New rumors of 3D Touch include gripping a Windows Phone to power it up

A new report claims to have more information on 3D Touch, the user interface that Microsoft has been developing behind-the-scenes for use in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device that has the code name McLaren.

WPCentral reported on some of those 3D Touch features last week, such as Mix View which will allow a finger to interact with a Live Tile just by hovering over it. The Verge is now reporting, citing unnamed sources, that 3D Touch will also allow a Windows Phone to answer a call by the user just moving the smartphone up to their ear, or hanging up by placing the phone in a pocket.

The report claims that 3D Touch could enable smartphones to be muted when covered by a hand. Even the sides of the phone could be used by this new UI, including gripping the device to power it up, eliminating the power button completely.

None of these features have been confirmed; indeed, Microsoft has not officially announced the existence of 3D Touch or McLaren. However, Our sources claim that the company will launch the phone with 3D Touch sometime this November as the new hero device for Windows Phone 8.1, with three carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile) all reportedly planning to sell the phone. It will be interesting to see if the new UI interactions will be the next big thing in smartphones, or just a gimmick that ends up not being used by the public.

Source: The Verge


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New rumors of 3D Touch include gripping a Windows Phone to power it up



I knew that you are being sarcastic, but it really does not feel gimmicky at all. Especially the mute by placing your hand in front of the phone, power up by holding it, etc. Very usefull indeed

I hope not. As funny as it was, we don't need to have another round of antenna-gate and "you're holding it wrong" memes!

McLaren turns out to be a successor to Lumia 1020 according The Verge.  That's exactly the model I'm waiting for.

Yes, it is now, but where ? No mention of countries except USA. Is it coming to India, Europe, China, Canada, Brazil ?
Someone please clarify !

Also needs something for security, retina our thumb recognition so security apps of the future can utilize it.

The iOS Health coming update is also worth competing with. A central hub for information produced by all various fitness, health and wellbeing apps. Android and Widows Phone should jump on that Apple development.

The 930 & 630 have something similar, I believe called SensorCore or something like that, its integrated with the Bing food (&Cortana) to keep track of your exercises, diet & stuff like that ...

Regarding security, I agree on a fingerprint scanner, but pass on the Retina ...

If you do the calculations, most smartphone (Including Windows Phone) already have retina displays, only Apple uses the word "Retina".

Also, Windows Mobile had fingerprint scanners in the past. I can tell you they are useless and gimmicky to say the least. I'm happy this "feature" didn't continue with Windows Phone.

I'm waiting for MDM security enhancements, and alpha numeric passwords to unlock the device. Oh, and the ability to have different passwords for the kids corner and main profile.

There is already something out there, called HealthVault, but it hasn't really caught on. They need to expand on that service and get providers involved, because I don't think most health care providers are even aware it exists.

If they can't get it right, then they shouldn't do it. Copying Apple for the sake of it is silly, but getting a good finger print reader etc. Would be nice.

I am pretty sure that centralizing hubs is right t he other direction of which Windows Phone is going. Sad but true.

I could be wrong here, but I don't think it's a retina scan, isn't it an iris scan? Retina is easy in the back of your eye and only seen through your pupil, but the iris is right in front. Someone comment if I'm wrong, I'll be genuinely curious.

Well, actually both kinds of security systems are available: retina scan and iris scan. Just as the iris scan identifies a person by the unique pattern on the iris, a retina scan checks for the unique pattern of blood vessels in the retina of our eye.

Well some of this is nothing new as you already have phones that can be answered by bringing them up to your ear. Flip to silence and even silence by putting you hand over the screen. you also got the hover to interact already on phones like the galaxy series with even air gestures.

Microsoft has to do better than this as most of these gimmicks are already in the market.

The gimmicks in the market depend on the front facing camera. The ones Microsoft is about to bring have special dedicated hardware; sensors to be exact. More accurate; wider range of uses.

In that case the N9 had "Air UI" app. and could also do all of the above.

THis should be better. I am hoping and assuming.

I think the key is 3D. being able to detect depth correctly and quickly (fluidly) with maybe two infrared sensors (like kinect)

That feature was heavily advertised in this part of the world; hence people went crazy for s3's when it came out. :)

Very interesting.
I love the mute features in my 8X & I hope Microsoft take that a step further.

What if they could combine this with an "extreme low-power" state (like a sort of hibernate on a PC)? Pick your phone up and in a second it's ready to use! Next thing, "Cortana, call Justin Smith", don't even wait for a response, and put the phone up to your ear.

