New indie Wikipedia app for Windows Phone sets the bar for quality

For those familiar with our site, you’ll know we have some developers whose work we consider to be generally the crème of the crop. Rudy Huyn is one of those and he released his new app recently aptly titled Wikipedia (his other apps include TVShow, Friend Tracker, 9Gag and Fuse)

Long story short, Rudy previously had a similar app called MyEncyclopedia. MyEncyclopedia was actually part of a contest involving the carrier Orange. Huyn wanted to control the app and updates  though so he was going to relist it under his account but alas, the developer-bug got him and he decided to redo the whole thing making it even nicer than ever.

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Well, mission accomplished.

Wikipedia is a gorgeous little app that has no ads and is completely free—just like Wikipedia itself. The app has many functions that make it “complete” but really it’s the well thought out design that turns our head. Some of those functions though are:

  • View wikipedia articles around your location
  • Search in 100 languages
  • Offline mode to view article without Internet connection
  • Display the summary of the article
  • Find your favorite articles
  • View previous versions of article
  • Simply share a article on Facebook, Twitter, by mail or by generating a QRCode
  • Support Pocket (formerly Read It Later) and Instapaper

Like we said, there’s little not to like about this app so if you use Wikipedia and want added functionality, just peep our video above or head right here to the Marketplace to get it now.

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Reader comments

New indie Wikipedia app for Windows Phone sets the bar for quality


I love how some of the reviews blame the app for not working in China. That's good propaganda.
The app is beautiful but this app doesn't add many features beyond what I can do in the browser. I like using my search button when I need info and I hope WP8 will search using apps and in apps because that will speed up the process.

Thanks, I was waiting on the new version of this app! Many thanks to the developer for all his work on this as it is appreciated. :)

Now that is how WP-apps is supposed to look! Looks fantastic.
I wish MS would have more strict guidelines, or some kind of standard or template so devs could get to this level easier.
Compared to iOS and Android, Metro require a bit more from the devs to keep up with the rest of the WP OS and UI, obviously its not that easy to create something beautiful with text and squares. Most apps looks kind of crap imo.  

Why would it get pulled? Wikipedia is open source with no revenue stream. I dare you to cite an instance of Wikipedia enforcing anything.

Everything has been checked, I have the rights;)
(Wikipedia is happy to have an application a little better than the existing one)

Wow dude, this is by far one of the best metro experience app ever. I love wikipedia and this is a really class app you've made. Even on my 1st gen samsung focus, it runs smoothly.
One request: I'd very very very strongly recommend to keep it always free. Its Wikipedia!!! Wikipedia defies the traditional knowledge and economic systems by providing all the human knowledge for free ad-free. And you'll make a big contribution in the same faith by keeping this app free.
(But if really really REALLY required, you can make it paid. In any case, please dont infest it with ads)

Only thing missing (haven't fully checked it) is augmented camera function. Looks fantastic. I'll be installing now.

Dammit Rudy stop raising the bar so high for the rest of us! ;) in seriousness though this release is excellent, seriously impressed

Tips : add some articles to favorites and return to home (I work hard on the "sliding image control" ;) )

Thanks, Nice work. Would like to see some of those UI elements come to TV Show, give some uniformity to your apps.

Finally an awesome Wikipedia app, I used to use wikipanda but it was full and sometimes didn't work. Thank you to the dev for knocking this one out the park!

@theefman : It will be the case ;) For the moment, I work hard on Fuse major update (which use some controls of wikipedia (the share panel, dark  / light themes, etc ...) and with unique new features (secret for the moment)

Another feature of wikipedia: references 
search a reference (it look like this : [3])  and click on it

I'm one of those people who really really really like nice apps. But this time the app is nice and I use Wikipedia a lot. Thanks to the dev