New image of the Samsung ATIV SE leaked, shows darker back

Samsung ATIV SE

Last Sunday we were treated to a render of Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device. It’s called the ATIV SE, but was previously known as the both the Samsung Huron and SM-W750V. Specs are still scarce on the ATIV SE. Though we do have a new look at it today thanks to Twitter leaker evleaks.

This is a darker shade compared to the ATIV SE we saw earlier this week. You can compare the two below.

Samsung ATIV SE backs

You’ll have to let us know which you prefer. The lighter shade on the left or the darker one on the right. Or would your rather skip this Samsung device altogether and wait for something from Nokia. The ATIV SE is expected to hit Verizon, though you probably could have guessed that with the giant Verizon logo on the device. 

Source: @evleaks


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New image of the Samsung ATIV SE leaked, shows darker back



Ditto! Both look better than the pockmark glam look of the S5 - otherwise known as twin brother of the Band Aid.

totally agree that a SD card slot is a very important feature for me...

Must also admit that past experience with an older Samsung has given me a bit of an antipathy towards Samsung, but some of that may have been the old version of Android it was running....

For now my ideal phone would be something that has the metal looks of the HTC One, a SD Card slot, a dedicated camera button (hardware home buttons I am up in the air about) and a five inch or so 1080 display.  Qi charging would be nice as well, but not necessarily as critical as the other features.


I said numerous times Nokia had a perfect phone until they neutered it by not having a SD slot. Same thing with the 1520. It would've been perfect if it had 32GB internal.

I would LOVE a 1520 pentaband that works perfect on Tmo. I wouldn't have got a Note 3 if that option was available. I'll NEVER buy a NON AMERICAN Nokia again. I got burned on a Rogers 920 warranty issue. I heard Att was going to release a 1520 32GB with a SD slot. If it's Pentaband somebody let me know!!! I'd dump my Note 3 in a heartbeat for one.

Cheers for posting the link...I'm trying to figure out why are there so many comments about they wish there was a 1520 with a SD slot ... When a bunch of us like myself actually have this phone if you come to this site how do they not know im sure the average customer wouldn't but you guys read wpcentral

It needs a better brand name.  Ativ sounds computer-generated.

I think something "cosmic" to complement their Galaxy line for Android would be good... since it's basically the same hardware anyway.


"Dude, have you seen the new Efil?" Hahaha... I'm with you. ATIV is lame as is Samsung in general.

Ironically they're not really either because they're just a rehash of a Galaxy S model with Windows on it.

I'm sure this will be quad core, 1080p, SD card slot, beautiful AMOLED display, but no camera button = crap. Thx for your insight.

I'll gladly take this crappy phone.  Too bad it only appears to be a Verizon branded device.  For the time being that will remain my deal breaker for me.  Otherwise I'd love to have this. 

Sprint stinks after they got the palm pre, the next version went to another carrier and now the same thing happens to the ativ s

Design of this phone looks perfect. I am sure spec will match SG4 or SG5.
Wait for Nokia? What for?
I will take SG4/SG5 design with WP on it any time.
After 920 I am rocking now ATIV S Build quality is exceptional. Samsung know how to produce top notch hardware. Can't wait ...

If past experience is any guide, you'll waite longer for this than any Nokia. Remember the Ativ was the 1st W8 announced. Nokia had the 8&920s and HTC had the 8X&S out before the Ativ got into people's hands.

True.. Sammy was announced first. Nokia had offerings across the board. The 8X was available to just about everyone though. I'm just holding off for an HTC Wone, W1 or whatever they call it.. Maybe a Lenovo Think8.1.. Hmmmm

What are you smoking? Samsung build quality exceptional? Don't make me laugh. Cheap plastic (as opposed to high quality polycarbonate) and extremely fragile. Samsung phones are a jokes, the SD slots are the only advantage they usually have.

I gotta agree. The Ativ S was a fantastically built phone, and has always been one of my favorite Windows Phone 8's. Have always been sorry I sold it.

If you want a decent build quality (Nokia), an SD card slot, a one-handed usable sized screen (4.3), 1Gb ram with 16Gb onboard storage, and is wireless charging capable without a shell, you need to look at the Lumia 822.

I don't use the camera button to actually take pictures, but I couldn't imagine not using one as a shortcut to the camera app.

Wow, I did not know WP Central had segregated areas.   And I would have sworn there was a line in the article explicitly asking about whether or not people would rather have a Nokia.

Or would your rather skip this Samsung device altogether and wait for something from Nokia

Oh, yea that's it.   Personally I like the darker metal, but I do also prefer a camera button, I don't like the Windows button (it looks cheesy to me) and finally I like my 920 too much still.... 

