New Lumia 530 promo videos compare it to competing Android phones

The newly announced Lumia 530 smartphone is the subject of some new promotional videos from Microsoft, made for the European audience, that shows off the features in the upcoming budget priced Windows Phone 8.1 device and also compares it to many similarly priced Android phones.

One of the clips is a quick and colorful skim of the phone, showing off how it looks while running apps like Facebook, MixRadio, Instagram and others. It also shows the phone connected to the just announced Bang mini speaker by Coloud.

The other new video shows how the Lumia 530's hardware specs compare to Android phones that are priced around 100 euros. They include the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, the Motorola Moto E, the LG Optimus LS II and more. The video shows that the Lumia 530 is the only one among Microsoft's list of cheap Android phones that has a quad core 1.2 GHz processor and a microSD card slot that can handle up to 128 GB of extra storage, along with the free MixRadio streaming music app and access to full mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

As we have reported earlier, the Lumia 530 will be released sometime in August worldwide, including the US. T-Mobile is the only wireless carrier so far that has confirmed plans to sell the phone.

What do you think of these new promo videos, especially the one that tries to make the claim the Lumia 530 beats out many cheap Android phones?

Source: Nokia on YouTube


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New Lumia 530 promo videos compare it to competing Android phones



Yep don't knw y don't they plan a 720 successor same design but 1gb ram nd camera with pureview and ois. Charge a little extra but get these in the phone .!! It will fly in midrange :)

Not really. Pureview isn't that hard to include. 1GB Ram NEEDS to be on the 6xx and up honestly, if it isn't on the 7xx in the future ugh.

Yeah if microsoft can get better specs in the 720, I would get it immediately.

Isnt the 720 the most sleek Lumia phone?

3.8", 1GB RAM, better than 5MP camera, Radio module, sensors, Miracast, better speaker placement and no loss of functionality.

Basically, a true 620 successor. That's what I wish for for the 730.



Forgot the big thing: Stronger battery.

Srsly noo..!!! Screen size currently dats 4.3" is perfect not to small not to big whereas 3.8" dats way too smaller than iPhone. not a perfect 720 successor.. ;!

Go die in a fire.

Not everyone has your fuckhuge yeti hands. The current Lumia line is in severe lack of smaller phones.

The only small new phone is the 530, which is a pure budget phone.

There isn't even a single fucking flagship at a small size, with 5" being currently the lowest.

I want my fucking mid-range phone at small size.


Also, considering the 530/630, the 830 might be a bigger version of the 730.

Swearing won't help, we're supposed to all be friends here. And the trend is towards big phones for Sasquatch hands, whether that's perfect for everyone or not. Rumours have all the new iPhones being 4.7 and up. Almost all new Android phones have huge screens too. I read on a tech site that the average phone sold now has a 5" screen. That's the *average*. So for every iPhone pulling down the average, you have a Galaxy Note or Lumia 1520 pulling up the average. So Microsoft is simply responding to market demand, unfortunately in your case.

Agree with u mate..!! Dont know what's the problm with vb4 .!! No need to shout with foul words. I consider all friends here in this community . But Once u get a small size phone and then compare with ur friends with bigger sized screen then see ur reaction of considering it inferior. The same case with iPhone mentioned above big screen is current demand that's y Samsung sell their phablets ,galaxies of 4.7", 5" or above in huge no.s plus I aint havin yeti hands with 4.3" its the standard size .!!

That doesn't mean that he should die in a fire! We are a community, Keep it cool bro, Control your emotions! But he's got a point dude.. Why would MSFT launch a successor phone with shorter display? They launch the product that the majority of people want! 4.5" screen doesn't want yeti's hands! It's a decent size! Your hands must be really small. Well no offence here.. I wish MSFT soon launch a mini version of their 1520 for people like you (with small hands)

Correction, why would Nokia have lauched a successor phone with a shorter display? This phone was already in production prior to the aquisition by Microsoft.

I doubt phones are going to be smaller than 4" from 2012 on. Even apple is creating bigger phones. Get used to it.