Of course I would (as would others) have a bit of a problem thinking about the security / privacy issues involved (gov't tracking of an "always on" device) but those are issues already being debated and our phones are pretty much always on anyway. I'm just trying to think of some possibilities.

Interesting. But I want a mid range phone- something in the 8xx and 7xx. It's been too long since nokia/ Microsoft released something for the mid range.

Not quite.  I would argue that the 630 would at least need a front facing camera and a camera flash to compete in the mid-range.  And probably a higher quality main camera and 720p screen...

Will we finally be able to reply to emails with attachments apart from pictures? Anything else is just fluff.

Seriously...3d touch yes, put a video or word doc in your email? That will have to wait for 2016.

Phone hardware team =/= windows phone devs.
Edit: Granted, I totally agree with you; you just can't blame these people.

No, can also add others like Word documents already. Open the to be attached doc and select share.

Well.. About new features: Why not develop something some watches have? Loading the battery when the device moves..? Would come in handy since my 8x barely makes it trough the day :p

This stuff will kill the battery for something that most people probably won't use it understand.

"Dual core processors will kill the battery"
"Quad core processors will kill the battery"
"720p screens will kill the battery"
"1080p screens will kill the battery"
"WP doesn't need more than 512mb of ram"
"WP doesn't need more than 1gb of ram"
I swear, some of you sound like a broken record.... When will you ever learn.... SMH.

To be fair, though, in general, battery life is pretty abysmal for all smartphones. With normal usage, most can't make it through the day. Playing a game? You'd be lucky to last a few hours. That's not very good. We are slaves to our chargers. Just go to an airport and look at everyone frantically running around looking for outlets in between flights.

This is true.. But, we charge, charge, charge... We deal with it, and we're not going to let that hold us back from advancement...
So, what has happened since I got this 1520 with all of the technology that closed minded WP fans have always been against??.. I've had a phone with the longest lasting battery ever, and there's even newer processor that are twice as efficient now.... The tradeoff is worth it every bit...
I'm sick of the saying "it's gonna drain our batteries"... Get over it already, and have some faith in MS, and technology for Christ sake... Lol❕❕

All of the above is true. we still only have 1 day of battery life while stuffing bigger batteries.

Additionally to what Rodney said, dedicated processors use VERY little power. Normal CPUs are power hungry because of the relatively unoptimized state they need in order to accomplish any task. When a processor is solely dedicated to a single task, it's much more efficient.

Wow❕ ... So you mean that technological advancement is real❔ Man, the world is a great place... SMH.. Lol❕

Could this be the first WP9 device?Hardware alone couldn't do this.Some major OS updates would have to be done for McLaren or Gold Finger to work.

Go to Qualcomm website and read all the features the snapdragon 800-801-805 can do. We have the hardware now its up to microkia to activate them which is not gonna happen.

Naw!!!!... I still like "Microkia"... You know my stance on that term.. Heck, I believe I'm the one who coined it❕ .... Ima still use it..

MS can update software whenever they please to make new hardware work... It doesn't have to be a new version of WP.. They could've added the necessary drivers to make this work with WP8.0...
This is Windows❕..... Now, with that said.. Just like the article mentioned these new devices will likely coincide with a new version of WP.. But, we have to remember that any simple GDR update can add new capabilities like octacore processors, QHD displays, or 3DT... Another thing is seeing that WPC has reported that WP8.1 will receive at least 2 GDR updates, and this device is to appear in November, its likely that the software update to make 3DT work will still be a version of WP8.1... Make sense❔

Microsoft has never pushed out that big of a GDR update before, they have always been small improvement's.McLaren sounds way to good to be true,will have to wait and see if any of these rumors are even close to what the device will really have if it even exists.

Were talking about one feature here.. 3DT, and everything that's included, is still just one feature...
And, what's up with this mindset that just because MS hasn't done this, or that, means that they never will?.. GDR updates have enabled 1080p screens, and Quad core processors, in a single update, so why couldn't a GDR update support hardware drivers for 3DT❔

It's going to have to be one hell of a GDR update to enable all the bells and whistles they say this phone might have.Just my thoughts on this,I could be dead wrong.We will see.

The problem is, a plafora of sensors that will be in the meclaren are not in current devices. 3D touch is just as much of a hardware innovation as a software innovation. Hence, this is the only device we are hearing about having these features.

Tbh I was getting so bored of WP and I was seriously planning to move to android. But this is truly the device I've been waiting for. If it has this distinctive feature, and is awesome overall, it will be my next phone, coming from a 920.