No, it would be appreciated if he voiced his opinion about Nokia.. That's what Sam asked for him to do in the article....
You aren't running nothing over here... You ain't me❕

After the customer service NIGHTMARE I have had, If this phone has a 5" display and MicroSD....Screw Nokia, I will never buy one again... Worst company I have EVER delt with..

I had a nightmare experience with Nokia too. I bought a Rogers 920 to use on Tmo in the US. Well it broke. Nokia wouldn't honor the warrant. They said since it was a Canadian phone they only honor the warranty in Canada. BS.... Business travelers, Students etc. Could easily get shafted.

i have a nokia 1520 and im not happy at all.  my samsung focus was a more enjoyble experience. i hope this new one comes to AT&T since it is my family carrier. no mor nokias for me.

Are you just trolling? If not please be specific and don't just say that you are not happy with your 1520 without saying why...

With as much as people spewing hate on here for Samsung with no cause he doesn't have to justify to you.

It's too heavy, too big, I can't enlarge pictures on websites when I'm shopping.  The ringer volume button keeps getting turned down when in my bag. Even when the ringer is on, I miss a lot if calls. I guess I'm not a phablet person. A 4.7" or 5" screen would have been a better choice.

You picked the largest Windows Phone ever made and you complained because it was too big and heavy? You can't hear it because its in your bag?

I'd prefer if the back was the lighter of the two and the honeycomb pattern removed. It'd be a nice enough looking phone then. Doesn't compete with a Nokia IMO and I'm going to stick to Nokia.

Personally I like the honeycomb pattern, although without seeing it to in person it may be a bit jarring in real world use.

The darker back is definitely nicer, but I've always liked more colour (I know) in my phones so that makes sense.

I'm just gonna start calling it Lumia.. It's time for us to move on, and get Nokia out of our heads... But yes,, after having a 920, and 1520, it's gonna take a really good phone to take me away from Lumia devices... It's just not likely anytime soon... I hope I stand to be corrected❕❕

Would agree. Currently waiting for the updated version of the 920 as I love the design sooo much, guess I'll wait for the 930.


Camera button, wireless charging and that beautiful design has me sold. Want more of the same but better specs. Out of contract and waiting....

Shouldn't Samsung be giving us something based on the GS5,, not the old GS4❔
Why are Samsung's WP devices so boring time, after time.......... Rhetorical...

All of Samsung phones look like crap, so looks aren't even a question... But, what's on the inside of the GS5 is slightly better than the older GS4 so it would be nice for Samsung to use current hardware...

The GS5 is almost exactly the same specs wise as the GS4. GS4 had Snapdragon 600.
GS5 is Snapdragon 800. They both have a 1080p display.
If this has Snapdragon 800(guaranteed), 1080p display(guaranteed) and a 16MP camera(not sure). Then this is a GS5 in another body. A way sexier body that is ruined by Verizon. Hope for an international version.

The GS5 is SD801!... It's got better performance, and battery life.. Not huge, but WP is worthy of the best that Samsung has to offer, not just almost as good...

I think you meant to say SD805 (Snapdragon 805) plus it has fingerprint scanner and a heart beat sensor just below the camera module at the back. At least, we have another good option in Windows Phone family but I'll wait for Nokia....Goldfinger or Martini all the way!

No, from my understanding the Samsung Galaxy S 5 has a SD801❕.. It doesn't have the 805... 805 devices won't be around till summer.

I like that Sammy gives you an SD slot, but with WP 8.1 OS giving so much power to SD card storage, I highly doubt Nokia (Microsoft) will leave it out of their high end devices. That makes me want to hold out for a device with premium feel, specs, and maybe that dedicated camera button I've learned to like so much.

I just don't really care for how Samsung does any of their devices.. I hate to say it, but they just suck... Ok, I said it. What?❔

Let me elaborate.. Samsung devices don't entirely suck... The hardware inside is good, and Samsung does try to put a lot of innovative features in each new device, well at least on there Android versions... It's the design of the device that sucks.. Flimsy, super thin cheap feeling battery covers, old, typical candy bar, rounded corner devices.. It is just to "last decade" looking.... So, if the WP versions don't get the cool new innovative hardware features inside, and they look, and feel like a GS2 on the outside, with a fraction of the support that Lumia devices get,,,,, then compared to Lumia devices I'll back track and say yes they do relatively suck... They offer nothing that Lumia devices don't, they have worse design, and barely any support.....
Lets keep in mind that I WAS a longtime Samsung fan since 2013, owning 4 devices over ten years with my last Samsung device being a Samsung Focus.... Even a hardcore Samsung/WP fan has to admit that it's stupid not to buy a Nokia device if you want WP.... Now, I'm taking into consideration availability, and price, so I understand reasonably why some won't be able to choose a Lumia device....

yeah samsung sorta lost it after the GS2 era, their designs started going downhill

my friends still have gs2s and they are the last samsung devices which lasted that long(one of them had an s3 and the other an s4 and ironically both developed problems very fast)


I'd prefer if they would actually take the time to design a new handset instead of taking recycled designs to new levels.

