New HTC names for Windows Phones: Omega is Radar and Eternity the Titan?

One thing that is always difficult to keep up on is HTC's various model names for what are often very similar phones. The reasons are obvious though: GSM, CDMA, LTE, WiMax and carrier requests all resort in slightly varying devices.

Now, some new UAProfs (user agent profiles) have appeared that lend credence to alternate names for the Omega and Eternity, two upcoming Windows Phone Mango devices expected to be announced on September 1st (yeah, we'll be there).

Frist up is the HTC Omega aka the white Windows Phone which was leaded yesterday. That device's name may actually be the HTC Radar C110e (it's always tough to know which is the code name and which is the brand name, but Radar may be the brand name, oddly enough).

Like wise, the Eternity is probably going to be the Titan X310e--which interestingly was the name of a quite famous Windows Mobile phone. Other than that, there's not too much that's new outside of we're getting real close to getting all the details.

Source: Blog of Mobile!; via NanaPho


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New HTC names for Windows Phones: Omega is Radar and Eternity the Titan?


the complaint really isn't necessary. who cares how they're designed there's not many ways a black slab can be designed

That is seriously getting old. If you hate HTC that much just chose a different OEM, for crying out loud.

The old titan was a sprint phone... hopefully the new one will be too. Although that screen may be a bit too big. Nice for playing some awesome XBL games on? I still want a thin, 4 inch slate, with a nice camera and good solid build quality.

That would be really, really exciting. I am hoping to dump AT&T in November, and Sprint is my first choice. But I am really worried that Sprint's loyalty to Android and all the rumors of an iPhone for them would push any hope of a good Mango device to the back burner. While I am still worried, the fact that the old Titan was a Sprint phone, which I had no idea about, at least gives me hope...

Titan is a much better name, not only because is a huge phone but because Samsung already have a phone named Eternity.

When I bought my Droid X, I thought 4.3" would be borderline too large. After a day of use it felt perfect. At this point, I don't know if I'd be able to use anything smaller than 4". I'd love to try out a 4.7" screen.