Totally different... Samesung uses the camera... Apparently this will use heat mapping etc... (dedicated hardware) not just a "camera hack"

As long as MS puts this technology into the next "1520" then I'm all in... I'm not interested in a tiny sub 6" super phone... Although I do think that it's best to make the flagship device around 5" I still would like to see larger, more useful, devices get the best technology as the so called flagship, or 1020 successor...
Seriously, if MS Is to make an upgraded 1020 with this 3D technology then they might as well be planning a "1030 Max" if they want my money, because I can't go back to using anything smaller than "6.. It's just tiny to me know..

They won't. All these 3D gimmicks require new hardware that integrate the Kinect technology upon with this is based. So the 1520 won't get it nor will any Nokia phone.


As for the "successor" to the 1020 (you know there's no such thing since only a Nokia can succeed a Nokia and whatever MM puts out with 41mp won't be a real successor) it will still be camera focus. Stuff like 41mp cameras, phablets (5.5" or more screens), dual sims, these are all niche devices. I wouldn't expect the MM 41mp phone to bring 3D gimmicks since it would be useless from the photography point of view, but you'll have to wait and see ;)

I said the next 1520.. Nobody expects for current hardware to be able to use this technology.... And, I can see all of the new high end Lumia devices using this technology.. Why would we think not❔ ... A 1030, 1130, 1530... Why wouldn't they have this❔

Because it's a gimmick that probably won't be use by 95% of the consumers, just like they didn't use the gestures on the S4. Microsoft under Nadella has a different approach. They only seem concerned with presenting one device to showcase a certain technology advancement. The McLaren will probably just be a novelty with the 3D gimmicks. I don't expect to see anything wroth "WOW" in it. People talk about the use of the SD805 or qHD displays as something huge... Except by the time McLaren arrives, those things will already be available in Android devices. The LGG3 already has a 2K display and the XperiaZ3 will likely come with the 805. So all that's left is the 3D touch gimmicks. For Microsoft to justify the money it would cost to implement that tech in all future phones, the feature would first need to be a massive hit.

I partly agree, but if they pack that tech with the 41mp, dual SIM and an SD, well I think it'll turn some heads

The S4 used the front facing camera and the proximity censor for gestures which was a complete joke.Comparing it to the Tec that might be in the McLaren.Please!My sister turned off gestures because most of the time they didn't work on her S4.The general public doesn't know or care like we do about 2k display's or 805 chips.If it works like it's suppose to and easy to use that's what move's product not spec's.

Sounds interesting for sure and I to agree that this isn't gimmicky but some useful and different ways to do what we already do.

If WP8.1 is reported to be getting at least 2 GDR updates, and its already June, I don't see a device that is coming out in November being a "WP9" device...
No, I believe we're looking at a new WP8.1 GDR1/2 device.. And that's perfectly fine, and understandable.

To me, what's neater than the technology is the fact that all three major carriers will sell the same Windows Phone- I think that's a first.

I hope Microsoft manages to slim the waistline of the Lumia down a bit. As much as I love my 920, the bezels are way too big and the phone is too thick

I have no problems with the bezel, but I agree with you on the thickness. My 920 is like a brick compared to the Note 3.

I prefer the other way around myself! I don't mind the thickness, but would prefer less bezel.  I wouldn't mind a lighter weight as well.  Otherwise, I've had my L920 for a year and a half and am still enjoying it thanks to the 8.1 Preview.

My S4A has a huge Mugent battery and it feels just solid. I know it's heavy and thick, but the battery finally lasts even the longest day. Last tome a two-day mc trip without rechsrging 14% left and a warning on! Recharge! I remembered that when 10% was left.

Agree with less bezel. My 920 seems like a new phone, almost, with the 8.1 preview. Less bezel would be in my top 5 wishes for improving the 930. Guess the 930 has most of what I want, be interesting to see it and hold it to compare, but hoping for a smaller bezel.

Very interesting and exciting.... until I read that the device will have a hump like the 1020. I hope that these features will be available on a high end, mainstream device.

Boooooring❕❕ ... Lol!!... I want this, and all other new tech, in a 6"+ device... No tiny devices for Rodney... But, I do agree with you in the fact that MS needs to bring this technology to more than one kind of device... To each his own, right❔

Sometime back when WP8.1 was revealed, or when the DP was released.. I can't remember exactly when, but I specifically remember Daniel saying so...

To me this is exciting news because it seems like Microsoft knows exactly what's the problem with Windows Phone and how to fix it.

