Mugen Power extended batteries for Nokia Lumia 920 available for pre-order, ships October 2nd

Mugen Power Lumia 920 Extended Battery

If you're just not getting enough battery life out of your Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, Mugen Power may have a solution for you with their 3000mAh and 4700mAh battery cases.

Mugen Power offers a wide assortment of extended batteries, including power sources for the Samsung ATIV-S and the Nokia Lumia 820.  We previously reported that Mugen Power was researching an extended power source for the Lumia 920 and now it looks like the battery will be available October 2nd.

The extended battery case will be offered in two sizes, 3000mAh and 4700mAh, and two color options, black and white. The 3000mAh option will run $89.50 and the 4700mAh will run $99.50.

Unlike other extended batteries that simply replace the existing battery and may/may not need an extended case, the Lumia 920 battery will be fitted into a case that would wrap around the Windows Phone. All of which will likely noticeably increase the overall size of the Lumia 920.

Still, if you're in need of extended battery life a little bulk may not be that much of a price to pay.

You find all the ordering information on the Nokia Lumia 920 Mugen Power batteries here at Mugen Power.

via: phoneseven.de; Thanks, MBaumi, for the tip!


Reader comments

Mugen Power extended batteries for Nokia Lumia 920 available for pre-order, ships October 2nd


Love how the only pic is of a yellow Lumia 920... yeah, I know what my phone looks like, it's YOUR PRODUCT I'm curious in seeing!
Too bulky to fit in a Ballistic or OtterBox?

I'll definitely pick one of these up. The only bummers are, I have a red 920, and I reeeeeally like the base being flat so I'm able to stand the phone up and show off, which I would hate to lose.

This is a good idea for part time usage like a day at Disneyland. Hope they make one for the 928

I hope the cellular coverage in Disneyland is way better than it was in Disneyworld, otherwise you're not going to use your Lumia much...

No pictures....even on Mugen's site.....is this a strap on sleeve or a replacement battery and back case?

Gf getting me the at&t 925 for my bday (9/26). Gonna give her my 920 to replace her 820 and get her this case so her phone rarely dies while at work.

That's nice. I'm happy with my Brando Power Jacket. It has a 2200 mAh battery and a convenient kick stand. It was $40. Nice for when I'm having breakfast and watching videos. It's for the 920.

I was happy with mine until the connector (that connects the case to the phone) broke off. I tried epoxying it back on today, we'll see if I get any luck with that.

I have the Brando case also. I use it when traveling. Load it onto my phone and let it recharge my battery then take it back off.

I also have the Brando, but have been very disappointed by its performance. It definitely doesn't double battery life, but has been better than nothing. If out and not expecting to be near a power source anytime soon, I put it on once the battery gets below 50%. I've had trouble with it and found it almost useless once the phone has gone into critical battery. For some reason it functions better with more juice in phone.
Anyway, between performance and added bulk, I'm done with battery extension case/packs and eagerly look forward to this I invested in on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/plxdevices/legion-the-battery-reinve...

This might be well worth getting. I got two battery cases for my iPhone 4, so it would be a good idea to get one for my 920 as well. Although I do get pretty good battery life out of my phone, especially after GDR2/Amber (it's been around 70% after 12 hours, which is insane!). Still might be worth having just in case.

Whattt ? 70% after 12 hours ? That's a jaw dropper .
Mine always have average of 12 hours then you need really to recharge, that's after GDR2
Can I ask for battery replacement in any if the Nokia centre? It would be great cause I love my 920.

Yes battery life has been crazy good after the update! Looking at my phone now it is at 46%. It's night here now, 1:47 AM and I've been up since 8 in the morning and using my phone a good deal throughout the day.

Dude..sounds like you are one of the very few ones with amazing battery life. On 3g, my phone doesnt last more than 12 hours with normal usage..

Does anybody make an INTERNAL replacement extended battery for the 920? I'm not afraid of voiding my warranty, but I don't want a sleeve or case hiding my beautiful red Lumia from the world.

I doubt very much that there is an extended internal battery for the 920 because the higher the mAh the bigger the battery needs to be so it wouldn't fit inside the phone

...and how much do you pay each month on this 2 year contract?
but you're just pranking, right?

Hmm, I wonder if the battery stops "charging" the 920 once the 920's battery is full like the Brando. If it doesn't, I may pick this up. Reasoning: I want the battery case to discharge first so that I can take it off once it's drained, and also to reduce the number of recharge cycles on my 920.

That's how my battery grip for the 1020 works. Phone charges/stays at 100% the 4 led battery indicators goes down to one blinking when the battery is depleted on the grip.

Dear Mugen, what world do you live in where people buy things that they can't see? Pics or this dopesn't happen. 

Mugen is the best.  Have been a customer for years, and their extended batteries (so far) work as advertised. Has helped me a lot to breath new life into my htc hd2 and htc Titan (x310e). That they support nokia lumia phones is a very good sign. I already have a wishlist for an extended battery for the 1020. Probably the same one for the 920 could work on the 1020 right, just needs a big hole in the back to house that camera. Could perhaps be a nicer case as well than the current bricky camera housing nokia is offering. I'm all for more third party support for better or alternative accessory support.