Navigon on sale in the Marketplace [Updated]

Navigon US Maps

Navigon is on sale in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For how long we're not sure but the U.S. maps version has dropped from $49.99 to $24.99 and the European version has dropped from $84.00 Euros to $72.99 Euros.

Navigon, a Garmin Company, is a navigation app for your Windows Phone that stores all your maps on your Windows Phone to avoid the need for data. The downside to all this is that the U.S. version requires 1.6GB of storage and the European version takes up 2.3GB of storage.

Navigon on Sale

Navigon is a feature rich navigation app for your Windows Phone (here's our review). If you've been on the fence because of the price, now's your chance to take advantage of an unexpectant Holiday sale. Navigon is a mango app so you'll need to be running Windows Phone 7.5.

You can find Navigon U.S. here and Navigon Europe here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Again, while we're glad to see the drop in price we have no clue as to how long the savings will last.

Thanks goes out to Naruto Fan for the tip!

Update:  Well the $24.99 price didn't last for long.  Apparently over the past hour the price has returned to $49.99.  A Black Friday special perhaps?


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Navigon on sale in the Marketplace [Updated]


Hey, that's no fair!!!  I am a Samsung Focus 1.4 owner who missed the first Navigon deal by 4 days because AT&T & Microsoft dragged their feet on our Mango update.  Forseeing this, I sent an email to Navigon on the 9th of November asking them to extend the $29.99 offer.  Of course, they did not respond to my email so when the Mango update got pushed to my phone, I purchased Navigon for full price.  And now, I see this.....typical.
I do not feel like I was ripped off, however.  This app is REALLY good and worked VERY WELL for me while I was travelling over the Thanksgiving Holiday break.  I love this Navogon software and I am very happy to have it.

It still says $49.99 in the matket place. They haven't reduced the price. Does anyone know what's happening?

I purchased this App when WPCentral had a review that it was $29.99 and it is the best Nav App I've used, and I tried quite a few. Even my TeleNav on my HTC Arrive from Sprint is not as good and I was pretty happy with it. TeleNav I felt was missing a few features that I had been Looking for. Navigon has them and More! At this price I'm gonna put it on my wife's HTC Arrive!! As much as we get around in Los Angeles CA, it has put the Kabosh to me looking for the Right Navigation. This is it!

Price was OK even before. Only thing that is stopping me from buying is the it it's installs on your phone. It's just stupid to install 2,3Gig app where 2Gigs are useless to me.

Sorry, y'all.
I had read WPCentral's review on it when it was $29.99 and had forgotten that that intro price was only going to last till the 15th. I remembered late last night that I should go ahead and buy it before the price went up to $50 and saw that it was actually $24.99... Of course I just had to get it at that price. Did a little digging and saw the article again which stated the 15th date, so I'd hoped more people would've been able to get lucky by purchasing today... Maybe someone who has a twitter account can tweet navigon into lowering the price again for Cyber Monday? :D
(And I feel y'all's pain for those who bought at the $50 price. That's happened to me with a couple of apps, though the real kicker was IM+ that I bought for $10 and tile/toast never worked pre-Mango. And then during one of my re-installs in attempting to fix the darn app, I was the one that tipped WPCentral way back when that the price for IM+ had dropped from $10 to $5... That was a huge blow below the proverbial belt. Nothing compared to an extra $25 bucks though.)

So does anybody have a theory for why the EU version of this app is so expensive? Currently in the UK Marketplace it's selling for £72.99, If the price was similar to the US version I'd snap it up.