Music videos arrive on Xbox One thanks to Xbox Music

Xbox One Music Videos

Music Videos are making a return with Xbox Music. While present in Zune back in the day, they haven’t had much time in the limelight since the launch of Xbox Music. That’s changing. Starting today you’ll get access to over 92,000 music videos on your Xbox One.

The implementation is pretty neat too. You don’t need to go out of your way and search for a specific music video. You can just start a playlist or new Radio stream. If a song playing has a music video available it will automatically begin playing. No work on your part.

No word yet on when we can see music videos through Xbox Music on Windows 8 or Windows Phone, though we’re hoping sometime soon.

Anyone else looking forward to a dance party with music videos on the TV thanks to Xbox Music? Sound off below. In the meantime, we’re going to go get our disco ball out.

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Music videos arrive on Xbox One thanks to Xbox Music


I just used it for the first time. Its pretty cool. Any song playing in your playlist that has a music video will play seamlessly.

I'm thinking that the music video gets priority over the song. It looks at the playlist and chooses either an mp3 or video file...i doubt it is playing the mp3 and the video at the same time.

Soon XBOX360 reference will be like what about wp7? reference. Eventually ppl have to move on, although I understand MS has not completely abandoned XBOX360 this might be in the horizon.

The difference is that there weren't 20x as many Windows Phone 8 devices 3 months after its launch compared to Windows Phone 7, like there is with the 360 and One. Hell, it's still not like that.

360 has had it for ages. I use it all the time at parties - you just start a Smart VJ rather than Smart DJ in Xbox Music. It works very well and has definitely been a missing feature on the One.

Are videos not already present in Xbox music on Windows Phone? When searching artists and then swiping left or right, I'm able to choose a video to watch via Vevo or YouTube.

Yes, I read that. I was referring to Sams comments towards the end of the article stating, "dont know when this feature will be available for Windows Phone or Windows 8.1" or something to that nature. Its in 3rd paragraph.

Microsoft you guys are doing very well keep it up. We just need that new update and a hand full of apps to be on par with Android and Apple. Also we need more Lumia phone that support memory card expansion.

I've been trying to get this to work for the last 90mins but get the error msg 0xc1010091. Was on chat to Xbox Music support and they are none the wiser. Maybe a licensing issue with UK? which where I am or maybe not rolled out to all servers across the globe yet?

Yup I'm getting the same. I'm from Ireland. Not sure what's causing the issue but going to give it until tomorrow anyway.

Phew some relief that we have the same problem. They got me to delete my profile on the xbox and recreate which I thought was a bit overkill. I did ask if it was a server issue and whether it needed to rollout to all regions, but i guess they need to follow certain steps... Anyway, I'm with you and will try again tomorrow. Been missing from from the 360 for so long that another day wont hurt!

exactly same problem here in mexico, however im not sure i want to delete my profile so ill just give it till the weekend

Doubtful, you use to have to pay for these back in the day actually. Then, we started getting them on Zune for free. Later, it was removed from Zune and it was only available on the 360.

Sounds cool. Whenever I throw a house party I either put on Pandora through IE or keep pickin YouTube videos. At least now there's another option.

The implementation of this feature is really dope. Because I already have a lot of playlist with the songs I like, getting the videos requires no work. This will be awesome for parties. Good job Microsoft. Differentiate your services with features like this and you will take over the living room.

Do you need Xbox Music Pass to do this? I don't get why I can't listen to Xbox Music streaming on my Xbox with ads like I do on my PC and tablet, Pandora-style, without a music pass. Why not add in the option to do ad-supported streaming on Xbox One even without a music pass (which I think should be a part of Xbox Live Gold anyway).

YouTube is anathema as it is owned by the worst company ever. That company also has its dirty paws in Vevo as well, so neither of those apps will ever be downloaded on my lovely Xbox One.

Not everyone has the money to buy these services. It's not about being cheap. It's about being poor. Xbox Music allows me to stream ad-supported music on many devices (such as Windows 8 and RT). I don't think it's that absurd of a request to have them extend that to Xbox One as well. In fact, I think it would be good for their service to attract more customers.

THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hated not having this feature as I had it on my 360. I almost didn't buy the One because of it. But am now EXTREMELY HAPPY it came out for the XBOX ONE with an added feature. Very Happy XBOX MUSIC SUBSCRIBER HERE :D

"No word yet on when we can see music videos through Xbox Music on Windows 8 or Windows Phone, though we’re hoping sometime soon."

I don't think this will happen. It would be nice, but I feel this just an added feature for XBL subscribers.

It's about time..... Is it me or does it seem like since Microsoft has released the Xbox One they have no infrastructure for things they had on the 360. Why isn't every app and every option available for the Xbox One that are on the Xbox 360?

Because they take time and money to make. The Xbox One is barely over three months old. A year from now everything on 360 will be on One as well.