New Foursquare job post shows bigger push for Windows Phone development


A new job listing from Foursquare indicates that the popular "check in" app company is making a bigger push towards creating better Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps in the future.

The listing for a new "Cross-Platform Mobile Developer" states:

We have begun building out a new team dedicated to working with our external partners and bringing the first-class Foursquare experience to new and untapped platforms. As one of the founding members of this team, you will have the opportunity to help spearhead a priority project in building our marquee mobile service app for all Windows Phone and Windows 8 users.

While there are Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 Foursquare apps currently available for download, external teams outside of the main developer were in charge of both projects. This new job listing could signal a shift in direction where Foursquare itself is taking more responsibility for those apps.

Recently, Foursquare launched a new app, Swarm, where the older app's check-in experience was turned into a stand alone app. So far, there's been no word on when or if Swarm will be released for Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 but this new job post hopefully means the platforms will get Swarm sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this job posting and does it mean Foursquare is taking Microsoft's operating systems more seriously? And anybody out there interested in applying?

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New Foursquare job post shows bigger push for Windows Phone development


I believe they promised an article about home screen and that wallpaper for thursday/friday. I want it, too. It's pretty

Its an app which will help make the most of your geographic location. Hotels around places to visit wifi zones restaurant all based on location and other people input on area specific. Cortana sources some of her information from foursquare. I guess.

I use it purely so they can get a profile of me and get good suggestions when travelling or in new areas.

Is it even in the UK? never heard a single person mention it, outside of a few internet forums. The idea reminds me of Tha augmented reality thing Nokia was raving about previously. Was it city lens?

Rather like city lens, but without augmented reality, but with some reviews of the places from other users.

And yeah, it works in Indonesia too

Look up on Bing to find out what it is. I mostly use it for check-in and exploration.

Foursquare is really big. I mean it works in most rural areas too. And now Bing (Cortana) is fed with Foursquare's data.

Nice to hear.
Windows 8.1 app is actually good but the Windows Phone version is a disaster.
For now, I'll keep using 4th & Mayor and Fast4sq.

Yeah, I really like the Windows app - missing a few features, but it works well, is easy to use and is very nicely designed - one of the nicer apps I've come across for Windows 8.1

How do FourSquare users use the platofrm? I use Yelp currently. Is one better than the other as far check ins/reviews? Or different context?

Yelp is for figuring out if you want to try a place, Foursquare is for what to do once you're there. Yelp reviews tend to be long pieces of prose, usually several paragraphs. Foursquare tips are short and to-tbe-point. If five Foursquare tips talk about the goat cheese rangoon (with lines like "tastes like it was made by unicorns"), I'm ordering the goat cheese rangoon.

There is no foursquare app for WP. I'm perplexed as to why WPC is writing up articles to something that doesn't exist.

Nope. Foursquare is not in the store on my phone, the "download app" from the previous write up on Foursquare is and old version the force closes when ever you open it, and in this new article, there is no download app. There is no Foursquare for WP....just fourth and square.

What version of WP are you running and where are you located? When I search for Foursquare I see the app. I live in the US if that means anything.

NVM I see you live in Florida, is that correct?

you can download from Store , also you have 4th and Mayor. Have you actually looked? What makes you say there is no Foursquare for WP anymore?


Have I checked, lol. No...lol, I'm claiming there is no Foursquare for WP cause I have nothing better to do today. Yes, several times I've checked today....plus uninstalled my broken Foursquare, installed the app from the previous article (which is also broken). Then go to the WP store to only fine Fourth and Square when I look up Foursquare. There is no Foursquare for WP anymore.

You're of your rocker, I just searched it and it was the first on the list to come up. I then installed it and launched it without issue.

Like I said, it is not searchable for those of us with 1520's and probably Icons. I can't explain his tantrum however.

Did I miss something? I still use Foursquare for identifying interesting places nearby but what happened to check-in values? Used to get +3 minimum (many +11 or more) on my check-ins. Now, lucky if more than +1 is awarded. What's up?

I think that changed after Swarm was released. You can read more here (couldn't find a better source, but you get the point).

You get one point generally for checking into a place you've been before. More points for new places, checking in with friends and other achievements.

The gamification of the app was actually implimented to build the Foursquare database - it gave people incentive to check in, where previously there was none. They actually wanted to build a databade of places and the quickest and best way to do it was to add the points.

Now they have the data, is why they're switching to 2 apps - they never wanted to build a game, but people like the check in factor - Swarm is the social side of their app, and Foursquare is the recommendation/review side - which was their original intention. By spliting the app in 2 now allows them to build a better experience across both sides.

Do a lot of people still use this feature? In all seriousness, because I just see people check in with Facebook now.

Ya i think so , facebook checking doesnt provide any benefit to you.  At least using foursquare checkin you can get discounts  / free coffees / cheap booze etc

While i do check in, i mostly use the ' get directions' feature which automatically opens Here Drive and takes you to your destination. This is really useful if you are visiting a location you have never been to whether it's local or abroad...i hope they keep this feature when in the future Swarm/Foursquare

Nice to hear.
Windows 8.1 app is actually good but the Windows Phone version is a disaster.
For now, I'll keep using 4th & The Mayor and Fast4sq.

It's funny you say that because I consider it the other way around. I do love the man power put into the app for Windows 8.x, especially when you consider that it's the only tablet app available—there's not square for iPad or Android tablets! Having saying that, the UX is kinda confusing and I feel pretty confident they could do a lot better. The splash screen takes ages, just to point out something.

The WP app loads so much faster and the layout is very user-friedly, or so I think. Plus I really dig the way you can access the map right away at the top.

I am in Woodbridge, VA now....and nope, it's not in the store on my phones. Been checking all day. I am running 8.1 currently.

Well ironically I emailed the foursquare and swarm team they said later in summer for a release and the response was rather quick they were glad for the feedback on the foursquare app

Microsoft pay Foursquare $15 million in a licencing deal and Foursquare are only NOW getting around to advertising for developers to write a Windows phone app????

Unbelievable ((

Consider there are more factors to them updating the app than 'MSFT gave us some $$$, lets get cracking.'

iOS and Android apps have more functions than the WP version - my experience is I'd roll out the apps that are more stable, with more features, that can then be scaled back or even introduced to the WP app in the future. Far better to build the app and scale it back then build it and bolt on features.

I could potentially see them waiting to see how Cortana panned out a bit - with the Cortana services tapping into Foursquare, wait and see what's currently working, and what could be improved once its rolled out, and update the Foursquare services and servers to make a better Foursquare and Cortana experience

I quit using Foursquare when the split occurred. I tried Swarm for about a week. Both have since been deleted from my phone. When I was on WinPhone 4th and Mayor was a superior Foursquare client anyway. Once I return to WinPhone (after my purgatory in iOS) in the fall, I will use Bing/Yelp for things to do near me (what 4SQ will become), and check-in on Facebook if I want any stalkers.