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My Starbucks Card hits the Windows Phone Marketplace

My Starbucks Card for Windows Phone

My Starbucks Card is a new app over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that lets you use your Starbucks card right from your Windows Phone. No need to fumble around for the card, just run My Starbucks Card and your card can be scanned straight from your Windows Phone.

My Starbucks Card

When you first launch My Starbucks Card you will be prompted to enter your card number and credentials. A virtual card will be generated on My Starbucks Card's main screen and the app will even pull up your current balance.  

While My Starbucks Card isn't an "official" Starbucks app, it does looks like it would come in handy if you are a Starbuck's frequent flyer. The app will run you $.99 and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: My Starbucks Card


Reader comments

My Starbucks Card hits the Windows Phone Marketplace


As usual. The only two Starbuck apps I find in Marketplace are Find MY Starbuck and Reachout@MY Starbuck. In Swerden we only have TWO Starbucks at the moment; One at Arlanda Airport (in the departure terminal (after you have security and pass port checks) ) and the first public one in the Central Station (Railway station) in Gothenburg. THAT one is VERY crowded but on the other hand they have only been opened for a week. 

Got excited hoping it was official but maybe once they realize someone else is profiting from their apathy, maybe Starbucks will make one.

I don't think so. I didn't see Pandora making an official app for windows phone after MetroRadio and Radio Controlled were released.

I don't care if it's not official...I'm still getting this! I've been waiting and dying for Starbucks to release an official app for Windows Phone, even submitted a suggestion to them on their site. I get Starbucks everyday on my way to work so an app like is essential to me (and the only thing I really miss about my BlackBerry..they do have an official app).
p.s. This app is not's $0.99, and there's no free trial. I'm gonna getting it and try it. If it does what it does well shame on Starbucks for not releasing an official one yet.

It's cool developers are filling in the holes in WP7 app land. Hopefully Starbucks creates a similar app for WP7 themselves.

Yeah I bought it out of excitement then I realized it was not an official app! Bummer... I hope this guy is legitimate and does not steal my Starbucks card number!

Now that I think about it..maybe I should have thought it twice before giving this guy my Starbucks card number and website login name password. I mean what's stopping him from using my card number to buy things? I just hope Microsoft's app approval process made sure this app was legit.

I work at Starbucks. I see a lot of customers with $100 - $200 cards, that can get you a lot of things that don't include an actual drink, lol. You can also transfer money between cards. Think of the possibilities.

I'm the developer and I can assure you (if that's worth anything ;) none of your info is seen by me. It's all stored in the phones isolated storage. I highly doubt MS would approve the app if I was storing your personal data.
I will be releasing an update for approval in a week or so that will allow you to use multiple cards and tweet your Starbucks experience. Also, tap barcode to get a full screen one and Starbucks location search. Hope you enjoy it!!!

I've been using it now for awhile.  Do you have any plans to add the ability to add money to the registered Starbucks cards like the iPhone app has?

I was behind a lady at Starbucks today who used her phone to make her coffee purchase. I asked her about it and when I got home I purchased the app in my marketplace on my Lumia 900. I tried to put my Starbucks card number in the space for it but tapping on the space would not bring up my keyboard so I couldn't enter it. I put in my user name and password for my Starbucks account on the spaces for it but it wouldn't send.
So I don't suppose I'm going to be able to use the app to make my coffee purchase tomorrow morning.

Update to my previous comment. I did not see the "cards" at the top of the app. When I clicked on it a box opened to put my card number in. My barcode appeared and I'm in business, my bad.