God damn, telling someone to die in a fire because of a difference in opinion over a phone's screen size is a little bit of an overaction don't you think?

If they make the 730 look like any of this round edges soap bars we seriously need to protest!

Lol..!! Yess srsly the current design is eyecatching and lovable so if the successor has the same srsly no problm I would love to get dat ..!!

RAM doesnt even matter, so what some games arent compatible, whoop de fucking doo, its called a budget phone, (no one buys a damn budget phone to game on!) theres no reason to bring up the ram because it gives a false sense of infeiriority of the phone, everyone is so obsessed with how specs look on paper and dont give two shits how the specs look in use.

I know its a budget phone and RAM does not matter. I just told because they compared it with other phones. I have used 510 with much lesser RAM and processor and it worked smooth enough unlike lagdroid. Always WP!!

RAM very much matters when you advertising a phone to "run the heaviest apps and games" yet half the games optimized for 512 trouble processing it...

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

1) theres only a select few.. maybe 5? game sin total that require 1 gig of ram on WP

2) 512 ram games aren't laggy at all, if they are, than its because of the phones OTHER low specs.. you know.. because tis a BUDGET PHONE

I was gonna keep going, but seeing as how your first 2 arguements are complete BS, I'm just gonna assume you have no idea what your talking about.

The 530 has 1gb of ram from what I understand, and WP runs smooth as silk, I agree with the prior lagdroid statement.. I have never used an android phone that didn't lag or force close apps at some point during the day. To much different hardware and apps aren't optimized for every device. That's where MS has it right, all phones using same brand processor makes it alot easier to optimize apps to run smoothly on the OS

because the 525 was an odd phone, i wasnt meant to become the norm, it was made to fill in a niche spot in a specific part of the world, they went back on it because they can make budget phones even cheaper without it. it also helps distinguish budget phones from the midrange phones

its not uncommon for nokia to make xx5 variants that have something new that the prodeccessors didnt have that don't get carried on to their successors. the lumia 925 is an example of this, it is only a 920 variant that got a screen upgrade and a new feature (glance) neither of which carried on to its successor (icon/930)

not really nope, I bought the latest galaxy of 2012 and i was apalled by how fucking laggy it was for a flagship, and how often apps would just close for no reason and how fast the battery would drain, even if I kept up with the task manager and closed what I wasnt using (which shouldnt even be a "thing to begin with" so no, I havent handled an android since 2012, and why the hell should I? nothings changed, I've messed with the moto e in the store a little bit and ran into the exact same issues. also, I have no idea how me handing a lagdroid has anything to do with this topic at all. Oh and excuse me for being a fan of something that just works.

So Moto e doesn't work well. Right? You're a big liar, even a galaxy y will work better than your flag ship WP for the first 10 minutes and your comparing with Moto e....ha ! I'm using Moto e,g and Lumia 720. Guess what,G works better than Lumia 720 and E works same as the Lumia.

And yeah, next time when you bitch around with your filthy foul mouth....... Better look at the Androids in the same price range and age.

If the Galaxy S3 is so horrible, why did it sell more than all Windows Phone combined? Why do they continue to sell in huge numbers years later? They may not be the smoothest, but people like the hardware and all the features. Otherwise they wouldn't be dominating the market.

Microsoft continues with the same basic thing they released in 2010. If they don't rebrand and seriously change the UI, Windows Phone will be all but dead by the end of 2015. They are already losing the market.

Also if you've used something like the Moto E you would know that it eats up nearly all of its 1 gb ram just doing basic things. Running games on it is a painful experience because of its weak GPU (same as the Lumia 530 btw) and CPU (arguably weaker than the Lumia 530), and the limited storage doesn't help either. Especially considering Android's support for SD card storage is fairly convoluted and not nearly as well done Windows Phone 8.1 in my honest opinion.

exactly, this goes back to my comment of looking at specs on paper and not thinking about how they work in practice, yes, the moto e looks better on paper, but in reality, it sucks in comparison.

