The most popular running apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

MobileFiltEarlier this week we highlighted the best running apps on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. All month we'll be looking at the top apps across a variety of categories related to fitness. Why? It's #MobileFit month! We're exploring the intersection of a healthy lifestyle and technology. When we posted those top rated running apps, we also included a poll for the various communities to select their favorite running apps. Those results are in. Here are the best running apps according to you.

To refresh your memory, here are the posts for each platform. Check them out to find a handful of great running apps for your mobile platform of choice:

In each of those posts, we had a poll where you, the Mobile Nations community, could vote on your favorite running app. Here are the winners, as determined by you:



Windows Phone


Congrats to Runkeeper and Endomondo on being the top running apps. Sound off in the comments on what makes these apps your favorites.


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The most popular running apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry


Solid apps and not too surprising they won. They have the biggest brand recognition and are multi-platform. So when you get a new smartphone you'll probably look for the running app you used before. Runkeeper and Endomondo excel at being available to most people.

That said, I really like Track Runner. It's exclusive to Windows Phone and is what I'll be using to train the rest of the month. Would love to see Track Runner grow and grow to other platforms someday! Anyone else using Track Runner?

Hey Sam. No, I'm not using Track Runner but at your digression (*suggestion) I'll check out out. I currently use runtastic

(I swear I'm not illiterate! Just came back to edit)

Definetly! I feel like I am locked in to Endomondo, it has all my data but thats not a bad thing. I used endomondo on my android phone, my windows phone 7 device, a symbian s60 device and now my windows phone 8 device. Even the symbian app worked well!

I tried all the running apps you listed for Windows Phone in a previous article and I must agree Track Runner was by and far the best free running companion. Runtastic charges for everything and most of those same features are in Track Runner. Endomondo was just too basic. And the other were too basic, poorly designed or glitchy.

WP needs every single one of them❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
The number one, and only reason, that all of my workmates have returned their newer windows products is because they were missing a needed app that was available on Android........ For those people Windows has put a bad perception in their head about the platform....
And, you can't argue with them... If it was just one, or two, people complaining about apps then I would dismiss them.. But, when you have a large amount of people, the majority, saying that Windows doesn't have the apps they want, and need, then Windows has a problem...

As a hardcore WP fan from the beginning I hate to admit it,,, but its absolutely true.. And, anyone who doesn't think so is fooling themselves..

If you using Lumia device you'll see lot of nokia exclusive app that typically envy other. My friend got Nokia XL but he completely envy my L625. As same as my cousing envy while he got iPhone 5s when his brother got 1020. Wp may lack of app but it offer beautiful stable OS

I think the case is often about users not necessarily missing what they need but more what their used to.

What apps? Not asking for any other reason than being curious. 9 out of 10 people I know the apps they need are some game or Apps you can do on the web with web apps.

That said I have a couple.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

Cisco Jabber

Lotus SameTime

I really miss the AP for sharebuilder. Sure, sigpig and mint pull in my transactions, but I need to go to the website (which isn't a mobile version) to execute a trade. Luckily I don't need to do that too often.

It depends......those Android & iOS so called must have apps, I really don't need one, 

In terms of apps I think isn't a huge lack cause most of the apps have an unofficial one that will replace it on WP. Now games are really lacking in WP.

It's also a social thing too. When people say 'have you checked this new app'...you can't get involved. And by the time it comes...the buzz has died.

That's why I love Caledos Runner. I came from Android and used Runkeeper and Caledos Runner is the best if not only Runkeeper client for WP.

Ditto, although I don't have access to the maps from my IOS running days. No biggie. I'm also trying to find a really great couch-2-5k app like on iOS, wishing I was a developer so I could build a half decent one!

I'm using Endomondo Beta but downloaded Caledos to give it a try.
First impression, nice design.
Only thing so far i don't like is that you have to have an internet connection to use audio cues. I have internet connection all the time but it consumes more battery and while using this app I want to switch of all the other battery consumers not needed. Otherwise sometimes the battery is empty before i finish my workout.

I prefere to use Runtastic Pro (paid) version and not Endomondo (free) only because I like it more and I used it when I had android too.

Too expensive to get basic features that are free in other apps. Other than that Runtastic is great! I did but their pro push-up app though. Its awesome!

Agrred +1 for MiCoach. I use it since the beginning and I think it is the best app,

Everybody has his own ideas but the coaching capabilities of MiCoach are unbeatable...

my 925 has battery drain and heating promlem issue do you have any solution ?

please, help me out if you have any solution .(sad face)

Its a shame Runtastic isn't up there! It has been really consistent even when Endomondo was having mad issues. Plus runtastic has these awesome sit-up, pull-up, push-up, etc..apps that they make which are super cool. Go Runtastic!

