Negri Electronics offering unlocked yellow Lumia 920 for $698

Lumia 920

Negri Electronics, a retailer in the US, has opened up Lumia 920 pre-orders with a price tag of $698.59. The unlocked Windows Phone, available at the online store in yellow, will be available to consumers on supported networks. Unfortunately no shipping or release date estimations have been provided.

Should the pricing hold out, $700 for a brand new Windows Phone 8 handset would be a killer deal for anyone interested in Nokia's flagship device. AT&T is reported to hold the Lumia 920 exclusively for 6 months, so going unlocked is the way to go should you desire the handset on another network.

We previously held a poll on which colour Windows Phone Central readers would likely choose should they purchase a Lumia 920. The majority chose cyan, with black coming in second closely followed by yellow. The third result is a popular choice, and we believe it will offer consumers something unique in a mobile phone when coupled with the array of features.

Negri Lumia 920

To recap on the specifications of the Lumia 920, the Windows Phone sports a 4.5" PureMotion HD+ display, 32GB storage, support for LTE, 8.7MP camera with PureView technology, wireless charging, NFC, 1GB RAM, dual-core CPU, and runs Windows Phone 8. It's a sizeable handset with a bright and vibrant display.

We're not entirely sure how reliable of a source Negri Electronics is, so be sure to take this any way desired and we cannot take any responsibility when placing an order. If you'd rather go with a brand that's trustworthy then be sure to check out the Windows Phone area on Best Buy's website, which is now offering both the Lumia 920 ($599, unactivated - not unlocked)) and HTC 8X on AT&T.

Source: Negri Electronics, via: @zaeentech; thanks everyone who tipped us!


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Negri Electronics offering unlocked yellow Lumia 920 for $698


There are two primary types of networks in the US and most of the world, CDMA and GSM.  CDMA phones store what would generally be stored on a SIM card directly on the phone, and therefor to activate a phone onto a CDMA network the carrier needs to do it directly, you can't just pop in a SIM card and be good to go.  Unfortunately, having the carrier activate your device can be difficult, is often against company policy, and is generally not worth the time and effort on their part.  Plus, most phones that you buy unlocked are GSM only (unless it's a "world phone" that supports both), mainly because CDMA is unique in the sense that it's only primarily used in the US, 90% of other carriers around the world have switched to GSM.
I digress, out of the 4 major carriers in the US, two are CDMA and two are GSM.  AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM, while Sprint and Verizon use CDMA.  You may be asking, "why use CDMA when GSM is the world standard and is easier for consumers to deal with?".  Well, back in the day when carriers were building their network, CDMA was an established, much better quality network type than the still in its early stages GSM which suffered severely in the quality and reliability department, so Vz and Sprint built their networks using CDMA.  Fast forward to the 21st century, and GSM had caught up to CDMA.  Why didn't they switch?  It's costly, and would be a pain in the behind for such a large company.  However, companies like Bell and Telus in Canada did switch back when they were building their HSPA networks many years ago, and today there are no major CDMA providers in Canada. So, it is possible to switch, just costly.
Anyways, for the phone to work on Sprint, it'd need to be CDMA enabled, and even then chances are they wouldn't activate it because of company policy. The 8X would work on both T-Mo and AT&T though, and the 920 could be activated unlocked on AT&T (the 920 would NOT work on T-Mo though, as their current network only supports pentaband AWS enabled devices, but that explanation's for another time).

It would be awesome to be able to get an unbranded LTE 920 right away. If it works on AT&T it should work on Bell.

If they're getting the global variant it won't do AT&T LTE so you would be wise to check before buying..

FYI, Negri has been around for years. I have never bought from them, but have seen only 1 complaint on their service in the last 4 years. That was made public on XDA and the owner addressed it personally.

Thanks. I know it doesn't work with Tmobile's 3G that's why I was asking about the 4G because Tmobile also uses the 2100MHz band (pseude 4G) and will start using the 2100MHz LTE band next year. Unless, of course, most of their network runs on the 1700MHz frequency.

