NASA Ringtones have landed in the Marketplace

Help Software has released a collection of free sound files from various historical space missions and they have been conveniently converted to ringtones for your Windows Phone. NASA Ringtones is a collection of 24 ringtones from various Shuttle missions, Apollo and Mercury Space missions, Beeps and Bytes, and sound bits from current missions that including the Cassini Saturn mission and the Atlas V launch.

Each set of ringtones has an mission appropriate wallpaper backdrop (i.e. the moon for Apollo and Mercury) that gives the app an impressive appearance (shame the pics can't be used as device wallpapers). Each ringtone can be previewed and saved to your Windows Phone.

NASA Ringtones

Ringtones range from the Apollo 11 "The Eagle has landed" quote to the Sputnik beep. Growing up watching Neil Armstong land on the moon, these ringtones definitely bring back memories. If your a fan of NASA and space exploration, this is a must have collection for your Windows Phone. According to the developer this is just the start and look for more space sounds to be added with future updates.

There is a free trial available for NASA Ringtones and the full version runs $.99. You can download NASA Ringtones here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a mango app so you'll need to make sure your Windows Phone is updated before hand.


Reader comments

NASA Ringtones have landed in the Marketplace


You should clarify that this isn't an official NASA app. The only official NASA app on Windows Phones is "NASA Be A Martian"

I have to reply to this.
Yes surely the sounds are available on the NASA website for free but what we are providing is a nice application so that our users can get the sounds they like whenever they want them.
We are asking for a very modest .99 cents to cover our development costs that's all.
It's easy to criticize but doing an app take time and energy. It doesn't make us rich by the way.
At Help Software we are a bunch of developers doing a lot of other things in our days, mobile dev is just a passion.
So no one stole anything we are just providing a nice cool little app to anyone interested in space sounds!
It's a really distorted view to think that everything has to be  free!
At Help Software we have two models for the apps, free with ads or paid without ads.
We even have a free app with no ads ResKit for a specific education market.

The reason these sounds are free at Nasa is that they are part of the heritage of mankind and were in effect paid for by the American taxpayer. I would strongly advise interested space enthusiasts to follow the link provided above and get the sounds from Nasa. I am very surprised Apple cleared this app.