I agree with you. However, in order to take on with Moto E. MS has to price it agressively in all countries even if that means really lower margin. For instance not more than $80 in US, 70 euros or Rs 5999. If the values are close to this I believe its going to well. I know people can get 520 for even lower price today. But remember 520 comes with WP8 (though Wp8.1 ready) but 530 will come with 8.1 out of the box. That makes a difference for sure (atleast for an average user). Also there is every possiblity that MS might completely replace 520 (by not selling anymore) with 530 once it rolls out to the world.

Ram DOES matter guyys!! Not only for gaming but for storing apps in the background and faster app resuming!

Liked the phone though.. But would have been better if the design was different from 630's and more resembling to 520

It can easily beat android phone in this range. Who have complaint about flash ram nd front cam cn spend more money. This is best budget phone

They've stated in the past that they do market research on colors. Yellow and Cyan are fading in popularity, with green and orange taking their place.

I saw you mentioning this previously in the comment section, and I understand that the chances of these colours being brought back is really slim. I really love Yellow Lumias though. Hopefully one day they will bring it back in the future phones, or at least send someone to survey me :)

Love my Cyan charging cover on the 810.. Would love to see it on my 1525 if its ever released or comes to T-Mobile... But I don't see it happening...

i guess they haven't count me in with that research cause i don't like green or orange i prefer blue / dark colors

I buy the argument when it comes to phones like the 929/930 but on the 530/630 the color is in the removable back piece, a dirt ceap piece of plastic. Microsoft should flood the market with extra colors and fancy back pieces to buy as extras. At least until an viable third party market has picket up.

I would love to see Cyan come back. They killed it with the 1020 and wehaven't seen it since.

I guess I'm biased towards cyan since blue is my favroite color.

Yes! I was thinking about it, but most likely it is the manufacturing cost. At least the 1020 that I am gonna buy is in Yellow :) And for the future phones, I will probably go for White one, it look great too.

Nice ad. I think this is MS big bet to gain market share. Now killing X and asha will make Lumia the only option for all Nokia fans, and there are many within operators...

That's what they wanted. Like to bring all the Symbian and Nokia X users plus the WP7.8 users to join the Lumia range with WP8.1. So they can stop the updates for the other range slowly and bring it to nil.

So who will they support? Half of the employees losing a job is better than all employees losing a job

Honestly, not to bag on this, but if they showed a normal user, trying to use Facebook on this phone, like a normal teenager, it would earn a Fail, right there.

The facebook app on WP is worst. The Android app is miles ahead- is more fluid, has a ton of more features, provides endless scrolling through groups (whereas in WP, posts are loaded only till a point in groups), and when you visit the 'Liked Pages' part in the About section of a profile, you can even visit the individual pages directly from there. What's more in the WP app, you can not edit your comment or status update. Now don't give me any of the nonsense about how you couldn't care less, but for those who use FB to its near-full potential, there are a host of aberrations in the WP app - real frustrations.

That can be said about many WP apps, including the WP Central app, which works better on Android. How ironic is that?

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Absolutely agree to this..There are tons of features missing in the FB app...Microsoft should stop fooling people..

Well I don't use facebook much, but in some areas the new social integration of WP is superior to anything on Android. When i hav a party, concert or any event from facebook in my carlender-app and I tab it. It kicks me right into the facebook App where I can view who will join the event, and anything else that is important about the event. Or visit the facebook-page of your contacts directly from the people-app. All the shortcuts from system-Apps into the facebook-app are great.

I like the Lokscreen functionality of the facebook as well.

There are some gerat featueres on Facebook for WP that you just don't have on Android or iOS.

All of those Android phones have a fixed focus camera, except the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style - which coincidentally has 512 mb of ram. All of these phones hit the magical, dirt cheap price point by compromising on something. I'd say the Lumia 530 compares pretty favorably compared to all of them. None of these phones are going to compete with a high end phone.

Lumia 520 had an autofocus camera and this is a successor and its Nokia, known for there cameras. And then again the price(under 100€) is much more than some of these phones.

