Published photos tease Lumia 1520 protective shells before Nokia World

Lumia 1520 Shells

The Lumia 1520 will be announced by Nokia this month at its major event in Abu Dhabi. Until that day arrives, we're expecting to see more leaks pack full of details and images. The latest is over on Chinese website, CTech. The website has published some photos of Lumia third-party 1520 protective shells (or cases) in a veriety of colours.

Here's another shot, which shows a more stylish case:

Lumia 1520 Case

To wrap up, the Chinese website also details some visible features of the Windows Phone itself. Looking at the images, speakers appear to be at both the top and bottom of the device, and key layout remains the same for the Lumia family of products. Flash will be located above the camera, while the microUSB port will be situated at the bottom.

Head on over to CTech to see the remaining photos.

Source: CTech


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Published photos tease Lumia 1520 protective shells before Nokia World


Other websites are saying these are wireless charging cases; they need to check their facts.  I do not see anyway possible that these are for wireless charging.

C'mon guys, don't turn into WMPoweruser. it's not even a quiet news day. 
There are similar cases you can get for 4$ for my Lumia 920. These are Ebay stuff by some random Chinese company with a plastick Lumia 1520 kockoff inside

of course but that's still mean they are made to fit a phone, another proof that it's the final design of the 1520 (5,7" ?)

@ Tissotti

They are third part cases for an unannounced Nokia phone (Lumia 1520). They are not official, we didn't say they were, nor did we say they are for wireless charging.

So where did we veer from editorial integrity by posting these photos? What makes your judgement on this superior to ours, considering our audience?

I find your criticism lacking merit and will disregard. Sorry.

I dont think the phone in the above photo is lumia 1520.... look at the capacitive buttons location and compare it with the leaks, it didn't match....

So are the 3 capacitive buttons on the 1520 spread out or close together? I've seen pictures of each now.

I wish it has xenon flash..
This is the only let down for me about the 1520, its a bigger 900.. ah Im waiting again for next skipping this too

HM those case I can buy at Chinese malls for like $3. I hope that's not the official case from Nokia, that's be really disappointing, even though I'm not getting the 1520

I want the 1520, but it will be on att only and have to wait 6 months to get it unlocked...
how lame.
Give it to me for 500$ unlocked !

Lumia 1520 is coming...for sure. I already have the wholesale price and I know that it will be a premium phone. I don't know which retail price will Nokia announce but it is wholesale more expansive than the Xperia Z1, Note 3. I am talking obviously about sim free phones. I honestly think it will be available soon (as it is already on wholesale system!).
No news about the 2520 tablet..yet, or any accessories!
As soon as accessories are available in the UK I will have them in stock. I am very excited about the 22nd of October.

For the love of god, please tell me that this huge, gigantic phone does not require an addon case for external charging...

Does anyone know if you will be able to purchase the phone off contract and unlocked? Please do fill me in! Thanks WP enthusiasts!

Alpo714: In the UK yes it will be available off contract and unlocked. I already have wholesale price, but I don't know if in other countries it will be unlocked.

Thank you for your response! I hope the USA will have it unlocked and off contract. Do you know if there are compatibility problems if I buy an unlocked phone from the UK to be used in the USA phone carrier such as Tmobile? Thank you again for your response Okkio. :)

Ok Everyone: i nned a bit of help (hopefully objective) here:
i have owned all iPhone variants since 2008: starting from 3G all the way to iPhone 5. i am sick of Apple, and i can understand why they have never made it big, and will never make it big again.
So, my next smart phone will NOT be the stupid iPhone (why pay $600.00 for a technology that is more than 4 years old?).
My next phone will be a phablet. i am considering Galaxy Note 3, or the Nokia 1520. If i go to Google, it will be kicking and screaming: for i do not like either Samsung (el-Chepo hardware) or Google (intrusive and hypocrite corporation).
That leaves me with 1520. but i am not sure for the following reasons:
1-The infamous 'app' situation. i NEED the following apps: NYTimes, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Garfield, foursquare, Kindle, Citibank, Fidelity, solid media center, and solid Comics reader.
2-A 100% reliable synchronization with my PC (i used to own Windows Trio, and synching it to my PC was nightmare. That was what drove me away to the stupid iPhone.
3-simple and reliable porting of my music, video, and book libraries from Apple to Windows phone.
Can someone tell me if what i am looking for is available on WP 8?
if this is not the right thread, i apologize. Please tell me where is an appropriate forum to post this note on this site.

Hi, you can head over to windowsphone.com to check available apps there. You can just type and search for the apps you want. Then you will know whether you can use those apps on WP8
I'm not quite sure what kind of synchronization you need with your PC? If you're talkig about office docs, multimedia, game data, some app data, contacts, and so on, they can be automatically synced to your windows PC, with Win8 having the best synchronization.
For the last part, since I've never used any iphone, I cannot help you on that..

My iTunes library synced with my Zune back when windows phone 7 came out with my Samsung focus, not sure how it will sync with the new windows phone 8 software since I still have a 7.5 device, but it has worked really well in the past

I can't wait for the 1520 to come out! Bought the original titan when it came out since it was the largest smart phone on the market (that lasted a whole to months when the note 1 came out :P) Can't wait to jump from my now titan II to this phone! :D