Waiting to see what Nokia brings to the table. But even without the MicroSD the Icon is enticing. Love my 920 and the Nokia apps seal the deal.

That's what I call a slow news day . . . an announcement that a phone manufacturer may have made the back of their phone a darker shade of grey.

I'm not sure what pisses me,of more; that fact that this made a not inconsiderable word count story, or the fact that I'm commenting on it.

#ffs #seriously

This is the best resource for WP news, i hate reading about the colour of plastic......but i just did :(

Incorrect, if this is a new Verizon phone, it WILL be a LTE/4G phone. Verizon would not carry it unless it was.

OK, good, because I couldn't tell.  Lucky Verizon wrote it all over the back of the phone so we don't forget.

That's what I call a slow news day . . . an announcement that a phone manufacturer may have made the back of their phone a darker shade of grey.
I'm not sure what pisses me off more; the fact that this made a not inconsiderable word count story, or the fact that I'm .commenting on it.,
#ffs #seriously

I am saving up for the NL Icon. I held the device on my hands the other day at Verizon. It is a remarkable piece of a device and software.. I must have it. I'm skipping.

So you honestly think the 520, 820, actually looks better than this? Or do you just have some hatred for a company that you judge with it without seeing it in person.  The same everyone on here tried to say how ugly the 925 was and it was a HTC knockoff or that the Icon was boxy and ugly.  My how quickly people forget past post on here.

I used to use Samsung products. Yes the 520 and 820 look better than this mess. Its not an ugly phone. But I prefer Nokia looks.

lol ok. You used to use and never seen this but it looks better than the 520 and 820 plasticware thick bezel design. But we all know your story so I wouldnt expect a non biased answer.

Anybody who doesn't think the 520 is not the cutest small screen phone out there really needs his cranium to be split open and a look into his brain done to see where his/her sense of aesthetics has gone amiss. Didn't know there were Samsung fanbois who thought Samsung designs were even good, leave alone better than Lumia ones. Lol.

Okay first off there's no Fanboy here. So get the ignorance out your lips. I own three Nokia devices. The fact that you even called the 520 "cute" needs no other response from me and explains everything.

@winnabe exactly,i have two 720s and an 820 and the 520 still looks delicious coz of the pricetag and features,design etc despite it sharing its design with my 720s

Every Lumia device looks better than this,,,, and I used to be a hard core Samsung fan before Nokia came along with Lumia devices...

You're crazy if you think the 520 or the 820 are even remotely ugly.  They're stylish customizable devices with personality. This is just another Samsung phone.  Grey.

I means its amazing people talk about ugly plastic and fail to admit that's what the majority of Lumia are. And there's nothing stylish about those two phone. They're two plastic blocks with bezel thicker than LeBron James forehead

Texture and the way it looks on the eye. Oh wait, I'm talking to someone who's sense of aesthetics got robbed before he even acquired any of his senses.

I think it funny that my opinion is hated by your stupidity cause I don't agree with you.  Sorry to bust your bubble wannabe but not everthing that Nokia make is absolute "cute".Oh I'm sorry cutest. No man should ever say that by the way. But you can continue on the insult attempt.  It's rather lackluster and ignorant for you to comprehend opinion. 

Ok, then, we shall agree to disagree. Apologies for my attempts at 'insult' - it wasn't meant to be malicious, though.

Fair enough.  No harm done.  Like wise to you as well. The main thing to always remember is we all want to see success with WP. The internal attacks just makes not only WP look so seperated, but our community as well.  At the end of the day opinions are just that, but we need this phone and we need more OEM on board to better compete and increase market share.

Is there anyway non-constructive Nokia fanboy comments can be removed? Sheesh... On topic, I like the darker shade, hate that this will be a VZ exclusive. I can only hope that means AT&T will get a slightly more up to date ATIV...maybe even an ATIV 2. My contract is up in July so I'm holding out hope for that.

Had my Icon for 2 weeks now....great phone....only downside is no SD card, but with 32gig internal I'm over it....took my 32gig SD from my 810 and put in my 64gig surface....and 150gig onedrive....got space all over the place!

Love my Nokia 928 and am looking to eventually upgrade to the Icon, unless this or possibly the upcoming Sony Vaio phone convinces me otherwise. I really wish Nokia would put SD card slots in their phones!!!