This is certainly a good start on pushing the $100 phone market. Microsoft had done well there and needs to do more. What I can't wait to see is a sub $100 phone to offer all those S40 and ASHA customers. THAT would really grow the ecosystem!

The 520 and 521 with 16Gb class 10 microSD card would be about $60 and $70, respectively.  Can you find a better MP3 player for the money?  Or sub-$100 phone for that matter?  Winsauce.

You can buy them at Walmart for $65, only $55 if you order it online.  Who's charging $150?

You don't have to use a SIM card to use the phone as a smart device (like an iTouch).  That is my point.  You will initially get the annoying "SIM card not detected" message, but go into settings and turn off data.  Both these phone still have wifi connectivity.  In addition, I've read that you can still use HERE maps via GPS without activating the cellular.

Haahaha wp has no free video player like mx video player on android with subtitle support. Video player of wp CANT do this. Come on wp... More good apps please.

Does this mean we should expect MixRadio to stay free for Lumia owners for the foreseeable future?  Even though it's being spun off into a separate company.

For my kids, I want something very similar to this (the huge game support that 1GB in 530 brings is perfect!) with the addition of FFC. What are my choices Nokia (er Microsoft)?

the lumia 925 went EOL recently, so its price is pretty low right now, and is an excellent phone (it has the absolute best display I've seen yet.. even better than the 930's 1080p screen, atleast in my opinion)

My 925 is the best phone I have ever owned. I just adore it. I agree about the screen. In the sun, or shade it never disappoints. I adore it.

... and basically its rubbish compare to moto e .

i really dont get this humiliating downgrade from 520 while other cheap smartphones ( like the moto e ) are just fantastic pieces of hardware .

I just hope the 530 builds on the success of the 520. The phone that actually bought windows phone 8 as a worthy competitor to other platforms was the Lumia 520.
Now if the Lumia 530 could do the same with the added advantages of the new wp8.1, the market share would increase by leaps and bounds(at least in India).

So much imphasis is being put on MixRadio yet Microsoft is planning to spin it off therefore allowing it to be on competing operating systems........

Seems like the MixRadio objectives are not the same with the Devices and Services team and what the CEO has in mind...

Still waiting for a proper ad showcasing all features of the phone being promoted.... but this ad is comparatively better than the previous ones.

eh? is it a huge upgrade? not really, but is it worse in anyway? nope, its essentially the 52x with a slightly beffier cpu, there was nothing downgraded, its not made to get 52x users to upgrade to it, the 52x upgrade would be the 620/630 this phone is just an updated replacement for the 52x, note there is a huge differencve between "replacement/update" and "upgrade"

And built in memory matters... Why? When you only had 8 gigs.. You were buying an SD card anyway, again.. Your looking at specs on paper and not thinking about them in use

Lower storage.

Equivalent CPU.

Lower GPU.

Lower video recording (480 vs 720p).

Lower quality camera (fixed vs auto-focus).

Lower quality display.

Fewer sensors.

Yes, it's a downgrade from the 52x.




Quad core slower or not more cores will equal better performance,

the resolution isn't a downgrade.. It recorded to high of a resolution for its mp.

The display is the exact same.. Don't make stuff up.

Same sensors as the original too.

+620. The 630 takes the place of the 520 while the 530 is targeting Nokia Asha or S40 users. Microsoft should have called the 630 the 530 and the 530 should be the 430 because when people see the 530 they think it's better than the 520 but that's not the case because even though it gained a quad-core processor and dual-SIM support, it lost 4 GB of storage, the camera button and the three hardware navigation buttons. But then, the 630 neither is a true upgrade of the 620 because it lacks a front facing camera and NFC.

I see no mention of "Nokia" in the article. Will the phone just be branded as a Lumia? No Nokia no MS on it?



the 1520 is a flagship phone.. the 530 is a budget, those two are litterally on opposite ends of the retail ladder, you cant compare them... why would you?

