New leak sees Nokia working on NFC, iPod Shuffle-like portable music player


Nokia is looking to pump out new hardware next week at its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. As well as expected tablets and smartphones, the company is also working on accessories and other technologies. Now a tweet published by the rather accurate @evleaks Twitter account suggests Nokia is working on an iPod Shuffle-like, portable music player.

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Nokia has been tapping into music, but in a unique way with its special mixes and experience - see Nokia Music for more coverage on the windows Phone app. Setting apart itself from Apple's iTunes, Spotify and Microsoft's Xbox Music, could the company work a portable music player like the iPod Shuffle?

Evleaks Nokia Guru

There's not a whole lot of detail, apart from the device is rumoured to sport NFC (near field communication), which is a feature Nokia has implemented on both its smartphones and accessories. Is 'Guru' an accessory or separate hardware, running an OS? How it will be related to Windows Phone (or RT) is far from clear at this time, so just file this under 'interesting'.

We'll keep our eyes open for any leaks that reveal more information on such a device.

Would you like to see a portable music player from Nokia?

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)


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New leak sees Nokia working on NFC, iPod Shuffle-like portable music player


As a parent I like to spend,my money to buy for my daughter what she likes as well as what I like for myself...

Yeah I thought it was one of those spam posts, but there wasn't any link it was trying to get you to click, which was weird

Apparently You, NIST, and I raise red flags for having fun on WPC... I don't see what the problem is. It's usually on topic... Usually❕❗❕❗❗

Sounds like a waste of effort.  Even apple seems to be neglecting their ipod line of products these days, since most people just use their smartphones for music.

Ditto. After seeing how Zune went I'm surprised the music player is being revisited. Redundant and late to the table.

Really? I have never seen my battery life impacted by listening to music. One day where I had a lot of travel I had my phone playing back music and podcasts for almost 8 hours straight and still had 50% battery life at the end of the day, which is almost what it is with normal use without listening to music after 8 hours.

I would exclusively opt in for a small, sleek music player. I don't pay Apple and hence don't buy iPod. I do really need one. Its so much easier to have a tiny device in pocket while in gym, running or hiking rather than a phone that will drain everything including my blood out. Plus with thing like 920 and 1020, you would never put that in your gym shorts or trousers unless you like a good thigh banging!

Get them a 520 but don't give them a plan. They can still call 911 and when you're ready put in the SIM. A new iPod touch 16GB is $229

A smart phone has more functionality then they need. I don't need them downloading a bunch of games that they're just going to bury there face in and grow up with poor social skills.

With phones in 5  - 6" range coming, this could be a nice companion device for the gym, etc..  Even my 4.3" phone is getting a little annoying carrying around in the gym.  It has fallen out of my pocket a few times.  Plus, if they can sell the Lumia 520 for $99, something like this should be $49 or less.  With NFC, it must be able to do more than just play music too.

I'd be into it if worked directly with my phone, and could take the audio that I wanted to listen to off the phone and put it in the MP3 player so I could listen during commute/exercise and not wear down the phone's battery.

Anyone remember the leak image of a Nokia watch like device awhile back? Who knows, this could be the codename Nokia Guru. And plus if it does have music capabilities, it could be a wearable music player like device with NFC to sync like many people think.

Lumia 1520 + my 64GB SD card. Somewhere around 80GBs of music for me which I bluetooth through my car. My post zuneHD music needs are set

I don't think it's simply a music player... the rumour is (given the NFC) that it's something to do with using wireless headsets with your NFC-enabled (or Lumia) phones.

yeah you can imagine that it probably connects to the phone and acts kind of like a remote just for music and/or maybe alerts?

This is what I'm thinking.  The NFC is the give away.  Tap your phone to the device, it syncs, put your phone down, play astreamed song using the connected player and then it's ASS TO GRASS SQUATS!

Nah this is very good for development its hard to believe but kids can buy these! Hopefully its real real cheap otherwise I can't say something positive about it!

