Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox One is just $25 for Xbox Live Gold members

Need for Speed

Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox One can be yours for just $25. You'll need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to take advantage of this deal since it's a "Deals with Gold" promo. You'll also be able to pick up Killer Instinct character Sabrewulf for 60 percent off.

Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox One normally retails digitally for $49.99, but can be yours for $25. Would you rather have a disc? Amazon Prime members can snag it right now for $29.99.

Has anyone played Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox One? What did you think of the game?


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Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox One is just $25 for Xbox Live Gold members


Yes very much so even if you only like one of the games you are still saving money plus the service works very well really simple and easy to use also.

I absolutely enjoy EA Access. It's very good for $30 bucks. I didn't have any of those games in the vault so I decided, why not? And then I bought. Yeah, its very simple to use. Games download with no problem. It's as if its actually part of the store.

The games are part of the store. If you are EA access member the games show up for free or discounted. The EA access app just provides an easier way of seeing what's available. If you remove the app, you can still get the games for free/discounted. Seems to be something associated with your Microsoft Account. And yes, totally worth it.

I know they're part of the store but what I'm trying to say is that it all feels and is very integrated. A good job from EA and MS. Yeah, I think it is with your MS account because if you go to settings and then subscriptions, it shows up there with you're MS account linked to it.

I would have bought it a long time ago if it had local multiplayer.  I am very disappointed with the trend these days of not including that game mode.

Exactly that. It's very disappointing. Was looking for coop and splitscreen games games generally for me and my lady and this would be a good addition and something different but I guess for some reason an arcadish and fun racer was too much to expect now days to include split screen...

even their controls for privacy(if you dont want to play against a real player) seem to be broken cause ive kicked players out of my game @ least they finally fixed the lag @ startup

Anyone have it and really play it ? I like racing games but, forza 2 comes on the 30th (pre-ordered), and wondering if this one is any good...

I wish if it WAS like the Original Pre-FastAndFurious Need For Speed Games.
NFS went down hill with starting with Underground

I have it on 360, Its mediocre at best ... Need For Speed Ain't what it used to be, I've been playing them since the OG NFS back in PS1, the series went downhill starting with underground.
Wait for Forza Horizon 2 instead l.

It's funny, I was playing since the original on the 3do and would sag that they have been going downhill since the PS1/Saturn

Wasnt the sale price just for the 360 version?(like the last 2 times) & the dlc for the xb1 was on sale(so far no achievement dlc) instead?

lol what? There is local multiplayer with the Kinect sports rival. Wake racing. Bowling. ALL of the games modes include at least 2 people local multi.

So like titanfall the other week, it is less in $ than in £ again, not sure what the original US price is but it is suggesting that they are getting a bigger discount

as an added if you have EA access it's an extra 10% off I believe...but will double check that when I get home today...so might be closer to $20 than $25 if you get it through the hub.

But ya I'm gonna wait for EA games to go into the Hub...

On a side note played NHL15 demo - some of the movement feels good but just seems kinda un-natural in a lot of their movements.  Grtaphics are very nice though.