- Need a high end model avaliable at all carrieres.

- Need a mid range device 200-250 tops avaliable at all carriers.

- Need a diferentiator that will get the people talking. WP 8.1 to a mainstream public feels just like a "another skin to launch apps". This will not cut it.

- Launch in November is ok IF it's actually avaliable at the end of Nov at the latest. Microsoft Can't afford to miss another Christmas shopping season. Especally with horde of people looking to replace iPhone with bigger screen iPhone 6.

- New high end device must be VERY close to 0 on a new cotract. No they can not price it the same as iPhone 6 on a new cotract. If Microsoft needs to loose money to pull this off so be it. This will pay off down the road.

- Need MASSIVE advertizing campaign. 3D features and "no app gap" are main messages. If they somehow put in the 1020 camera in new model: bonus.

So they decide to go with 3D touch. If it works it will get people talking. "Did you know that this is the one where you can just grip the phone and turn it on?", "Did you know that you can get app open without touching the screen?" . 

But: They HAVE TO with whatever means necesary AVOID KINETIC debacle. If the grip works 80 or 90% of the time (like kinetic voice controls) this will NOT cut it. Microsoft simply can not affort Samsung Galaxy S4 "gimicky features" debacle.

IF they can pull it off than they have a chance to grow maket share. If they fail than it's 3rd spot well under 10% future ahead left wondering if phone division will even survive.

Personally I think that they're on right track and they can pull this off.

Although I would never base the fate of WP future on the success of 3DT,,,,, I think you said it about right... Sounds like the right kinda thinking is going on inside MS

I turned off by the carrier exclusivity on Lumia WP8 phones.  I have decided to go back to Apple and will get it's iPhone 6.  I love the WP8 OS but hate the way they are tied up with the carriers. 

Maybe down the road - 3 years or so; if WP has more market share and is out of the exclusivity arrangements in the U.S.; I will try it again.  I like to buy unlocked phones like the iPhone without carrier subsidies.  It save me about $900 for a two year contract!  Plus, I can use the phone on any carrier I choice to which also save me more money!


With Google announcing that they're working on 3D touch as well..i just hope that Microsoft releases it before anyone else..

None of this is new except for the gripping thing, it would be nice if they actually do something unique with the technology instead of just rehashing already established ideas.

Whether or not these features will prove truly useful or not, it will be nice to see WPs that are completely on par with Galaxy series Android phones, when it comes to sensors.

"Even the sides of the phone could be used by this new UI, including gripping the device to power it up, eliminating the power button completely."

I hope the power button doesn't go away. Let's see... it's that rare occasion when the phone locks up. Already have no way to pull the battery, and without any power button to hold down for 10 seconds... That scenario happens to five people, and the media will be all over that like a zombie horde after some poor schmuck who is winded at the mere thought of getting off the couch.


I'm a WP junkie and I had to google instructions how to reset the phone using buttons without wiping it in the process.

Well, as WP fans, we are all excited. But you just need to check out the comments on the facebook update regarding this article on The Verge's FB page. The MSFT-hate is incredible and inexplicable. I fail to understand what is it that MSFT is doing wrong to invite so much hate and ridicule!

It started with Vista debacle.

Now it's windows 8. To many, it's another Vista debacle...

At my home they hated it as well untill I told everyone how to pin a tile and just start typing.

What a difference... the entire family has abandoned desktop mode once they discovered that they can "just type..." . And don't even get me started with "play to..." "hidden" feature with xbox one. (Even thou I still want miracast... LOL!)

There are two kinds of users.

The first group still use every post WinXP version of Windows as though it were WinXP. IOW, they waste an inordinate amount of time hunting for links in the Start menu or in the sea of links they created on their desktop.

The second group learned as early as Vista you could largely ignore the Start menu (and even Start screen) by pressing the Windows key and typing a few letters in the name of the application you want. Why hunt for anything, if the system will do it for you?

Got my mom a Lumia 520. For someone who is not very proficient in English and not at all tech-savvy, she has aced Windows Phone in less than a week! The OS feels natural once you have scratched the surface. I'm sure Windows 8 should feel too (I'm still on 7). MSFT definitely gets it- but they are not selling it well enough to people who are already entrenched in the Apple and Google way of doing things.

Well, funny how The Verge quotes WP Central in the article and WP Central quotes them back. It's a vicious cycle. :P

You could still buy it...just think about it...all your friends are hovering their fingers having excitement and fun...and the way they look at you...still using that old Lumia, Samsung, iPhone, BB....