They both look alright, but that's the thing!! Samsung could bring out a seriously decent phone, but it's as if they are just testing the water, even though i have 3 Lumias, i urge everyone that either hates Nokia fanboys like myself or even if you are just interested in this phone to buy it! It can only be good for Windows Phone aswell as your phone experience

a way of looking at the next ativ is that android/samsung fanboys will get one seeing the similiarities to its android brothers

It's funny how people complain about Samsung having phones that "look the same" but the moment a Nokia phone doesn't look like their current phone they go crazy.  Like the Lumia Icon for example.  Companies just have their own signature style, if they made wildly different looking stuff each time, they wouldn't have their own style and it wouldn't be recognizable in the ocean of smartphones on the market.

Like it or not I guarantee it'll sell more than the Icon on Verizon. Very few android users would hop on a phone without a SD slot. Whether you need it or not. The perception is if you don't have a SD slot it's inferior. Exactly why HTC put it on the new One.

no perception issues here. if most phones had 64 gb or higher, i wouldnt care about the sd slot. i like using flac files on my phones or at least 320kbps files. My commutes to school take some time and I like enjoying my music library on the trips. sometimes i also like packing a movie or some videos related to a lesson. i will never solely rely on streaming as there are far too many compromises or unforseen problems such as the network might be down, slow or spotty, it drains the battery faster, and no one is telling me that any mobile music streaming service can be comparable to FLAC. As you can see, there are no perception issues here. Our needs or rather wants, are clearly different. When a phone has an SD slot the user is presented with the choice to use this slot as opposed to if the phone does not have one which then takes away said choice. Peopke really need to try and understand others instead of trying to force their own beliefs upon others.

As an ATIV S owner, this should be a great device. The ATIV S is a quality built, with beautiful display, removable battery (for those who want removable), and excellent battery life. I love my phone, but I do want to switch to Lumia for the camera. If the manual Nokia camera isn't important to you, try an ATIV. I highly recommend it. The SE should be an excellent device.

I like the darker shade. I'm betting the next ATIV will look like the S5, this one looks like the S4, while the current ATIV S I have looks like the S3.

Posted from my Lumia 925 via WPCentral app

Samsung design is so uninspiring. I would much rather have an HTC One variant, but I'm going with Nokia.

Suppose someone with a GS3/4 wants to go WP and would like the same design phone? This fits the bill.

Maybe it's just me but I find that rounded corners Samsung phones have since GS3 are horrible. Makes me go "ewww" everytime.

The darker shade seems reminiscent of the ATIV S. As for this part of the article:

Or would your rather skip this Samsung device altogether and wait for something from Nokia

I don't get it. Verizon users already have the Icon available which is the best Windows Phone that they currently offer, so what would people be waiting for if they don't want the ATIV SE? 

I'm happy Samsung is jumping in...looks great. Even without SD...I have a love affair with Nokia. Proud 925 owner!

I still couldn't see myself parting with my 920. Ram and processor upgrades to this OS past the current specs its rockin seem pretty redundant. Zero lag. Camera great for a phone. Zero lag. Runs all apps. Screen fantastic. Just can't justify dropping hundreds for something I already got. Maybe when there aren't anymore os upgrades coming I may consider. I will never swing samsungs way though as Nokia is killin it with their own exclusive apps.

I think the tint of the back of the phone was literally the least problematic part of this phone's design.  I would pass this phone up for another OS if that's all I could choose from.  Jesus that thing is ugly.

Somehow Samsung's WP designs look miles & furlongs better than any of their Android offerings. Having a hard time to tell which one I would prefer though- maybe the lighter shade. Hmm.

I think Samsung should manufacture 3 colours instead. It will be boring for customers not having the excitement to choose which colour to buy. Agree? Since their specs are great and OS has just got better...then this is when colours comes :) But still I'm gonna wait for Nokia surprise hehe! :D

No interest in Samsung whatsoever. Little support for Windows Phone was a pain in the ass when I had my Focus S.

For real? I always perceived them to be all in back in the WP7 days. They were top dog in my eyes before Nokia came along. The original Focus is still one of my all time favs. Loved that phone.

Exactly it's complete ignorance with the no support idiocy. They have supported, even if it's one device, WP from the jump and still willing to put out a device. People on here sometimes...

no hes from the wp7 era and alot of wp7 phones had support issues and no promised updates etc

wp8 is a much improved scene though and im sure all wp8.1/wp8 devices will always have awesome support like the past year!!

I don't think I'll ever consider buying anything from Samsung again. Looks like they expect people to carry with them ALL of the accessories for their stuff, like docking stations...

After that stupid video I'll just choose something in the store from other manufacturers!

Please ship an international version of the ATIV SE as soon as possible! I'd like to replace my ATIV S with LTE-enabled device.

I'm very satisfied with my 920. The Samsung ATIV S was the first Samsung phone I ever considered when it was announced and if I had the cash I could buy this if/when available off contract in Sweden. I require a phone with a 5"+ screen and SD slot to get a new main phone thou. Preferably a Lumia ;)