But in the second video, they compared Moto E with the inbuilt office and 15GB cloud storage in OneDrive. Even in a Moto E, we can sign up for a Microsoft account and enjoy the Office suite and 15GB cloud storage.

And when you install it you have to log into your office.com account and have a valid license/ subscription to use it. Its not free unless you have purchased office, and if you haven't purchased office you can't use it.

The first one nicely emphasizes the beautiful looks of the phone and of WP, while the second one is a very straight-to-the-point emphasis on the good specs / offerings of the 530. All in all, they seem like a nice pair of commercials to me!

Now that we've seen what the 530 is all about, I don't think Daniel or anyone else will be trying to defend it as a successor to the 520. I think it is now more clear that this also applies to to the defense of the 630 against 620. At the launch of the 530, the 520 beats it basically in all areas, both specifications and price, and I'm talking current price for both devices.
It is pretty clear that the currently announced/released low-end x30 series Lumias are not really successors to the x20 devices specifications wise. Now I'm not saying these are bad devices, but the naming choice is quite bad, because to peaople, who follow the tech news it would imply that they are supposed to be successors, although the specifications negate this. I think it would have been smarter for them to introduce different naming for these devices like 330 and 430, perhaps, which should also be reflected in price. Both from the price and specifications (diminished feature set) aspects, these new lumias are very weird for consumers if we compare them to previous gen devices that have similar nomenclature.
Some people argue that people who will purchase devices at these price points aren't going to look at or care about the specifications, although it is not the case in many emerging parts of the world where the people have lower income but aren't necesserily less tech oriented, like India, for example.
As far as I can see, the dual-sim capability for the variants is the only factor that might be considered as an advantage to the new phones for those that need this capability.
As it stands the 530 at its launch will be priced a bit more than the what the 520 is currently going for. I hope people won't make the mistake to go for the new phones just because of the more recent release.
I also hope that a Microsoft will release a mid-ranger that could possibly be a L730 with some hardware upgrades over previous gen. Judging from the price points of the currently released new Lumias, a phone like that would probably go somewhere around for what was the launch price of the 520. If it had 1 gb ram, now that would be a upgrade, but seeing the new 530, and 630 I'm worried about what specs such a device will actually have. Currently there are no upgrades for 520 and 620 owners for the price points they bought their phones for. I still like my 520, but as both the volume keys and the power key stopped working within a months time, I'm in need of an upgrade.

Please continue your thought, I see you didn't end your sentence with a fullstop, so I'm not entirely sure what your argument is. Even if the 630 runs the OS faster than the 1020, I don't think this alone makes the points that I made invalid. As far as I know a Lumia 520 has less lag than an android phone anywhere near these prices and it's speed in most cases is enough for me, so I don't think we should be complaining that much about the OS speed, I think WP in general is pretty smooth.

Ok here you go... As you said, it's almost a step down spec wise BUT it doesn't mean that the phone is slower out any kind worse. (BTW what are you complaining about when everything is ok with the OS speed?) Afaik this fast WP OS makes also apps "faster" than android. As you see 630v1020 you can make a guess that the 530 is also optimized for the OS, meaning probably all new x30 phones are not much better spec wise but as they're optimized for WP8.1 they FEEL like worthy successors to the x20/25! (this was a full stop)

You must know that not all hardware is concerned with the speed of the OS, and it is not the only metric of a phones abilities.

As much as I've gathered:

*lower internal memory

*no 720p video recording, camera now has fixed focus

*thicker, heavier

*GPU Adreno 302 (L520 had Adreno 305)

*no proximity, ambient light sensors

P.S. There's a difference between a full stop and an exclamation point. You used the latter while saying you used the former.

I guess the bigger screen, the quad-core processor with SensorCore and better battery life are some arguments for choosing the 630. But you need 1 GB of RAM so yes, you'll have to wait for an eventual 730 or choose another manufacturer's Windows Phone.

