Mugen Power selling 1950mAh extended battery for HTC Titan


Love your Titan? Use it so much that you're killing the battery prematurely? We actually doubt there are many of you who are doing that as the Titan gets excellent battery life, but hypothetically speaking, lets say you wanted a bigger battery for your monster device. Mugen Power is now selling a slim-extended 1950mAh at a reasonable price.

Slim-extended means no new cover--this will take simply replace your existing battery and presumably add a bit of weight. At 1950mAh, you're getting about 18% more battery than the standard 1600mAh that comes with the Titan and Mugen claims it will last 1.22 as long. The battery is fetching for a reasonable $44.95 and you can save $3 with the coupon 'FACEBOOKSPECIAL'--that's the good news. The bad news is that it is currently out of stock and won't ship till after the 30th--so if you order now, don't expect it till the new year.


Now Mugen batteries, especially when they're "the same but bigger" are always a bit controversial with folks, which we understand. So we ordered one for ourselves and will put it through the tests after the new year to see if it really delivers. Sound good? In the meantime, you can ponder if you need it or not.

Source: Mugen Power


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Mugen Power selling 1950mAh extended battery for HTC Titan


Although I have been very content with the TITAN's battery life (it gets me through the entire day)... I went ahead and ordered one as well. Can't wait to see if the extended life is noticeable :).

I don't get it. I really don't. Everyone keeps talking about how great the battery life of the Titan is, but when I used it, 15 minutes of Angry Birds and 30 minutes of Netflix streaming dropped the battery life to 50% from full, multiple times, even on medium/low brightness. I realize that a large screen is going to burn power faster, but I've never had a phone drain that quickly.
I ended up returning the phone after only a couple days, since this happened multiple times. Maybe I should try out this extended battery, might mitigate the sting a little, because aside from the battery life, I absolutely loved that phone.

Dang man, sounds like something was wrong with your Titan. 15 minutes of Angry Birds and 30 minutes of Netflix definitely doesn't take 50% off my battery. 20-25% maybe.

I have a similar experience with my plain old Mozart. An hour or two of Angry Birds drains the whole battery. Phones are simply not meant for heavy gaming and multimedia.
Or maybe even: no handheld devices are good for gaming. How much does the battery in a PSP last? Like 4 hours?

@daniel rubino: when you use the battery is there a question mark symbol on the battery status icon? I have bought several grey market batteries from eBay and I get that problem, I think the culprit is that these batteries are 3.7v and the oem titan battery is 3.8

I've seen that mentioned before. Since we won't have the battery till after the new year, I can't tell you right now but it is obviously something I'll look for.

To each is own, but give me one good reason why HTC would "not" squeeze 1950mAH into the Titan, if it was feasible Or even 1700mAh. Is it that Mugen has more battery expertise than; HTC, Samsung, Motorola or Nokia. Don't think so. That 10lbs. into the 5lb bag saying comes to mind.
Tried a Mugen Extended battery in my Surround (alleged 1500mAh vs. my 1230mAH OEM). Overall performance was worse and I had two lockups in 10 days after taking my phone off charge, requiring a battery pull. That was enough for me. I got a full refund (including shipping). Hope your experience is better, but won't hold my breath.

This is usually the case. These third party batteries aren't as efficient as OEM batteries and don't show improved performance unless you go to monsterous sizes.
It'll work as a nice second battery in case you need extra juice but I wouldn't get my hopes up, especially if Mugen is saying there's only a 22% increase (and I'm sure it's theoretical, not tested).

I have seen mixed reviews on Mugen batteries and that is keeping me away right now. Please post a review of this battery after the new year. Would like to have this as my main battery and the OEM as the backup.

The different voltage between the Mugen battery(3.7v) and the oem battery(3.8v)  makes me hesitate on buying one. I will wait for it to come out and read the reviews.
Another thing that makes be hesitate is the fact I am on my second Titan. The first one, which I had just under a month, I had to replace last weekend. The camera stopped working. I hope this is just a one time thing because I really like my Titan.
If it is good then I will definately get one. More time between charges is alway better for me. Right now with normal use I get between a day 1/2 to two days.