According to the still-posted specs on Nokia's global Web site, it will work T-Mobile USA.  I know this site and others claim that Nokia said it wouldn't, but I have yet to see any actual information from Nokia themselves saying it won't.  All of Nokia's Symbian and Meego phones do.
Thus, I wouldn't preorder if you need it to work, but I wouldn't assume it won't work, either, until it actually ships and someone tries it -- or Nokia themselves confirms or denys it.

If I'm not mistaken, Daniel obtained confirmation that Nokia will not be producing a 920 that will support all of the frequencies needed for full-speed data speed on TMobile's current network. Supposedly, if you are in an area where Tmobile has refarmed their network, then the phone will work at up to 4G speeds.

Someone said it wouldn't. But the Web site shows it will. Quite probably it won't work. But I'd say it's reasonably likely that it will. Indeed, all citable facts indicate it will work. Only hearsay says it won't.

I have bought from them twice. They are straight up. My order Gs3 order was delayed several times but it wasn't in them as everyone's was delayed. This was for the 9300

I don't buy unlocked ever but I have friends that do constantly and have a ton of phones at a time. They buy most of them from Negri so they seem pretty legit.

It's the same price as the 900 when that came out and cheaper than the HD7 when that came out... So it's a reasonable price. Or did you mean "too much for you to afford and you want to pay even more on contract"?

cmon man.. S3 and iPhones are the best selling phones out now..S3 is avaliable for 550$ to 600$...iPhone will be priced around 650$ when unlocked one is avaliable...
if Nokia wants to pull new people.. it has to convince them to move out of  Android and iOS and move to WP8... they dont have the comfort to price the device in the same range as these big boys.. nokia 900 was a good phone.. but if u see the sales figure it didnt do well as expected... and all the existing WP phone owners are most probaly in between contracts... 
so all i am saying is that they should keep the price below all the big guns.. if they want the device to even compete with them....

Is it above the launch price of the S3 or the current listing? The S3 has been our for a while, you know.

they also show the 820 at 598.
By my math that makes the 820 on ATT at 498 unactivated and 99 on a 2 yr contract?

What's the price difference between having a phone plan on contract vs having one off contract.  Do you really save that much per month with no contract?

there is NO price difference really, but it allows that carrier to know it will have that much money coming from you for the period of the contract.
Whether you buy it outright at the unactivated price and then use one of their contracts, or buy it on a 2 yr contract...you could say you get the contract for no money or you could say you get the phone for free since youre still having to use the phone with SOME contract

It depends... I paid $600 for my HD7 phone (on ebay, 1 week after release when the RRP was $768) and I pay $20/month pre-paid, including data. My friend got the exact phone on contract and pays $74/month for a minimum of 24 months ($59 contract + $15 MRO). So after 24 months, I saved around $700. He does get more allowances on contract, but I don't need any more.

Do they ship to Canada? And will this work on Rogers? I'm unfamiliar with the bands on their GSM network

Rogers is getting the 920 so yes it would and I checked the AT&T version will also work on Telus/Bell, Fido, Koodoo and Virgin.

Only question I have would be the build that these phones come with? US, UK Chines or somewhere else?
I ask cause as I understand Nokia does not sell unlocked versions in the US and I had an experience from buying my Lumia900 from eBay and it came with some Chines or Japanese build.

Thanks Rich you are the best for mentioning 8.7MP camera. Almost nobody in the tech world mentions that these days. It's as if they don't believe the camera is not just 8MP.

I noticed this weeks ago. Strongly considering ordering one, but it might be worth waiting because the price will undoubtedly get lower in a few months.

That's actually a good price for an unreleased unlocked superphone and arguably the best phone on the planet as well.

$700 is too rich for my blood, even if it is for the world's best superphone. How much does it cost Nokia to build one again?

so i am a noob when it comes to unlocked stuff... does this mean it will work on verizon?? if so, what would be involved after I purchase?

No, it uses a different network type. Wait for the 922 if you have your heart set on a 92x, but be prepared for a long wait and the possibility that the wait will be for naught.

Could I pre-order this for the Netherlands? The site says they ship practically worldwide. And in Euro's it's around €535 which is not bad at all!
And I think this will work on the European 3G Network we have here in Holland right?
Would you guys recommend placing a pre-order for it if you are outside of the U.S. like I am?