MSN Weather going Mango and getting a Live Tile

MSN Weather

MSN Weather, like all of those MSN app, are actually pretty cool little offerings--they're Metro, minimalist and do what they're suppose to do. In 2010, MSN Weather was for many their first weather app. Not much has happened though in terms of updates, which is a shame since Mango offers a lot e.g. Live Tiles.

Give us Mango!

That's why we became a little excited to see an image of an updated version that is coming down the road. In the above screenshot from Microsoft's Jeff Wilcox (of 4th & Mayor fame), we see that it finally now has that Live Tile with the current temperature, making this app very useful for many and a good free alternative. No other details are known currently but the app is being beta tested meaning release in probably only a few weeks away.

It's great to see Microsoft finally updating some of these apps though we think it would have looked better 4 months ago.

Update: Regarding Jeff's grey theme, there's no shenanigans there. That is simply one of the theme's on his unlocked Lumia 800 purchased through Expansys. While that's a great theme, he did lose out by not having the "Nokia Blue" accent color.

Source: Image, Twitter; Thanks, Jan T., for the tip!


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MSN Weather going Mango and getting a Live Tile


Where did those grey tiles came from?
Anyways, it will be good to get back from WeatherLive.

Grey tiles FTW.
Also, can't find MSN Weather in the Marketplace at all. It's crazy that there isn't a better Weather app for WP7 than the preinstalled junk from Samsung and HTC. Stuff like this is what's going to keep WP7 from succeeding. 

I see. That app isn't branded as an MSN app. The post led me to believe that this was a distinct app from the Weather app. 

I think Accuweather is the best app on WP7 to date.  It actually has severe weather alerts and a very nice GUI.  That being said, it is sluggish when it loads and I HATE, HATE, HATE  the ad banner at the top of the screen.  I wish they'd let us buy the app to get rid of that banner.  Those are really my two gripes about it, especially since it is free.  I think the HTC weather app is by far the prettiest but this one has the most features.  I'd give it 4 stars. You should take some time to evaluate this app becuase it really has everyhting one could find useful in a weather app.

Accuweather Live Tile doesn't work and it's not Metro.

3rd Party apps are great to have for things like weather and if they add style and functionality, that's great. But for 90% of the world their first exposure to a OS is through things like the stock weather app and the stock news/stock apps. Leaving this to the device manufacturers is a problem, not having 1st rate Microsoft apps as alternatives is inexcusable.

Accuweather Live Tiles work great for me, in fact I usually pin additional cities to the home screen when I travel so I know the weather quickly for where I am going.

AccuWeather has the most reliable live tile of all the weather apps.
ALL of the other apps have had and are having "dropuouts" when they simply stop stop updating Live tiles.
but accuweathe app itself is pretty horrible.
The best weather app that ever was was "Photo Weather Live" but is seems the author stoped offering live tile functionality due to unpopularity, which is a damn shame. It was the best metro weather app:

I have tried EVERY weather app and there are very much but I'm sure you know that. And none of them was able to give me a clean metro design and (whot is quite more important for me) a metro Live Tile! All of these apps like accuweather and all the others have disgusting tiles I don't want on my startscreen.
The only app that was really, really nice in design was this official Microsoft App. And this live tile there is the first one that adapts Metro! Thank you very much for an app that I have been looking for more than a year!

What about Photo Weather Live is good Metro? The photo tiles are ok but the metro ones are awful. Weather Live is the closest so far to doing a decent graphic metro tile, but it's poorly spaced on the tile and the graphics aren't as attractive as in the MS app.
If the MS Weather app is getting a live tile then that would be marvellous.

The grey theme doesn't come from an unlock. It's the custom accent color that Deutsche Telekom deployed in their Nokia Lumia 800 branded devices. So I've the same color on mine Lumia too. It's true that it replaced Nokia Blue.

Recently I was comparing all the weather apps and I ended up chosing th MSN Weather app for two reasons; it's very metro and It's the fastest at displaying the weather when going into the app.  Even though the other apps display the weather on the live tile I always end up going into the apps to see the weather because I'm never sure if the live tile is current.  Therfore I decided to stick with the MSN Weather app because it is the quickest one in getting me the current weather.  So I'm very happy to hear it's getting a live tile.

I have the grey theme and blue theme on my Lumia 800, lucky me! :)
I do like ths MSN Weather App, live tile will be great, I like how minimalist it is and how quickly it works. Right now I use WeatherMaster which actually runs pretty well.

try VÄDRET !!!
It has a metro live tile (only the app tile is not metro, but that excusable i guess)

I just wanted to comment that Live Tiles APIs for 3rd party devs were supported in the initial release of Windows Phone 7.  This is not the first time I've read articles that imply it wasn't available until Mango.  Mango enhanced Live Tiles by introducing background agents and animated tiles for additional info.
I've been waiting for MSFT to update their own weather app to support live tiles for a long time now.  I find it very frustrating that they didn't bother to support such a critical feature in version 1.0.

- Best weather app with live tiles in the marketplace is: WeatherMaster.
- Best weather app with load times and speed is: MS Weather.

They didn't say it was released yet - they said it is coming in a future update as indicated in the above screenshot.

Almost 2 months later, have yet to see the update. Not complaining, I try to avoid complaining about free stuff ;) Just a bit eager to get the live tile goodies. I could get another weather app, but I like the speed and simplicity of this one :)