Post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time on Windows Phone 8.1 with My Social Share Target

My Social Share

Still sore that the ability to post to multiple social networks was removed from the Me hub in Windows Phone 8.1? Then you’re going to want to check out My Social Share Target. It’s a new app in the Windows Phone Store that is currently in public beta. The app currently allows you to share to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Windows Phone developer Marco Siccardi (@msicc) is the man behind My Social Share Target. You’ve probably seen a few of his other apps like TweeCoMinder and NFC Toolkit before. His latest app will be very welcomed by users who like to post status updates to various social networks at the same time.

The app is simple and straight forward. Just download it and connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Head into the Me hub and you’ll be able to select My Social Share Target after opting to ‘post an update’. You’ll be launched into the app where you can compose your status update and send it to Twitter and Facebook. The app will pick up LinkedIn support in a future update.

My Social Share Target is currently in an open beta. It’s free to download and use, but do reach out to Marco if you notice any bugs or want to have other features implemented. His Twitter is up above or you can find his contact info through his app.

Download My Social Share Target from the Windows Phone Store

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Reader comments

Post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time on Windows Phone 8.1 with My Social Share Target


For me I don't really miss the multiple post feature since you can still do it by posting to twitter and adding the #fb...it automatically posts to facebook too. What I want is I just wanna share to facebook WITHOUT the app posting links ):

Or u culd simply connect ur facebook account to twitter n vice versa... Anytime I post updates on twitter they appear on facebook too...

For the better, in your opinion. So far this separating of apps isn't proving to be for the better tbh. Xbox music fail, post videos to FB no longer embeds them but just shares links, if I want to share an article to all my social networks now need to do it 3 times...look, don't just be a sheep and say its for the better cos MS says so. Right now its not proving that way so you cant say that without looking silly IMO :P

Nah, I just meant that I only share the same thought/content on both social sites every once in a while. Then they can look like twins.lol

That is literally the most annoying thing ever when people post their tweets to facebook

People do that to better engage their audience. Some of the people they reach may only use facebook, while others only use twitter.

Harrumph... Maybe this feature will return someday. As well as the messaging hub. Having the fb and messenger along with SMS was fantastic.

Maybe MS will reconsider based on all the negative feedback after the general carrier 8.1 rollout, and make a Me Hub app. Separated from the OS like they are doing with music and video.

This way we could have some integrated features back like being able to "post an update" or "check in" quickly, without having to open up some slow excuse for an official app. Hear that Facebook? 

Yeah two reasons not to update, this Me Hub change and the Messaging Hub removal, both extremely handy features that shouldn't be removed without ready replacements in my opinion

+1020 the hubs are the heart of the WP Experience! At the very least give us the option to turn Hubs on or off....

But when is or was it broken? If it were that broken....no one would be complaining about Ms omitting me tile functions.....no one! Now if it was literally not working then I can understand but it seems that it worked just fine!

If you look at the current Messaging app for WP8, you'll notice that connecting to facebook chat can be an exercise of frustration as it will connect at times, and at other times, it wouldn't. Another problem I noticed is that sometimes, incoming messages from facebook will not be received by the phone even though the recipient already replied. I'm not surprised why Microsoft opted to remove this for WP8.1.


The Me app, on the other hand, is more functional, though I agree with the above that it will save Microsoft a lot of headaches in the long run by the social networking app(s) updating itself rather than updating the whole OS just to accomodate the new APIs from the latter.

The real problem is that the new sharing only picks up the link. No Heading or additional description like the old sharing so its a lot more work whether it's FB, twitter, or both.

My app is also selectable for all apps as share target. Like the WPCentral app. And Does that help?

Its weird that some of my apps still share the headline with a preview but most others not and I am thinking the problem is really in the new internet browser (IE11?) and it is not relaying that info like IE used to do.  That could explain it i think but I no likee at all (the new sharing) :( 

maybe i am missing something... isnt this the same as, posting to twitter from the me tile, and lyncing your twitter and facebook together so that it automatically goes to your facebook.....0_o

My Twitter is public, and my Facebook is "private". I don't want to share with my Twitter all the time. I'd like the option to select one or both sometimes. Same thing goes for LinkedIn.

If you want every Tweet on Facebook, then this app wouldn't apply to your use.  If you only want select posts on both networks, then you would see some benefit to an app like this.

Hopefully just a misleading screenshot, but I'd hope it doesn't limit FB-only posts to 140 characters. Like the Me Tile, it should only do that if Twitter is selected.

Wait, whaaaa??!!! 8.1 removes the best feature from the Me Tile? WTF! Why does WP get a little better in areas and a lot crapper in key areas with every update?!

Check out "One Love" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=3b8ef4e4-cc50-4425-baf7-d22764597b8b Share pics and status updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Tumblr...selectively. It's awesome and pretty easy to use. Maybe wpcentral should do a role-up of all these. And personally, I miss being able to update my facebook and hotmail profile pic from one place. Having to upload the pic to facebook, then go to the website (cause the apps interface for this sucks), find the pic and set it is a pain in the behind.

What about everyone that WP guy, Ben got to switch with the WP challenges? Kinda makes their whole reason to switch useless. That was a huge hook that caught a lot of people. Bait and switch is more like it. Still think its the best phone but with a body part amputated.

I think that the removal of said features from the me hub will tie in with better more functional separate apps when the official wp 8.1 roll out comes. For me it's a good thing since that functionality was there to act as a stopgap to the lack of official apps at the time. They had to cover social and messaging somehow and since the developers were not on board yet there had to be an alternative. Now the days of WP 7 are long past and there are several more solutions than in the first days. Personally I prefer having developers investing in the platform than MS doing it all by itself.

I can do that now with v8 what's different in 8.1? I post to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter all at the same time now with v8

And this was a good idea from Microsoft. How to get more apps on board the windows store? Omit integrated features! Then devs will be forced to build apps!! That's one way to get apps quick!

I appreciate this! There are times I want to post to Twitter, some to FB, sometimes to both. I like having the option easily available again.

Not to mention uploading profile picture from me tile is now a pain :( before all i had to do was lick my photo and select a new on voila.

When considering the Me tail, the only proper replacement will be the app that provides notifications along with posting feature.

When considering the Messenger, I found the integration quite handy and functional. If they wanted to update it oftener, why not tear it out of the OS and make it a seperate app like they did with Music+Videos. What I expected with WP8.1 is for various messaging apps like Whatsapp, Line etc to be integrated into the default messenger :/ I hope we are on the path towards that future.