A Nokia mp3 player? Absolutely!
Mind you, I am a fan of Creative's players, but I would definitely buy a Nokia one (surprise, surprise).
I don't see the need for it to have any relation whatsoever with Windows Phone though. Or any relation with Microsoft for that matter. All it needs is to be in line with Nokia Music so it can work cross not only WP but also Symbian and other Nokia platforms.

Am all for this! My Zune won't last forever and strapping my 920 to my arm for a run is tempting a heartbreaking accident - I mean, what if I ran into someone, the damage to them could easily be life threatening. I look forward to more on this rumour.

Question... If MSFT is(has bought) Nokia, why are so many cool devices being pushed out before they are officially MSFT?

That's because Microsoft hasn't bought anything yet. They're still awaiting shareholders approval AND regulators approvals (Governments etc).

As for "why"? You can see it two ways:
1 - "if you go out, go out with a bang!";
2 - "lets go out with such a bang that everyone will regret MS did this once they realize how things got worse now that we're gone"

Haha this one is nice. Go out with bang, i certainly hope your 2nd point wont happen though. The tiny NFC player would be quite a nice thing. If i go to the gym im taking my wireless Bluetooth device otherwise you might as well take one of those old school CD players. :)

Because devices are not designed over night. It usually takes several months or years for that to be done and Nokia has a lot of designs on their hands that they need to push out. This (if true) was probably designed years ago.

Very valid points... But why wouldn't they just wait until everything was said and done and brand those MSFT brand or however they will be branded? Wouldn't that give them time to keep designing?

Lumia music link would be a nice name for that. And if it will have the screen like shuffle imma go for this and nfc to copy music seamlessly to a player would be a neat move. I have over 2 Tb of music on my laptop and hard drives for DJing but my phone has merely 15-20 tracks coz i dont feel that comfortable copying and playing those on the phone. The smooth player with nice wp interface would solve it. Also i dont have music on my phone just coz i enjoy my subscribed podcasts too much and i would be very happy to have it synced to my upcoming nokia music player if it turns out great.

Sounds cool buuut it sounds like a waste of time since most of Nokia lumias can easily hold all my tunes and i have alot of music :)

If you listen to music when you go to the gym or do any type of fitness, a mp3 player is much more comfortable to use than a phone.

A dedicated mp3 player with hard buttons is more convenient to use while working out. I still prefer my walkman when i go for a run.

Although if you go running and keep track of,distances, speed, etc. you would need a device with GPS and able to run the proper app.
In a gym? Yes it could be useful.

Hmm. A small, dedicated music player, where we can organize the music playlist on the phone and simply tap the little one using NFC to transfer the list and copy missing songs either via bluetooth or something (and remove oldest, unused songs if storage is nearly full). Then, while playing music locally, it also connected to the phone on standby to receive calls (again via bluetooth), will definitely reduce battery consumption on the phone side, while we still able to listen our music and ready to receive calls. It's like a Bluetooth headset with dedicated music player. If this is kinda like one I just described above, then it should be interesting :)

That is exactly what I'm hoping it is. Fingers crossed!
Along with a clip and ability to wirelessly pair to a headset too.

Music players including the iPod are dying because everyone uses a phone. I really hope Nokia is not wasting time on this.

You know, there's a tendency to cycle through ideas, and we often see the return of some seemingly forgotten devices and concepts. Currently, we're using our smartphones for everything - from simple calls and texts to navigation and music, videos... This drains the battery so fast we've all developed this amazing ability to spot a free electrical outlet in a kilometre radius. :) Everything started as separate devices, then it merged into a single, multipurpose device. I wouldn't be surprised if we're on the brink of a new divergence. Is that a good or a bad thing? I don't know. Why don't they simply invest in finding better, thinner and more powerful batteries? Something that could last a whole day (by that I mean 24 hours not the "work hours" + barely making it home from work, stomping over a shocked cat in the driveway whilst running to plug the charger before everything dies out) of maximum performance with everything switched on. Whoever makes that a reality will lead the way in smartphone business, in my opinion.

