MS creates Retail Insider app for Windows phone sellers

Retail Insider app

Microsoft's Ben Rudolph tweeted to let Windows Phone retailers that there's a new app designed just for them.  Retail Insider offers vendors news, tips, info about the Windows Phone products they sell.  It also alerts them to promotions, contests and learning content exclusively for retail sellers.  The app fully integrates with Facebook, Twitter and email.  Key Features include:

  • Multiple Live tiles you can pin to your Start Screen that show the latest content updates
  • A device library with demo suggestions and selling tips
  • A curated list of the best Windows Phone apps with links to Marketplace
  • Easy sharing of app content via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
  • An aggregated stream of updates from Microsoft’s social media channels for retail sellers
  • One-click access to customer demo videos that help you show your customers the best features of Windows Phone
  • Built-in Windows Phone FAQ and quick links to step-by-step how-to’s

You can download for free here.

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Reader comments

MS creates Retail Insider app for Windows phone sellers


Microsoft is taking a new step in the right direction nearly daily now.  Let's hope retailers actually take the time to look through the app.

Not in the Aussie Marketplace yet...but then we have no GEN2 devices and only 1 Telco is selling 1 model of GEN1 online (not a big list for the device tab in this app LOL)

So now I'm thinking that MS should have an app like this running on the display phones in retail stores.
Think about how "dead" the OS is when you aren't signed in, connected to facebook, twitter, have a few contacts in the people hub, have some useful live tiles pinned to the start screen... Why can't they just have an app simulate the full Windows Phone experience? It could even interject with short videos while guiding users through tasks that are so seemless on Windows Phone (like picture taking, editing, sharing). Since the store reps won't lift a finger to sell the phone why not let the phones do it themselves!

could not agree more !
I am 66 year old somewhat tech challanged I did lots of homework about getting my first smart phone (old phone was LG CU 500 with the Cingular Branding)
I went to numerous AT&T stores in my home town, as well as 4 more in son's home town, and was very shocked with the "reps" attitude towards WP7! Was either re-directed to their favorite of IOS or Android with frequent comment of WHY would you EVEN be considering Windows, which by the way was always displayed in the furthest corner of the stores and might not even be "charged" so as to demo!!
In my opinion I had to swim up-stream in these stores and had I not done a lot of reading about what was available on my own I would not have stood a chance of making a well informed choice of operating system. THESE REPS ARE "THE" PROBLEM with anyone adopting WP7!! That said it would appear that Nokia now on board will maybe help get the word out to other first time buyers of smart phones.
By the way scored a Focus i917 for a whole penny free shipping from Amazon added 8 Gig mem card first thing and as soon as I activated windows automatically offered up Mango upgrade.
I am as happy as the proverbiable clam with my user friendly phone.