NAVIGON GPS navigation announced for Windows Phone 7

Looking for a new GPS navigation solution for your Windows Phone? Well the good news is NAVIGON, your favorite German nav company, is bringing their flashy and admittedly powerful app from iOS and Android to our very own Windows Phone 7 "later this year". (Up till now, a limited version was available for German T-Mobile users.) From the press release:

"NAVIGON’s premium navigation app soon will be available for Windows Phone 7 users. The app includes many signature features that have made NAVIGON’s apps successful on Android devices and the iPhone, including on-board maps, spoken turn-by-turn directions, visual lane guidance, live traffic information and rerouting, among many other features. NAVIGON’s new app runs on Windows Phone 7.5 and also takes advantage of new features made available to developers with this new release. These features include the augmented reality function Reality Scanner, which provides an instant and effortless way of identifying nearby destinations while on foot; an option to select address information directly from the phone’s contact list; and the ability to save a favorite or home address as a shortcut on the start screen."

The only thing we want is to have this now. Come on, it has a Reality Scanner!  Also notice that this is a Windows Phone 7.5 app? We have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these big name software developers making announcements over the next few weeks as Microsoft goes forward with Windows Phone Mango.

We're pretty excited about NAVIGON, if only because they seem to be  pushing the envelope on GPS navigation, offering features their competition do not have. Hopefully we'll see it in action in a few weeks.


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NAVIGON GPS navigation announced for Windows Phone 7


Looks great.Navigon for Windows Phone 7 has been available for a while, at least for T-Mobile users in Germany (and for free). It doesn't spot as many features as this version, but it at least showed that the company was interested in the platform right from the start.

Ooh Im gonna get my hands on this one, when released :)Id actually rather want TomTom, but they seems to be stuck in the past.

my god FINALLY!!its been out for AGES in Germany for T-mobile users...Only reason i unlocked my Mozart was to stick this on, and now it seems i wont have to soon! woooPrefer this over the TomTom versions i have used on Android in the past, TomTom's versions seem to get worse as they get newer hahaWouldnt mind CoPilot though! always had great experiences with that.

Yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Another one checked off to shut up those naysayers!!! Plus its actually the best GPS program, uses Navteq maps, good routing, tons of features. Now I can finally retire my 6.5 version. That 32GB card I stuffed in my DVP will be veeerry handy now!

Nice! Since TomTom is only busy with the iPhone and standalone market nowadays, it seems that we won't get a TomTom version for WP soon (or at all since they have said they weren't gonna do a version at all)I still hope TomTom is smart enough to make one anyways, but Navigon seems to be nice too. The WM6 client was a bit outdated, but this version seems to be a big step forward

So Tomtom wont play...Thats it I will not recommend a Tomtom device to anyone anymore. Navigon it is.Cant wait to try this.

There is a key word missing from this article: OFFLINEThis is the 1st and only navigation software for WP7 that is capable to run with no data connection available. This is the news.

I actually have an old navigon 4100 standalone unit. they've since pulled out of the US market with their models but i'll be damned if it wasnt the best gps out there. and it had free traffic for life! i still use it to this day even though the maps are now a few years outdated. i'll mostly likely buy this app if the standalone unit ever fails on me.

Exciting stuff! Finally a worthy nav app that I hope I won't have to pay $40 to use AND has on-board maps! (Still wish the bing navigation in Mango didn't require tap-to-screen for spoken directions...)

I welcome a good gps/maps app for my new phone and I do hope they are not charging big money for it or requiring a yearly subscription service as so many like to do.

This is great news. Back in roughly 2006 as a MS Pocket PC user, I studied all the GPS software availble at the time. (Remember Pocket PC Magazine?) I didn't want to carry multiple devices. I chose OnCourse Navigator software, which was a USA company that used NAVIGON's software. It turned the Microsoft-powered Pocket PCs into an easy-to-use voice guided GPS navigation system with on-board maps for the whole USA. Then they abandoned the US market and when I bought my first Windows Mobile phone, I had to study the offerings again. Nothing was as good based on the features I wanted and needed. I did end up with a reasonable solution in iGuidance. This is one more reason for me to upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.5.