WP9' is true ... My HTC 8X still live & kicking & still as a quick as the day I bought it ...

Don't count on that. The new 41mp phone is not going to be McLaren. That one is the one with the 3D gimmicks.

Give me Lumia 920 with updated processor, camera, maybe even 1080p and hardware buttons (preferably like those in 1520) - instant buy for me! (I hate their new Icon-like design language)

930's design is unappealing to me. I have the money just not for that block. 5' 1080p, SD card alot, and 2 GB ram with qi would be good successor to 920. Coming in a range of colors of course

My thoughts? Talk, talk, talk mixed im with paper launches. Meanwhile in the land of reality we have a delayed 930, a 15-20 month old midrange line up and, oh yes, MS android phones with immediate availability.

+1000 to mrdoubleb.... well said... all talk and no show for lumias and that godforesaken X into the next version and immediately available... There is enough android there... what we need are Lumias to trump those androids... Microsoft/Lumia is sabotaging itself...

The only way immediate availability for the X phones is a good thing is if Microsoft has finally figured it out and all future WP phones will now have immediate availability upon announcement.

Ha ha ha, you're too funny mate -- keep up the good work. I think WPCentral needs more people like you to brighten up my day ;-)

I need a 720 successor to be announced soon.
So it will roll out by September/October as per the customary delay. Then will wait for prices to slightly shave off and buy it by Jan 2015.

You know what would be a reliable leak? One that said Microsoft Mobile instead of Nokia.

Unless of course this refers to actual Nokia phones for 2016 which I doubt as it's still too soon for that to leak.

At this moment I think evleaks is just throwing stuff at the wall to see if it sticks. Anything to get someone to pay him for a sponsored tweet.
Wanna see a leak?

Microsoft Mobile codenames: Flora, Fauna and Aurora.

Now pay me 500 bucks for a tweet.

Why a BB? MS really needs to address the physical keyboard market. Personally would like a phone with a physical keyboard similar to the touch pro 2 my self.

Goldfinger - I think this one will never come out. This name been in rumors for maybe year already

1020 successor, at least 5.something inch screen AND 10x photo zoom, DEFINITELY micro SD slot, plus USB OTG, DNLA AND MIRACAST. All the other new innovations.

Microsoft promissed smartphone with better battery life. I would like to charge my Windows Phone two or three times per week, not every day! Hope that MS do their best!

WP really need some impressive hardwares now to be in lead.... 1-in range 165 dollars ..2- 300 dollars ..3- 500 dollars & a flagship phone within 750 dollars..

Surface Mini with NEW OS Windows RT 8.1 + Windows Phone 8.1 =  Windows phone 8.2 4G LTE and Wifi narrow and 8 inch will be useful device! + Surface Pro 3 for work and Lumia 930 for phone usage! ;)

Sorry nokia i started to loose hope in you (i bought lumia 800.820.925) but lately i started to think that you're not the company for me ,it takes you forever to release an update or a phone :/

Well, you are avenged. There is no Nokia phone maker in the near term. MS has been good at updating PFD, so things may be looking up.

You forget the carriers are the biggest impediment to the release of updates. The 925, for example: TMoUS did great with the first one, and AT&T seemingly dragged their heels. For the second, AT&T had it rolling out long before TMo.

The best thing Microsoft could do to remedy the situation is to strike a deal with the carriers, such that the carriers get out of the way of all updates in exchange for Microsoft assuming support costs related to the updates.

There needs to be successor for Lumia 520 and two device for midrange. Or put them in one device with LTE dual SIM. One gig ram, 4,5", 10mpix, quad core, flash

Bring an upgrade for L1320, with better camera (8MP is enough), 2GB RAM, keep the same price range, i will upgrade to it the day its announced

So....many....grammatical errors. Gah!!! On another topic, it's bright and sunny here in the states, and updates to Windows Phone will be in full swing this year. I'm going back to sleep:)

I need a phone with a battery equivalent or better to that of the HTC One M8. I'm tired of constantly monitoring and parceling out my day because of apps on my phone.  Maybe only an HTC flagship Windows Phone could accomplish that, who knows.

