MWC Coupon saves cash for Windows Phone 8 users at Mobile World Congress

MWC Coupon for Windows Phone 8

As promising as the Wallet feature in Windows Phone 8 sounded back in June, we really haven’t seen many apps leverage the platform. For those lucky enough to be at Mobile World Congress you might want to check out a couponing app called MWC Coupon that integrates the wallet and NFC technology to save you some cash this week.

MWC Coupon Screenshots

The app lets you search for deals and gifts from participating shops and restaurants in the city of Barcelona. You can search by either shops, restaurants, or locations. Once at a location you just select it and will presented with a screen where you’ll tap to share your info to get the deal. NFC, geolocation, and Windows Phone all coming together to save you a few bucks.

You can download MWC Coupon for free in the Windows Phone Store right here, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo MWC Coupon

Needless to say it’s a Windows Phone 8 only app.

Thanks for the tip Alan!


Reader comments

MWC Coupon saves cash for Windows Phone 8 users at Mobile World Congress


Well, good for them. Where the hell are my coupons for buying this phone. I guess I don't get no love, wait, I get Nokia music+ for $4 a month

I really want this adoption to start here in the US. Carriers slowing it down? Retailers reluctant to launch it? How do I do this? I wish I could NFC tap $12 to my friend when I wanted to.

Well maybe if square or Paypal's triangle got support on WP we might get NFC eventually. Sad to say but it looks like that when the iPhone gets it, your dream will be closer to fruition.