I can imagine a phone app released at the same time that can manage and sync what's on the mp3 player via NFC and Bluetooth. That would be kind of rad. I have a little 4gb SanDisk mp3 player for running/gym that could easily be replaced by this. That being said, unless it supports Audible, its a no-go for me.

They need to focus on a few devices and do them extremely well (phone and tablet), which they are capable of.   Why try and enter into a declining market of mp3 players?  

A portable music player is not a particularly useful device. 
A portable music player tied to Nokia music, eh.  Not sure why. 
A portable music player tied to XBox Music, dear god make it stop.  You might as well just take your money and use it as kindling to set yourself on fire and save the aggravation.  It would be less frustrating.  You'll end up with a device with a bunch of empty playlists, run into device downloading limitations and have to sync through the awful interface. 
I hope MS takes XBox Music and stabs it through the face, fires everyone involved in its development and sets the ex-Nokia team to work on fixing the mess of a music player MS created. 

What if this is more about having your phone in a bag or purse and this is essentially a bluetooth accessory that gives you "wireless" control of your device? I think people are focusing on the iPod Shuffle in terms of what the device does as opposed to perhaps the size of the device. I think it would be crazy helpful for some people walk around cleaning or sitting at a desk, but their phone is still tucked away. With wireless charging on many devices, I think that would be an awesome idea. With our current Nokia NFC speaker, I normally have my phone on the wireless charger in the bedroom. The speaker can be any where. If I want to change songs, I have to literally go to the next room.
One thing about technology accessories (perhaps the Type/Touch Covers being a loan exception), most devices are designed with the main device in mind and accessories are for niche instances/tastes/needs. I have a hard time believing Nokia spent any resources on an mp3 player. I do believe they would spend time on an accessory for those audio nuts that are also protective of their technology or take advantage of other accessories.
TL:DR My guess is this is an iPod Shuffle sized NFC-enabled remote. 

Good find.  That sure looks like it could be what they are talking about.  It certainly nothing that Nokia has available right now, at least I don't think they do?

Interesting concept, but I already have an iPod touch 5th generation and two iPod Classics (or one, considering that my boyfriend has possession of my 80GB).

Wow ... Lots of Windows products to be bought by me in the next half year. This could be a nice to have... A very nice to have indeed!

I like this idea...for the gym i refuse to use my phone.  I want a simple mp3 player.  I currently have a zune which works amazingly but it won't last forever.  People still need their small portable players for fitness and no way i'm getting an apple product for that.

Mp3 player hmmm I could see that happening but maybe its that bundled into a super watch ?? Idk it could happen

I am dying for someone to release an ipod touch killer, as much as I prefer not to use apple products it is a top mp3 and podcast player and handy for some apps without impacting my 920 battery life when travelling without charge points.
Of all the rival mp3 players out there I cannot find one that matches, Samsung one did not receive good reviews.
What I really want is something with double my current 64gb music capacity.

Look on eBay for a 128gb Zune HD. I have the 16gb and wished I had gotten a larger storage capacity. It's a great mp3 player and one of the few that can play audible books in enhanced format. I still use mine for audible pretty much exclusively.

This will be a killer device if it has  = NFC (For sharing and playing music) + More Storage/Skydrive support to pull songs from cloud+ 3.5 mm Jack + Long lasting battery of atleast 8 hours + Small screen + Works as a accsory with Lumia phones/Windows Phones/Windows Tablets + Small form factor around 3 to 4 inches +  = A Device I would definitely buy.

I will buy it for sure, I need one for the gym, and since my 920 is heavy and I don't really like Apple products, this is very welcome. I used to like Creative MP3 Players but they have all disappeared :( so I hope this one will be as satisfying.

yey, good news. i do have a separate mp3 playr aside from my windowsphone because i fear that my phone audio may not work well again like my prev. i need a fancy looking, low cost mp3... an alternative to an ovrpriced apple ipod. for now, i'm sticking with my ipod bcause the rest looks ugly to me :)