More shaky cam footage with the Lumia 920, Galaxy S3 and iPhone arrives

We're starting to see a new theme of video reviews this year: shaky video cam tests. Yes, with Nokia's Lumia 920 and their optical image stabilization (OIS), everyone will be comparing it to everything. The question is how crazy will the rigs and trials get?

The latest video, evidently hailing from Thailand, shows the Lumia 920, Galaxy S3 and what looks to be the iPhone 4 5 all strapped together on a rig to compare the video stability...by running through an internet cafe or coffee house.

Now unfortunately, this is far from perfect. For one, the rig itself with its added weight starts to bring a counter-balance effect, helping to stabilize all the phones. What's more, the final footage is not show directly (with a triple edit of side-by-side) meaning you  have to watch a video of the video playing from a distance.

So setup and test? We give an A-. For judging the results: D. 

Still, you can at least see the 920 is still doing quite well with the Galaxy S3 doing the worst and the iPhone seemingly not too bad. In the end though, Engadget still did it better.

PS Why does Russia and Thailand get this phone early for hands-on? We have no idea if these are sanctioned or just black-market.

Source: NokiaGang; Thanks, Palindrome, for the link


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More shaky cam footage with the Lumia 920, Galaxy S3 and iPhone arrives


Why put it against the iPhone 4 though? 5 is the one that's currently being worshippe... Errr, sold. So you gotta go against the top dog. Then there's no excuse. On another note... How at all these bloggers getting their hands on all these 920s? Somebody from wpcentral needs to snag one so we can see a review!

Not all parts of the world have the iPhone 5 on sale yet. That's ironic of course since neither is the Lumia 920, but I'm sure it did play into the equation here some how...

Gotcha. Makes sense... Oh well soon enough. It really does feel good to have a dog in the hunt though finally. For years, ever tech blog has been comparing phones and its always an iPhone v whatever android is hot. Or two androids... WP phones are never taken seriously. That's why you have nitwits in articles saying things like, "now that Samsung has entered the fray, things are about to change for WP." lol! Uhhh, this will be samsung's 4th windows phone, stupid! You just never knew that because as soon as you saw a MSFT logo on it your eyes glazed over and you disregarded as a toy and started making KIN jokes. But finally people are recognizing. Seems like the web is full of articles these days that mention the top phone from each ecosystem so the consensus now is that we have a 3 horse race. And that is awesome for our developer interest prospects. Bravo Nokia!!

Daniel, it is actually the iPhone 5 so maybe you can edit the OP, see my post below for explanation.

In fact, there are some iPhone 5 already sell there but the price is ridiculously high like 16GB cost around $1,000 - $1,500

Actually, it is an iPhone 5. If you look at the front camera placement of the iPhone you can see that it is placed in the horizontal middle of the phone right above the earpiece, suggesting it is an iPhone 5. The iPhone 4/4S has the camera to the left of the earpiece.
EDIT: Easiest way to confirm this is by watching the thumbnail i.e. not pressing "play".

I just hate that Nokia's making me buy a phone way before im meant to. My wp7 holds up great but DAYM I so want a 920...

They're making you buy it? Wow, that's a new marketing strategy. Personally I'm real happy with my L900 and 7.8 will get me by just fine until my contract is up. By then, who knows what Nokia will have. Might kill the 920.

I actually am in the same boat, my L710 may not be top dog, but it does what I need, and does it very well to hold me off from a new phone until my contract is up.

I believe that's an iPhone5.  Looks long enough and I think I caught a '5' in there as he introduced it...

want someone to record sitting in a bus on an unpaved road or one that has alot of pot holes.  It's pretty clear from all these videos that the GS3 sucks....Lumia wins, but Apple is not too far behind.

Ok, enough already. I get that the stabilization is impressive.  (BTW, they cheated in this test by placing the 920 in the middle position. The middle of a see-saw is already more stable then the ends.)
Anyway, at this point, all I need right now is for the phone to be available soon on as many carriers as possible in Canada...for reasonable price. My wife and I are both needing to upgrade, but if I can't get a carrier discount, I may have to re-think either our carrier (TELUS) or the phone model. I can't see spending a couple of thousand outright just to get two 920's when there are other powerful phones available on my carrier that would come with a contract discount. I love WP, but my pocketbook can only handle so much rationalization.

