Microsoft announces new features for Outlook Web App, introduces OWA for Android

Outlook Web App

It's no secret that Microsoft is moving to be a devices and services company. Microsoft will need to embrace more platforms as it makes this momentous pivot. Which is why the company today has announced that it is releasing Outlook Web App for Android. We already have OWA for iPhone users. Now Android employees who work at a business using Office 365 for Business can use the app.

Microsoft didn’t just announce OWA for Android this week at Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin. They’re also introducing a variety of new features for Outlook Web App in Office 365.

Outlook Web App is a webmail service that’s part of Microsoft Exchange Server. It gives companies’ access to internal email, calendars, contacts, tasks, documents and much more. Here’s what’s coming to OWA soon:

  • Clutter
  • Enhanced Document Collaboration
  • Groups
  • OWA for Android

Clutter is a codename of a feature coming to OWA. The goal is to help remove unimportant mail from the inbox of users. Clutter works by using the intelligence learning of Office Graph, a feature announced recently that’s uses sophisticated machine learning techniques to connect you to relevant documents and conversations within your company.

Microsoft has also introduced enhanced documentation collaboration using OWA. Basically you can easily share files stored in the cloud as email attachments. Groups is a OWA feature to enable easier collaboration and work with other in the company.

Anyone out there using Office 365 for Business? Looking forward to the changes and finally letting your coworkers on Android join in on the phone? Sound off.

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Microsoft announces new features for Outlook Web App, introduces OWA for Android


If your services company then youre going great but of a devices company then u have to play some sought of restricted mind not letting your usp going cross platform.

I was about to comment "hey have they forgotten about their own OS's?" Then a small voice said "These things are already built into any Windows device, duh!"

You would think it was all built into the windows phone but it is not.  The calendar is much better in OWA.  If you use Office 365 and would like to view a shared calendar you cannot do that on the phone. On OWA you can view any calendar you have viewed on your desktop.

Shared calendars should automatically just overlay on your calendar. If you want a more 'direct' access, just use the website.  Both the 365 and the outook.com free websites work perfectly on a WP8 device (Desktop view is rather nice even.)


A couple of my users have the Lumia Icon and if we try to use the mobile web version, looks great, but when I try to select a calendar to view I am unable to scroll the list which mean I only have 3 or so to choose from.  Are you able to scroll on the calendar list?

Oh really ? The native mail client is useless, very slow syncing, erratic syncing, not deleting mails properly (they keep popping back in the inbox/sent items), mail duplication (HELL !!!! Every mail in my sent folder is duplicate !!!), you name it and its there. I use the browser for my outlook mail, and guess what ? The outlook mobile page IS THE WORST PAGE EVER !!!! They should learn from yahoo.

Dont get me wrong, i love MS, and i use outlook only now, but the above problems really tick me off. Not a deal breaker though...

Microsoft took years to build and transition literally every service to Azure. We will start to see the benefits of this as they learn to be more agile with all those resources.

Where do you live? It must not be the US, because we have been inundated with Windows Phone ads for a long time now... really, really crappy ads that wouldn't make anyone want to buy a Windows Phone, but still. Lots of them. Money isn't the problem. Idiotic ad agencies and Microsoft exeucutives are, apparently.

In Norway. Haven't seen any Windows Phone or Nokia advertising in months, no wonder they don't sell any more phones here...
Everywhere I turn, tv, newspapers, websites, magazines, buses', you name it, there's a commercial for the heavenly galaxy...
GOOD commercials, and a lot of them is what it takes. Doesn't help that for instance the Lumia 1020 or 1520 are better than most. People buys what they see all day...

Samesung doesnt make good ads everytime, they do make lies at times, like the recent ad targetting surface for all the wrong reasons.

If I'm normal, after all these years, following MSFT's behaviour ever since Ballmer abused Google in 2005 in too harsh a manner, this sudden change in MSFT looks abnormal. First giving out Mobile Office free to android users and then, OWA. That too in a peak time like this when there looks some hope for WP to get some momentum in market share. I may sound like a jerk, but are they running after money at the cost of WP market share or what?

I would say they are trying to get people to use their services instead of Googles, and once they've accustomed to MSFT services, the transition to WP would dbe easier.

That'd be nice and what you are saying maybe in MSFT's mind but what if it goes like the other way we don't want? And its most likely that. For example, take Nokia X with live tiles like thing and Microsoft services. Certainly, Nokia made the phone but had MSFT services running in it.

1. Just after a day of release, people found out how to root it, remove ms services and install google play. So where's the transition? There's a transition only to Android platform via Nokia X, not WP.
2. Nokia X series was meant for low-mid budget class people. They won't just buy a Lumia soon after they get X.

Now in this case, why should they (Android users) bother WP when they get exactly the same and more things in Android via MSFT and Google both?

All valid questions. The thing is, MS doesn't really have a choise. Most of their profits comes from software so they have to get their services out to other platforms. Otherwise they are doomed.

Nice to see OWA now has the modern theme too. When Outlook.com came out it was still stuck with the Live theme.

My work uses OWA and they are converting everything this week to the new version with 365. Hoping that I will actually be able to add the mailbox to my WP now since it has never worked before.

That's server/service side config. It should work as long as your it people didn't blocked and configure it properly

Yeah, I don't think we are supposed to have full access at my level perhaps, but that may change since the whole login process changes with the 365 change.

Let's re-write that last sentence to read:  Looking forward to the changes and finally letting your coworkers on Android join in on the fun?

Instead of how it currently reads:  Looking forward to the changes and finally letting your coworkers on Android join in on the phone?

Office 365 just keeps on giving, not regretting the decision to go BPOS back in the day over Google docs. Icing on the cake was seeing my E3 iPad users enjoying Office for the first time. Welcome my little I friends now its my little Andoid fans getting some loving... nice.

So can you send files from OneDrive as an attachment or just a link for sharing? I have been waiting for the former but my Outlook.com still only lets me share links. Maybe its only for OWA or just not implemented yet?

We switched from our own Exchange 2003 server to MS Hosted Office 365. That service is great on all modern devices (which Exchange 2003 didn't support). My staff use iOS, Android and WP devices and the one thing everyone really only uses is email. On their office PCs we have the entire MS office suite, and on tablets (mostly iPads) we simply log into Office 365. The only thing I could really see being a benefit on all devices is viewing shared calendars and sending a read receipt request. Shared calendars really would be a marked improvement in time management. Read receipts would really be a convenient enhancement. For that matter, add read receipt to Outlook on Mac (Office 2011), where it should exist just like Outlook on a PC.


I have galaxy s4 mini.

I don't use all google apps and instead installed outlook.com, xbox music, onenote, onedirve and ms office.

It's great.

I wish Microsoft let's us use OWA for iOS/Android with on-premise Exchange or Outlook.com. 

Looking through this forum seems to confirm my suspicions: There is currently no Outlook or OWA app available for a windows phone. I've just bought a Microsoft Lumia handset and am a little incredulous that Microsoft have not set this up for what is now their own device, though outlook apps are available for Apple and android platforms. Or have I missed something? If not, has Microsoft said whether and when they'd remedy the situation?