Netgear CEO tackles Microsoft WP7

Netgear CEO Patrick Lo has shared his opinion on Apple and their closed development environment, as well as taking a dig at Microsoft's mobile platform. Our friends at TiPb have covered the criticism directed at Steve Jobs and his iCompany, so we shall cross over the bridge and highlight the Windows Phone 7 remark.

“Microsoft is over - game over - from my point of view” Patrick goes onto say, suggesting that Microsoft is both late to the monopoly game board and hasn’t got the platform to compete with the likes of Android and iOS.

Voicing a rational blow against WP7 is either a display of short sightedness into the smartphone market, or a sign that companies outside of the mobile industry have their own opinion of WP7 – albeit slightly negative.   It’s interesting to compare the remarks made by LG about how the launch and first few months of life for WP7 has been somewhat disappointing, to the failed-to-elaborate tantrum of a loud-mouthed CEO.

Although Patrick is not representative of the majority views on Windows Phone 7, nor does his opinion really matter, it’s a crushing look at an external view from a respectable company.  Especially since Netgear is behind the networking of companies and online properties (I’ve even used them in a datacentre rack), and a good number of server technicians I know use Android.

One should not listen to Mr Lo however. I mean, how is he to know anything about the mobile platform when all he can comprehensively understand is how to open up ports on his malfunctioning Netgear router. What do you think of his comment about WP7?

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Netgear CEO tackles Microsoft WP7


its funny he says that considering they have been coming out with shit products for some time. I remember buying a NetGear Router for my home, and having to do that about three or four times before switching to Linksys. Never had to replace a Linksys router, but NetGear's products were made cheaply, and broke every few months.

What a poor publicity stunt. I am surprised this guys company is still trading considering the poor routers they make. He should worry about the products his company is making. Microsoft and Apple will do just fine. what's that toy like thing he is holding up? This guy needs help.

Please tell me that this picture was taken a few years ago....please do. If not, please tell him to upgrade this phone. Heck, maybe he is trying to get a free WP7 phone with this publicity stun....LOL!!

I think Mr. Lo's comment is a serious eye opener with the problem of WP7. To think that he's opinion is to be overlooked shows short sightedness. He's opinion can be echoed throughout the industry. The WP7 platform is a new eco-system and will take some getting used to. Manufactures have not taken a liking to the OS. The fact is that MS has to be prove itself to be superior. The Android gets off easy by simply cloning Apples idea and making it available to everyone. However, by listening to Mr. Lo and trying to convince him and others like him that he is not correct is the best way to tackle his comments. I guess by listening to him and counter acting his statements. I love MS but where are the updates, where is OS in tablet form, why the bugs after such a long wait, why is it still not released in CDMA form, etc...WP7 is a wonderful platform but looking goog and performing is swell but winning the mind over is different from winning the heart over, and whenever there is emotion involved the relationship is much more long term... Why isnt there a Zune WP7 such an easy mod would have such a large impact. And sell it for $99 burn the competition but win the hearts, uhhh....

This is what I attempted to outline in the article. Netgear have a huge user base, majority being phone users with Android powering them. For Mr Lo to criticise without elaborating on any point given was what was frustrating. Sure, he didn't have to, but he went into some depth with what he thought about Apple and Steve Jobs, so to lightly touch Microsoft's product with such negativity was unreasonable.

OK... I think there is a valid point here. MS has to win over the consumers to get the pundits, critics, and manufacturers who are either skeptical or never tried the OS. MS tried to play it nice, but what they need to do here is "DROP THE BOMB"! They should 1. Fire the Marketing Team who has done a horrible job promoting the OS and get the team that promoted Kinect. They did a great job and it shows in the sales numbers. 2 (and here is the bomb) Give away a 4GB XBox 360 with every purcahse of a Windows Phone and a 2 year contract. Here's why. MS wants users into their ecosystem more than anything. MS probably only makes about $30-$60(If that much) on each 4GB Console which sells for 199; however, if a person gets a Zune Pass and an XBox Live Gold account, its a total of $210 a year, and more than likely they will subscribe for at least 2. In addition to the up front sale, if you add in Games, Apps, Videos, and other purchases for accessories, you can expect that your average gamer will spend about $400 over the next 3 years of ownership of the Xbox 360. On the marketing front, you couldn't beat the publicity that giving them away would get you. Word of mouth would spread, and soon, you'd be knocking on the doors of Apple and Google with sales numbers.The main thing that keeps Apple fans loyal is that they don't think they can port their music library to Zune. Make it simple for them and make it apparent that they have unlimited music with the Zune service, and that they get 10 free songs to keep a month and you'll have people flocking in droves to the platform. Once People start using these services, MS would build a loyal following. There are days when I don't understand why MS doesn't do this. It makes all of the sense in the world to me and the people I talk to.

Chances are that if you got a free XBox 360, you'd go get a Kinect and then you get that market buying those games as well. 4-8 Games a year at 15-20 bucks for licensing isn't bad either. Then you would have Apple, Sony, Nintendo, and Google quaking in their boots. Of course you'd have to deal with anti-trust issues, but worry about that when you've shut down Apple again.

I don't think anti-trust would even be an issue. Apple tried to do a game console a long time ago, but trash canned that. They might still try again by adding games to Apple TV. There's nothing stopping Sony and Nintendo from cranking out their version of Android phones. And Google certainly has enough cash and bodies available to try morphing their home entertainment offering into something that also does games.But if they do all whine to the government that it's just not fair that big bad Microsoft has something they do not, that in itself would serve as free advertising.

Uhm... What is Netgear? :D But to be serious, pointing at others and saying "you suck" seems odd. Even more when he is criticising the field he is not really familiar with. And Netgear's products aren't the best, either.