Netflix hiking rates around the globe, existing subscribers locked in for now


Netflix is in the process of sending emails to its European and US customers explaining its price increase for new subscriptions. More importantly for existing members, Netflix is committing to a 2 year freeze on any price increases, so for now at least it's a case of carry on as you are. The email in full reads as follows:

Update: we've been informed that Netflix is also rolling this deal out to the US too. We'd expect everybody around the globe with Netflix access will see this price increase in short order. Good times!

Hi Richard,

In order to continue adding more films and TV programmes, we are increasing our price from £5.99 to £6.99 for new members. As a thank you for being a member of Netflix already, we guarantee that your plan and price will not change for two years.

You can review your membership details at any time by visiting Your Account. As always, if you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Please call us at any time on 0800 096 6380.

–The Netflix Team

The rate for new subscribers in the UK has jumped by £1, new US and Canadian subscriptions are $1 more expensive, and new Netflix customers in mainland Europe will pay €1 more. Would that extra pound/dollar/euro put you off from signing up if you haven't already?


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Netflix hiking rates around the globe, existing subscribers locked in for now


Norwegian Netflix is not so good. The Walking Dead is stuck on season 2, and Sons of Anarchy on season 4 I think. :(

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Netflix is way better in sweden compared to both HBO and ViaPlay. Netflix is the only provider with W8/WP8 apps. HBO's Xbox app really does suck, and ViaPlay doesn't have that much content. And you're restricted to 5 devices, and if you need more, you can only change one device per 90 days...

Same in the US, just got the email this morning. Staying at $7.99 for current subscribers, bumping to $8.99 for new members.

got it this morning in Sweden too.

För att kunna fortsätta lägga till fler filmer och tv-serier kommer vi att höja priset för nya medlemmar från 79 kr till 89 kr. Som ett tack för att du redan är Netflix-medlem garanterar vi att priset för ditt abonnemang kommer att förbli oförändrat i två år.

Du kan när som helst se över din abonnemangsinformation genom att besöka Ditt konto. Om du har några frågor svarar vi gärna på dem. Ring oss när som helst på 020 79 06 37.


That's just stupid, Swedes are already paying more, for much less. After the raise, UK pays 77 kr and Euro countries 81 kr. Why raise the price for Swedes too, to 89 kr, when it was already on par with the others at 79 kr after the raise? Fucking dicks!

When your look at the content available in the U.S. it doesn't look such good value in the UK...

The World is paying so that Americans can get their content cheap, and a lot of it. As long as this is the case I will never leave my beloved torrentleech.

Agreed UK content is dire compared to US ..i'am existing subscriber and a price hike will not be worth it for current content.

Yeah, i had the American one because of a glitch for nearly a week, and they have so many more tv shows... I destroyed how i met your mother while i had the American one. Its do do with competing companies in the uk owning the exclusive rights to broadcast. Its mainly Sky's fault to be honest, that's why they can advertise the hell out of all the box sets you can watch on Sky Go...

Yeah, the us version of Netflix has insane amount of shows and movies... It makes the UK version look like a sparse blockbuster store on the verge of closing down..

I use a VPN to connect to the US site. But to be fair, I switch between both. And for all the good stuff on the US site...there are 3 terrible films waiting alongside them. Great for stoners. Although I'm curious about one thing...does everyone else seem to find that you spend more time looking for something to watch on Netflix than actually watching anything? I swear, I once spent an hour and a half with mate looking for something...ended up giving up and calling it a night! :-o

You had the US version for a whole week and wasted it on a predictable, cheesy show aimed at immature teenagers? You're much tougher than me! ;P

Got the email this morning too but got Netflix free with my wife's 1020 anyway so getting held to a price plan I never paid works out alright

The WP app I pretty terrible. It's constrained in its design, doesn't offer HD or profiles and going through seasons of a show is just one long list. It's in need of some updating, especially when the W8 app is actually pretty good in my experience.

I'm pretty sure its developed by Netflix cause when you look at the publisher it say Netflix inc. Not Microsoft corp.

Netflix content is not worth the price increase. The online movie/tv industry is way too fragmented and no one has a large offering of good content. Without content forget it.

Netflix just need to guarantee they're actually going to offer content and keep it. The US and Canada offer so much more than what the UK gets. It's especially jarring when you go back after a period of time to find something you were watching has now disappeared. I signed up last September and found so many awesome shows and movies but had to cancel over Xmas period but joined back in January and those same shows and movies had disappeared. Why should I be paying more but getting less?

It's only a pound lol if you are unwilling to pay it, cancel and see how far £6 gets you in the cinema or local DVD shop! Miserable lol

Why you get two years an I one? From Netflix: "Como você já é assinante da Netflix, gostaríamos de agradecê-lo garantindo o preço da sua assinatura atual de R$16,90 por um ano"

Sorry, one year only.

"Como você já é assinante da Netflix, gostaríamos de agradecê-lo garantindo o preço da sua assinatura atual de R$16,90 por um ano."

Netflix doesn't determine what can be distributed and where, that is set by the content owners. Netflix is nothing more than a distributor. If you want more content, I'm sure Netflix would be happy to negotiate a higher distribution fee with the studios and raise your respective prices accordingly.
That said, it's amazing to me how entitled you people have become, where $8 per month, the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, which most of you probably have no problem paying, is deemed too expensive for 24/7 video streaming.
I'd you aren't happy with the content, cancel your subscription and but some more coffee.

100% agree. I know we don't get as much as the US but that's down to the state of the UK's film and tv industry. I pay and play and deal with it. And I personally feel its worth it. Pirates have no excuse, ever.

Panama has no film industry, or much of broadcast rights for that matter... I guess we are all group together as Latine America and thus Netflix here pretty much sucks.

Thankfully there are ways VPN's :)

Netflix content in Canada is not so good. I would happily pay more if it meant more content like that found in the U.S... If it meant much of the same, no thanks ...

A dollar more in two years from now? Seems fair enough to me. I can't think of any other service provider that gives me a 2 year "heads up" for a price increase. Cable tv prices are off the charts. I'll stick with Netflix.

If they had more content then the extra £1 wouldn't bother me. But the content Netflix have is much worse than LoveFilm and LoveFilm is still only £5.99. Why anyone would pay for Netflix now is beyond me.

This price rise was rolled out in Ireland a few months ago. Today we are subjected to a new tiered pricing structure from Netflix, the basic €7.99 a month will now only get you SD resolution, and allow streaming on one device.

For HD and multiple device streaming the price is now €11.99 a month. This is some price hike. Still think it's good value, but I'm grandfathered in to the €6.99 a month rate.

It's already cheap for everything your getting. Only because of the tv shows. If I paid for it for movies I would give it up, Netflix doesn't have enough big hit good movies. But when does the price hike stop? Do we really need Netflix original shows and movies? There's a huge cost cutter right there! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE house of cards but the other shows are pretty worthless.

$1 extra isn't quite hiking is it? I do agree that the US get way more for there money. But at only £5.99 a month I can't really complain much.

They're so greedy. They are gaining new subscribers each day and still rise the subscription. To some ppl 1€ maybe nothing, but for some countries like,mine it is a lot more since 1€ is like 15$