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NBC Sports LiveExtra inbound for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT, due before the Olympics

Windows Phone is taking off, that much we know. But apps, apps, apps are the name of the game and there is always one that you want. If that missing app is NBC Sport’s LiveExtra, you can cross it off your list.

The app was revealed to be in the works by the NBC Sports LiveExtra Twitter account and the developer behind it confirmed it as well.

The saga all started by one Jay S., who is both an avid Windows Phone and NBC fan. He found the developer’s Twitter stream, which included a photo of various devices “in testing” with an updated version of the app for the upcoming Winter Olympics. It’s hard to miss the bright yellow Lumia and what looks to be various tablets in the photos and the developer confirmed that indeed, it is what it seems like.

The official NBC Sports LiveExtra Twitter account commented in a response to the developer and Jay:

“Windows phone users will have themselves a Live Extra app in time for the @Sochi2014 Games and forever onwards after!... The app will support windows 8 phone and tablet devices running 8.1 and updated as necessary.”

NBC Sports LiveExtra (stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra) is quite popular as it allows you to live-stream all of NBC’s sports broadcasts including NHL, Premier League games and of course, the Olympics.

So there you go, this is no rumor, folks. Now we just have to play the waiting game. Seeing as the Winter Olympics begin on February 7th and run through the 23rd, they still have plenty of time to get it out there.

This NBC app joins the official Sochi Guide app for the Winter Olympics, which was recently released for Windows Phone. 

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Jay S., for the tip!


Reader comments

NBC Sports LiveExtra inbound for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT, due before the Olympics


BeST NEWS Ever... hope the same developer will bring xfinity streampix and WatchESPN now apps.

WatchESPN is the last on my list of needed apps for Windows Phone. Everything else that I want is here.

Here's hoping this has more in-depth player stats for NHL. Currently using the Bing Sports but it needs an update to be on par with the Windows 8 counterpart.

i will stick to the website as I tend to watch 2 premier league games at a time on weekends via my surface. i highly doubt the app will let me do that. The site works fairly good once the stream starts. the app is a welcome addition though.

I'm going to guess it's going to work like shit. Just like every other streaming app on windows 8.1. Don't know if it's my tablet (which got a great review) or windows 8.1. Not impressed at all. And I like windows, in not a hater. I love my lumia 920. Although I did just get a moto x. Android kitt kat is very polished.

What I am waiting for is an app for the tennis grand slams and ATP world tour, but no news about it.

Next week starts the Australia Open and I really feel abandonded without an app to keep track of the live scores  as it exist in ios and android since ages.

I think Australia has a significant percentage of windows phone market share to just ignore it.

Curious question, as I'm not familiar with NBC Sports Live Extra... will it require a cable or sattelite provider to view live streams?

This would be a great way to watch some Olympics coverage, but my wife and I have been without cable or sattelite for about two years now and have no intention on going back any time soon.

Thanks to the person who knows the answer...