Its interesting to hear the debate. Endomondo is an IOS port. Its is UGLY. I ran with it almost a whole year and their support of was in two words. Non existent. I tried MiCoach and it is okay but gimmicky and is aimed at only the most casual runner. Caledos is fine. I am with Sam in supporting and using (over 700 miles) TrackRunner. The WP platform needs many successful exercise and running apps. You do that by supporting the developers who write the code. Do your body and WindowsPhone a favor. Try out TrackRunner. http://t.co/bFyjsfSwA8

I used to use it but haven't for two years. I know it was a big deal when they came to WP due to their previous support for Nokia.

If only Strava would open their API since they don't seem interested in doing their own WP app. And yes, I know that one app has an addin for it but, the app itself is not accurate for cycling.

Endomondo for me. I tried Runtastic pro because of its route abilities but found accuracy was off. Imho we have the best looking version of endomondo but I wish they'd add the route following options they have on android (and probably iOS). I'm more of a hiker than a runner so not getting lost is quite important to me! Actually thinking of getting a dedicated gpx device now mainly because of battery drain. 26 mile walk up the Yorkshire 3 peaks next Saturday but even with a couple of portable chargers Im not sure if it will last the trip.

Don't really get the point with these apps. If you're running, you're running even if not recorded by an app? Is it about bragging about how fast/long/often...? Think I remember that there was someone running even before cell phones... :P

Not necessarily bragging, but its a good way to keep track of stats - how far you have gone, calories burned - record routes etc..  I find it helps motivate me on Endomondo if I see that the calendar is looking a little empty.

It has nothing to do with bragging. Its a way of keeping accurate stats and ensuring you meet goals you set without having to do a whole lot of math. Also great for training purposes as not everyone can just do it on their own. Plus it is fun to share your progress with your friends digitally. Hopefully that helps you understand why these exist.

Personally I don't jog because in my books running is for pussies. Sure said leisure helps selling some heart-rate monitors and pedometers and stuff, and it's also fun to see from map where you went jogging this time, but that's about it.

So imo, you guys should do a review of fitness apps that are suitable for other activities too. Football, tennis, gym exercises, pull-UPS, etc.,etc.

I'm not even sure if such apps even exist for all sports but would love to know the upsides and comparison of those.

Its runtastic Pro or Endomondo for my biking. Endomondo guys are not doing much with respect to free app they have. I don't mind paying for the features to make it on par with Android.

Yeah I agree with you here, I wish they did a pro version of the app.  The Android one has more features but hate seeing ads on there. 

Whats about Active Fitness ? Is anyone using it ? Ive bought the lifetime package last year and I'm still amazed how often they update

Do any support distance climbed? I have one course up the side of a mountain, and comparing it with my course around a lake feels really crap without tracking incline.

I am not a runner. But use Endomondo for biking, kayaking and hiking. I really like that it is a multi sport app. I have it installed on my older android and iPhone and the WP version is the best looking of all three even though not the most fully featured. I agree that wp needs more apps for all the active sports.

Endomondo does track altitude. The WP version does not show a graph although you can see this through their website. I believe it does show total gain not just net.

Caledos hopefully is getting in on the Windows phone smart watches, was the killer feature on Android with pebble

I used to use Sports Tracker all the way since my Symbian days and then on android and then on Windows Phone. Endomondo has only one plus side to me and that's the Facebook integration. And on WP it lacks so much that I stopped using it anyway. I am surprised that no one mentioned Adidas miCoach, which I stumbled upon about a month ago and instantly fell in love with. It is my exclusive go to app for fitness and running. I run daily mostly, and the detailed workouts, fitness plans and coaching that miCoach has to offer makes it leagues ahead of the competition. So much so, that within a month I felt inclined to purchase some miCoach gear. Love it and really can't complain one bit. Beautiful, functional and an expert at what it is supposed to do. Seriously my coach. A whole hearted recommendation for everyone looking for structured fitness plans. And even for those who aren't looking for that (I was one of you lot).

Endomondo for truly being multi platform. I hate being locked down and love companies who embrace the alternative vs the most popular...

Does Endomondo allow GPX import for display on the map? Seems it's missing:-(.

'Run the map' claims they have GPX import but can't find that import feature anywhere. EDIT: see now according to their web site you just open GPX file from email and it should launch. Will try that. GPX Viewer also has GPX from onedrive but seems more limited than Endomondo.

I also wonder about battery life. I let Endomondo just run for 1 hour and barely saw any battery drain with an active track. But not sure if that's good test since maybe battery drain is higher with actual movement.

Have anyone used sports tracker before? What difference it has that endomondo wins this battle? Sports tracker has finnish lang on it so its good for me

The Bing health and fitness app is pretty useful as well. It has some preset exercises to start off but also gives you the ability to add exercises to your list and to track using GPS. It monitors pace, cadence, duration, distance and various other useful items. It provides a map and allows split times after the first mile. It's nit perfect but provides an alternative to other apps plus it syncs across all your windows devices