It may be an exercise in futility, but I'm really hoping for a newer Sprint device. Hopefully something that can be considered a flagship. But I'm very aware that's just a pipe-dream, and that Sprint has most likely already given up on WP8 devices once again. Time for me to start looking elsewhere as soon as some of these newer devices get released.

You forgot the "Nokia Lumia Who Gives a Shit because it Will Come Out 6 Months After it is Obsolete if it Even Comes Out at All".    Wordy, yes, but accurate.

All I want is a true succesor to the 920, meaning same capabilities including/adding:

- 4.5" screen size (no larger)

- As thin, small and light (or smaller) as the 925

- Better Flash

- Camera same (or better) as the best Lumia non 1020 camera. (I wish for the 1020 camera but without the bump, don't know if possible)

-Improved battery performance.

- Improved Glass durability

- WP 8.1

- Shatterproof screen

The 925 is close, but has no wireless charging and the 930/Icon has no glance and is too big.

Too much to ask?


I agree with you completely. I have yet to find a worthy replacement for my AT&T 920. I do not want to buy a case and ruin the lines of the phone for wireless charging. If AT&T is backing PMA then fine. Build it in and I will replace my charging stands. I will still be pissed but damn it I don't want a fucking case. Also I do not want OLED. Every OLED screen phone I have had experiences burn in from the text bubbles. My LCD is still perfect after nearly two years. IF I have to hang on to a phone for over two years again, I do NOT want to have to look at OLED screen burn in for the final year and a half.

Not me... if my Qi chargers become obsolete, then f*** it all to h****.  I'll remove 'wireless charging' off my list of wants and never spend another cent on any such thing again.

Got a pair of Qi chargers that are only good for ONE handset I own?  What a complete WASTE.  

Heck, we might as well dump micro USB chargers too and go back to every other handset and OEM using their own proprietary charging plugs.  

Come on Microsoft at least show us a teaser of the upcoming windows phone, google is just throwing a party and showing all the devices. When just give us a date

"What kind of products are you looking forward to?"

I would KILL for a ruggedized phone like the Samsung S5 Active. IP67 and MIL-STD 810G WITHOUT looking like some sort of brick that could kill you if someone thew it at you.


Now that my 2 years w/ the 920 is coming to an end, I'm going to have some hard decision coming up.

I'm happy w/ the Nokia hardware.  Heck, its the PRIMARY reason for buying a Nokia.  The camera is awesome, the build is awesome.  The ONE thing I sorely miss is an SD card slot.  I NEED it.

I've alwasy been a WinMo/Windows Phone guy, and I like the UI of WP8 quite a bit.  But this past year has been wearing thin on me.

My 2nd primary reason for being dedicated to WP8 is Xbox Live and Windows 8.  I don't think I need to explain the disappointment about Xbox Live on WP.

But... some will say, "look at all these great non-XBL games... all these great indie games!"  Except, I want Worms, PvZ2, Scribblenauts and Minecraft and I don't think WP is EVER going to get those kind of titles.  I mean, I sacrficed being able to play those games w/ the hope that I could have nice library of XBL games.  If I'm not going to play XBL-enabled games, then WhyTF would I not go to an OS that has the games I WANT along with bluetooth controller support?

So I'm thinking... as much as I hate to do this... I think I'm going elsewhere for a little while.  Then in another 2 years, we'll see if Windows Phone can satisfy my needs.  Unlike others, its easy for me to jump from OS to OS.  Since MS seems to have a lot of apps and support for other platforms, I doubt I'd miss to much in the way of services.

Want LED Indicator (don't get rid Glance). You can't read glance screen 50 feet away butbcanbsee a LED indicator. IR blaster would rock, waterproof, heartbeat detector, Fingerprint reader, HAL detector, temp and humidity sensor. And I don't wanna see comments saying we don't need these features. Why do you think people are going to s5 more?

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