You should be getting a device upgrade credit every month that you are with TELUS so you can upgrade when you want. You just pay the balance remaining, check your bill.

the placement on the stand only makes a very minor difference.  You can look at the Engadget video where the iPhone 5 was in a better position but still performed worse.
but most of all, anyone that has walked a phone cam or even a regular cam or a portable cam like a Flip cam while recording knows how bad it is to do so.  I experienced it when recording E3 this year and ended up with lots of garbage footage.  Not only was the lighting very low at a trade show like E3, but between the walking and all the masses of people, recording was very difficult.  
it's mighty impressive what the Nokia is doing.  I have a Samsung cam that's like the Flip cam and its image stabilization is wretched.  The image would kind of wobble when it was stabilizing.  better than nothing at all but still really bad.

How many times and how many different ways does the Nokia Lumia 920 need to crush the iPhone before everyone notices?

To be honest, judging by the 6,000 plus comments on Engadget's L920 comparison articles, not only did people notice, some of them were having involuntary conniptions over it. LOL

That is a galaxy note II not a galaxy s3 and this event was held by Nokia Thailand.They invited bloggers to test it.

As a boater, I can tell you the middle of the boat is the most stable.  Since Lumia is in the middle, it's by default more stable then the other 2.  I give this setup a B-.

Yup.. Exactly what I was thinking. A 3 phone setup will always favor the middle one. The two outside phones will receive most of the motion. While the middle one stays pretty stable, due to it being the pivot. This setup = fail.

+1 As soon as I saw the rig, I knew it was 100% BS. A small sideways motion will be minimal in the middle, but much greater on the outsides. I don't doubt that the OIS will work well, but this rig is a total failure.

What I want to know is why price and availability is available in Europe but not here In the states?Didn't they announce the phones in New York?

what a bizarre looking location...is every place in Thailand designed to look like a bar to pick up hookers?

Seeing this and the low light comparison pics from yesterday i have to say that probably the iphone 5 will be the hardest opponent for the 920. The Lumia still looks better but i am am impressed with the quality of the iphone camera. It is the only one which can copete in low light and the digital image stabilition works not to bad either. Not saying the iPhone 5 is better, nor a fanboy but only that it's probably a distant second behind the Lumia.

the iPhone's competition is stiff because of Apples marketing and it's highly loyal customer base.  on the actual technology side of things it doesn't come close to the lumia 920.

I lol to all those iphone 5 buyers and wasted time waiting in line just to get noticed. Wonder if anyone just hates apple maps and WiFi problems occurring hahahaha while my wp7.5 still works great with no problems

....for me, the Russian Ferrari RC/carpet test- 'RFRCForwardslashCT'as its now known in the industry- was the most convincing demonstration of the OIS tech to date. However, I would have loved to see that cam pan back to reveal Elop at the controls. Talk to me Nokia.

Can we all agree RC car on carpet should be the standard test? :) Backup test should be amusement park ride of choice.

The advantages of AMOLED. Im going to have a really hard time leaving them behind on my Samsung focus, pentile or not...

Yeah what I've noticed from both this and the remote control car test is that the lumia seems too bright and the camera takes too long to adjust to changes of light. I want a Lumia but I hope this isn't the case as I'd rather a shaky video I can see rather than a smooth video washed out by brightness

Why not compare the actual video files?  That was silly at the end we weren't able to compare properly because each video was playing back a different part of the video.

This is not a black-market but here in Thailand Nokia normally do this on early day before WP even land in the country and Thailand used to be the top country that Nokia sells their devices like crazy in the past. That's why we got our hand-on before other country.
Unfortunately they won't allow anyone to bring the phone outside to test further and it was raining like crazy yesterday. I think they will invite us again to try Windows Phone 8 final version soon.

Who ever is running Microsoft is an idiot. Stocks are barely moving while even google is set to pass Microsoft's market cap in a few. We dont know what to expect so why should we buy your stock. I see failure for Microsoft

I agree, I noticed this with the remote control car test as well. The lumia takes too long to adjust to changes in brightness and the videos look washed out

Not a very good test.  The phone on the left looked the best to me, but for the most part, it was hard to tell what was going on with any of them.

Yeah, this isn't a very good test. I'm sure the phone in the middle closest to the rod should be the most stable and they've decided to put the Lumia there. What I'd like to see is a rig that's similar to a rollercoaster. A repeatable test that they could put any number of phones on and replicate the same conditions (image stabilization, lighting, etc) over and over again That way you'd have a better comparison than these rigs.