More signs that Nokia's Lumia 900 is doing well

Nokia Lumia 900

While we've already seen signs that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 is doing well. The Windows Phone has reached the top of Amazon.com's Best Seller list and finding the Lumia 900 in-stock has been a bit of a challenge.  Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was out shopping for the Lumia 900.  

Even with the connectivity glitch, sales seem brisk and Nokia is scrambling to keep up with demand. Nokia spokesperson Karen Lachtanski states,

"We are producing more devices to satisfy demand as quickly as possible.”

To help Nokia keep pace with inventory demands, Nokia is seeing more customers opt to update their Lumia 900's to address the connectivity issues than exchanging them.

“The inventory situation is primarily a function of demand because we are seeing that most customers are opting to keep their units and simply update via Zune."

We are already seeing inventory of the black Lumia 900 being replenished and based on comments and AT&T retail store reps, the cyan model should be back in stock any day.

So far, it would appear that Nokia's re-entry into the North American market has gone well.  And expect the momentum to continue when the white Lumia 900 launches this weekend.  Let us hope that they have plenty of the white models on hand.

source: AllThingsD; Thanks, VaultBoy, for the tip!


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More signs that Nokia's Lumia 900 is doing well


It was a good move delaying the White 900, that way they can keep the same momentum they have so far... and if rumors are true and the violet comes in June, they'll just keep on going

This is great news for us new Lumia 900 owners.  Its unfortunate that HTC didn't have enough faith in the Titan II to promote it at the same time.  The only way WP is going to be anything more than a niche product is if the carriers promote it in the stores by educating their sales force, and for the manufacturers to promote new products.

Go back to your ifarm and follow all the isheep. Using a stale phone that's gets more credit than it deserves and people keep silent about its flaws. Before you say anything, I'm speaking from experience, not just saying a device because of who created the OS like you are......from a haters point of view.

Please, no need to be jumping on commentor about what they feel is a weak point in the user experience of Windows Phone. It is well known that educating the sales staff on WIndows Phone, so they can give a more informed opinion to a customer, is still a problem for the platform. 

The good news is that Nokia and Microsoft know this and are working to fix it.


I'm getting a little tired of all the name calling around here. Keep it cool guys or your posts will magically disappear...then your account will too.

Sales force at ATT is dumb. Most of then don't know shit. I kid you not one sales person asked me why I'm ordering a Lumia 900. Lol, are kidding me! First of all Nokia hardware is second to none and with WP7 and the integration what's not to like. I switch from an iPhone but wifey won't make the switch. These two company goes hand and hand. Without Nokia i think MS struggles.

Honestly, Nokia has done very little of its own customization to Windows Phone.  I like my Lumia 900 but it's not without its faults, and they are faults in Nokia's own design. 

I agree with you, without nokia embrassing wp7, this platform will die, MSFT knew that they need someone that doesn't produce android devices, nokia is focus with wp7 because it's the only one they have.. The others HTC,Samsung they don't give a shit about it..

Can't agree with you, Titan II is a fantastic device. And as a disclaimer, me, my father and now my mum are all Lumia users.

Don't want to down the 900 because it is for sure a beautiful phone and well worth its cost but the TITAN II IMHO is a better phone in just about every way and it is worth its higher cost. Shame HTC doesn't promote it as it should.

Generally, I agree. I'm using the Titan II as my daily driver (though I'm getting the white 900 on Sunday).

The 900 though is a better phone for the masses though.

I love my T1 and would like to see HTC continue making WP devices - looking fwd to seeing what they can do with WP8.
Has anyone gotten feedback/reports on how the T2 has been doing in sales? All I've heard about is the NL900...just curious...

Got word from art store salesman that nor-cal manager promised to sell 100000 in first week, but only sold 30. Now he's in hot water for it and is pushing hard on stores to sell the unit. Sorta bad new, but sorta good. 30k units not bad for half of California.
Interestingly enough, the same store has run out of stock a few times and until yesterday, had been out of cyan for a week.

