NAVIGON gets updated, celebrates by going on sale

NAVIGON USA for Windows Phone

The NAVIGON series of navigation apps for your Windows Phone was recently updated and to celebrate things, they are also on sale through October 31, 2012.

Along with the customary performance tweaks, the version 4.3 update brings route planning to both NAVIGON USA and NAVIGON Europe. It's a nice feature to allow you to plan a multi-stop trip ahead of time and avoid having to re-enter your destination after every stop.

Both versions of NAVIGON makes use of downloadable, offline maps to reduce the dependency on data while traveling. If you wander off into an area with poor reception, you won't have to worry about maps or routes being lost.  Adding route planning only enhances the navigation app's capabilities.


As far as the price reduction is concerned, NAVIGON USA has been reduced in price from $49.99 to $29.99. NAVIGON Europe has gone from €84,99 to €59,49. And before sticker shock sets in, the European version includes forty countries worth of maps.

If you're looking for a feature rich navigation app that utilizes offline maps, NAVIGON is definitely worth considering. The sale prices just makes the app even more attractive.

You can find NAVIGON USA here at the Windows Phone Store and NAVIGON Europe here at the Store. Just remember the sale pricing expires on October 31, 2012.

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Reader comments

NAVIGON gets updated, celebrates by going on sale


As a Lumia owner, does this have any benefits compared to Nokia Drive? I haven't tried that many navigation services to be honest.

Yes, it is much better. Has a long list of features Drive doesn't including you really don't have to watch it. I have both on my 900 and when I really need to someplace new I don't use drive.

For starters, it reads you the name of the streets, which is a very important feature so you do not have to get distracted trying to read the name of your next exit; I have both apps in my Lumia 900, and they are great, very reliable, maps and Points of Interest tend to look a little nicer on Navigon in my opinion because it displays the icons with the company logo, but it's all matter of taste.

Lane guidance, better traffic, construction area are better, better voice and reads streets, rerouting for traffic and accidents plus new features mentioned in arrival. Also for extra money 4 map updates a year. I'm sure I have forgotten some features. I like the commute feature of Drive

And don't forget that Navigon works with the WP contacts: You can easily pick a person from your contacts and use the address to navigate to - something I really miss in Nokia Drive!

How do I upgrade? Mine still says ver. 2.0. 
Do I have to download it again? Or pay for it again? Please say no.

Are you sure you are not displaying an Update Available alert for that app? I updated to version 4.2 a couple of months ago; The answer to your question is No, you won't be charged again; In fact, I had it in my HTC HD7 and then I upgraded to the Lumia 900 and downloaded it again and was not charged, it will even give you a prompt message that says: "you have previously paid or downloaded this app, would you like to download it again?" . I even kept my old HTC HD7 as my Ipod and stand alone GPS nowadays :-)

If you don't see the update  in your Marketplace, then go find it in the Marketplace and when you select it, the button on the left should say 'update'.

Nokia Drive has 1 feature that Navigon doesn't have. "Free" lol. What a powerful feature.

Without any new phones with keyboards on the horizon I will probably pull the trigger on this now. I am thinking I may never get a WP8 device and so Navigon will be a huge improvement to directions on WP7.5 and probably WP7.8.

Does this app pause music playback when it reads directions?  Seems like only the built-in Maps app does this, but I wish all navigation apps did it, as it's usually quite difficult to hear the voice over the music.

I tried this and it ate battery faster than my charger could charge in my car, I would end up with a dead battery after a 2 hour ride using it connected to my charger....
Never had this problem with Garmin or Nokia Drive (yea, I have a Trophy but, have Nokia Drive 3.0 installed on it)
Anyone else notice this ?

I have the Verizon Trophy, 8GB of storage. I tried to download but says not enough room. I only have a bare minimum of apps on this phone. Waiting for the new  WP8 phones but the sale conveniently goes off when the new phones come out. A bit of Bait & Switch don't you think?

Does the Bluetooth audio support HFP (handsfree profile) used in so many cars? I asked Navigon tech support; they did not know. Garmin's Street Pilot app only supports A2DP, a profile sadly missing from many car Bluetooth implementations.
Also, the lack of a trial version is annoying.