NASCAR Live making the turn on the Marketplace

NASCAR Live for Windows Phone

If you follow NASCAR, check out NASCAR Live over in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The lays out everything NASCAR rather nicely on your Windows Phone with pages for News, Races, Rankings, Videos, and a page with links to NASCAR, Driver and Truck (team) Tweets.


Additional features for NASCAR Live include:

  • Live race details for both NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide tours
  • Ability to create a secondary tile for any race
  • Detail list of upcoming races
  • Detailed driver information.

Completed races will display the final positions for the drivers. The only thing I can think is missing is a map of each track that NASCAR races on and maybe live broadcasts (that may be asking for too much though). Otherwise, NASCAR Live is a fairly comprehensive application for your Windows Phone.

NASCAR Live is a free, ad-supported app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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NASCAR Live making the turn on the Marketplace


Had to Google indy. It's American sport only raced in America. So it certainly isn't overseas thing. 
Europe got F1. Plus the feeding series  GP2 and GP3.

WOW I didn't know that. I do remember Indy hired Gene Simmons about 5 years ago to try and push it. I thought it folded though.
The thing about Indy and formula 1 that most people don't like. Teammates don't race each other. You have a determined winner. If you're not the top driver on a team and the top driver on the team pulls up behind you. You let him pass you and to me that's not racing.

We need the official Nascar, NFL, NBA, GPA, MLB, Indy, WNBA, and all others. Now, is that to much to ask???

I would love to see the official F1 app on Windows Phone. On the iPhone it is a really impressive piece of software..

I hope this one works. All the other ones I tried were terrible
Update. I just installed it and it is very nice. If you like NASCAR you'll like this, Much better than the other ones I tried.