So promised to sell 100k in 1 week, ended up only selling 30k?
Nokia being what it is in the US, 30k in Nor-Cal just in 1 week is impressive stuff. 
I actually think that this means that around 1 million units can be moved just in the US alone in this quarter. Might not be a bad achievement for a 'DOA' phone

i got 3 2 cyan and a black one they are all sexy converted 2 android users and a iphone user :D thats 5 right there

Last time I got an "official" update from Microsoft, my keyboard dissapeared, for about five months. Be careful what you wish for.

When they were asked about it because of the rumors floating around, they didn't deny it. At all. The way they did, it was pretty scary and I'm actually not sure that it would. If ANY of the current devices will get Apollo.

I heard from an employee at Diary Queen who has an uncle that knows a friend at an ATT store that said his friend knows a guy at Microsoft that said only the Cyan Lumias would qualify for the Apollo update.

It's impossible only the cyan will have the update for Apollo,because the black one has the same hardware specs.

Strangely, the white iPhone 4 will also qualify for the Apollo update. But only after being hugged for 30 min and sung classic Beatles tunes.

Impossible, the black one has the same hardware so it has to get it also  :)
*****  JOKING  *****

Sorry to belittle your friend but if i were him and someone made a statement that a device would receive an update based on color; i would have laughed, then kept it to myself. Especially since all of the L900 specs are equal.

Can you imagine how much better it would be doing if the 900 was released simultaneously on all 4 major carriers? One can dream, especially for WP8, whatever it ends up being called

So when the new hot Android phone comes out Nokia releases a new color of the Lumia :) Who needs specs when you have a assortment of different colors LOL

specs are for forum trolls
If the phone works great (as the Lumia 900 does) why does one need big specs? To brag to your troll buddies?
This is a phone, not a PC, at some point there are diminishing returns on pumping amped up processors into phones (ie quad core etc), it is overrated.
What matters is how well the operating system works within the given specs. WP8 may indeed need dual core processors to run as smoothly as WP7 does on single core.

I really think Nokia will always be updated with the version of wp7.. MSFT will create a wimdowsphone 8 version for current handsets then have another for new handset with a different kernel.. They not dumb to not upgrade lumias

I just hope the hired guns (I mean pens) keeping bashing NOK and MST into the ground. You cannot buy better advertising than that at any price.
Everyone give a big hats off to Reuters for there efforts...

Yeah, you keep thinking that buddy. Reuters got more influence than your whimsical post on a blog site.

Man so far so good! Nokia and MS is great together. Imagine no Nokia then it would be disaster because MS has no exclusively handset. This makes Nokia Microsoft's bitch, which is a good thing. This lumia is a nice phone, I might regret not waiting for the white one.

Well, I love my Titan I and I went in to my closest AT&T store to check out the Lumia and the new Titan II. The Lumia does look nice, but the camera is awful! I use my camera constantly and it is atrocious how bad it is (especially since they tout how great it is in the "Beta Test" commercials.
Also I asked how the sales were for the Lumia and they admitte4d that they were not moving much at all. This is despite the SPIFs and their pushing them. I checked at a few other stores and it is the same all over. This is in South Florida where cell phones are permanently grafted to people's hands.
They need to push Apollo out and it has to kick ass and there also has to be some serious app development or this OS is dead.

All good things take time my friend. And btw, about 98.9% of U.S. cell phone users have no idea what Apollo (doesn't that have something to do with the moon) or dual core are. Nor do they know what apps are. Starts with 1, then 2, then 4, then 16, then 32..... Beautifuly different.

At last, the Lumia 900 is also coming here in the Philippines together with Lumia 710 and Lumia 610.. Coming soon at SMART Telecom. And don't forget the Lumia 800 for GLOBE Telecom. Yay! I'm so happy. Hehe