Got my mom a Lumia 520. For someone who is not very proficient in English and not at all tech-savvy, she has aced Windows Phone in less than a week! The OS feels natural once you have scratched the surface. I'm sure Windows 8 should feel too (I'm still on 7). MSFT definitely gets it- but they are not selling it well enough to people who are already entrenched in the Apple and Google way of doing things.

I hope each feature will be able to be turned off or else this will take the term "butt dialing" to new levels.  I can imagine not being able to touch your phone without doing something that you didn't intend to do.

My goodness I am on the hook for this device with a launch(I can actually get the phone) in November and not just an announcement. It's this or Android for me as I am not switching carriers and i refuse to wait any longer than November to upgrade. T-Mobile customer.

I'm due for upgrade December. Not sure if I wanna let go my 1520. Camera is beyond excellent, screen beautiful, fast, and buttery smooth. 4.5", no thanks. 5-6" will think about it!

It's hovering you finger above a tile.
Immediate action=tile wobble.
action=open a "window" or super large tile.
Touch =completing your sub selection.
With the new 3D touch API in the Visual Studio 2014 Preview you can a lot of things when hovering.

how is that even possible? we either need camera focusing on hovering finger, or a very sensitive gorilla glass.  its modern sorcery what this is about. 

I don't see this as being a game changer, but anything they can do, as long as it doesn't detract them from the goal of shipping faster is ok. And that is my main worry, that the mobile OS that can't ship, now won't ship because of stupid crap like this.

I miss being able to turn on speakerphone by placing it face down. HTC trophy feature, Lumia 928 doesn't have it.

I would hope this also makes it's way across other highend devices and not exclusive to the 1020 successor. I'm really enjoying the size of the 1520 and will be tough to downgrade the size so drastically. I don't see the new 1020 being larger than 5".

I need some phone advice.  I have had a 1520 since they were released in November.  I have really enjoyed it but a few weeks ago my 6 year old dropped and broke it.  I was very lucky to have just insured it through protectyourbubble.com.  Apparently one of the ways they can cover it is just to send you a check.  I just received my check so now I have a decision to make.  Do I go ahead and drop the money on another 1520 or do I hold out for this new Microsoft phone they will be releasing in November.  I have a lumia 520 that I am using now. It sucks but it is a phone that functions and can get me by till then.  If this Hero phone will be sold by all 3 US carriers I would expect there will be more aftermarket accessories specifically better cases like by Body Glove or Trident which are seriously lacking for the 1520.

I would advice to wait. I also use a 1520, and holding back the decision to buy a new phone until the holidays when the Hero device is expected to launch. Currently there are no devices in the market that excite me. They are all variants of the older phones that i have already used. I am waiting for some cutting edge technologies like Finger print scanner, stylus input, multi-app view etc which gives some bragging rights ...lol. Hope WP9 will have some of these features.

Wow. Microsoft is LAYYTE. Galaxy s4 has had this for a while. When will they finally add the features of an S5? So they can add boomsound and duo-cam but no fingerprint, heartbeat, IR blaster, waterproof, ultra power saving, cell-WiFi duo signal, Led Indicator, invert/negative colors option, camera flash for missed notications or incoming notifications, custom Keyboards, WebKit, custom screen turnoff options, Smart face detection, call pickup/end messages, cut and copy and define and paste and
translate on word select, and more. Rly? I used to be the biggest WP fan and still go here every day. But,
- posted from my Galaxy s4.

But the Galaxy S4 uses the front-facing camera which is gimmicky and unreliable. I know; my mom has an S4 and she's constantly watching her hand over her phone to try to answer a call

The technology Microsoft well be using is based on heat-sensing and infrared, which is much more practical

Well that's good, because Microsoft is my favorite company. They sure do add a good twist to things. Yet they seriously needa add those features I said soon. They have already kicked Apple's behind. Next comes Google. :P

I am very excited about it. I would have loved to see a new device now, but definately can wait until the holidays. Till then i have to find ways to sell my Surface Pro and figure out how to buy myself the all new Surface Pro 3 :-)

My eyes are all set on 256 gb i5 version. The only gripe is that i will have to invest in a new docking station as well since the old one does not work for Pro 3. I hope they dont make any more such modifications (to the accessories) since it makes the end product costlier.

Seems like "squeezing" would be a better word

All the same, it's a pretty neat and practical feature. Or it will be, if they do it right

I also really like the thing for answering and hanging up phone calls. The most important thing for features like this is that they be natural