Of the arguments you made I partly aggree with only one, specifically SensorCore. The screen is bigger to accomodate the on-screen buttons. The processors abilities capped the the video recording resolution, so there must be a reason for a newer processor to not be able to support the resolution of a 520. And the battery life is a weak argument because it's only logical that a phone with fewer things to consume power would... consume less power. If the phone hadn't diminished other specs and improved upon battery life, then I would aggree. Again, I'm not saying these phones don't have a market, I'm just making the point that the naming doesn't fit them.

I agree, each number should be tied with a price : 100€ for 4xx, 150€ for 5xx, 200€ for 6xx, etc.

I'm not in a position to name these devices, so the naming convention could be different, I'm just making the point that naming the new devices 530 and 630 has introduced confusion.

Not to be disrespectful, but the obsession of the number 4 sounding bad is along the lines of superstitions. It's a number just like any other, and should be treated like one, I suspect people can't really avoid it as such, and, personally, I think it would be a dumb idea. As the world tries to move on from segregating people, I think we should also move from segregating conventional realities. Cars have as many wheels in asia as they do elsewhere, I don't think it would be rational to start producing cars with 3 or 5 wheel to circumvent this issue. I know it's part of culture, but not all parts of cultures continue to serve well as time goes on and the world changes. I know people in Asia evolve just like everywhere else, and I think this obsession with "4" should and will go away as time goes on. Though I see how naming it 430 might not be a good business descision, I also recall there being a Galaxy S4 phone, so I guess the problem doesn't lie in as many heads as it is sometimes presented.

I would love to go back in time and show this to people in early 2011. "Holy crap! WP7 has a small tiles option! And Nokia's an OEM! And we have Instagram! And what the heck is Vine?!"

Samsung laughing at your ass MS

They sell more S5s than MS could dream of selling 5,6,7 series combined.

Way to go at gaining market share.



Microsoft isn't doing a bad job. Sure the market share is a dismal 3% but its the quality of the hardware not quantity. Android powers 80% of phones but that doesn't mean that they are quality made.

* Want a phone with the 3rd best operating system (out of 3)?

* Want a phone with no support for google apps (biggest internet company in the world)?

* Want a phone with a mediocre camera and no flash?

* Want a phone that does not have an official Facebook App

* Want a phone where probably 40% of your apps will not be there?




* Want to comment something more sensible?



Sorry.. coudn't resist... ;)

Dont blame you a bit.

Thats also the cat the claimed BBM would never come to Windows Phone.

Impossible to take em seriously

Apps you will never see in Windows Phone (not even equivalent):

Redbox Direct
Any Google Related (G+, etc)

Go away and stay gone! Want a unsecured, unstable and very bad company using your personal information for advertising then buy an Android. No quality Os malware ridden apps in the play store, and mediocre low range devices that a Lumia 520/521 can beat easily. Dumbass its a budget phone! Budget phones don't need a flash! And who the fuck cares about scroogles poor apps. WE DONT NEED GOOGLES SUPPORT IN ORDER TO MAKE WINDOWS PHONE POPULAR!

Pathetic: by definition it will suit you a lot better, you username is a phone model that is not even a good. one.  You are pathetic and my guess is you are a kid.

*There are more than 6, iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mozilla, Ubuntu, Symbian...
*Apps? Maybe you need them cause you don't have a stable browser. But I can use Gmail, YouTube, Translate and Google Search. And the 3 first have an app.
*Mediocre camera? With Carl Zeiss optic? You're dumb or...?
* Don't we have a FB app? I don't care if it's official or not when it does the same things.
*I have more apps than what I used to use

Ok greats phone just like every other Nokia. But MS has a problem, its the lack of apps. I personally don't care, but 90%of other users do.

Ok, this ad gets the job done, and makes it seem that the 530 is the best option, this add should be shown everywhere, but I´d like to see a proper comparison, you know, some of these phones at the same time trying to run the same apps, sadly the few ones that are available for wp, because the app gap between wp and android is still there, I know some official ones have shown up recently, but they are just not enough yet, and then again most good apps that require 1 gb ram, will never be available for the 530, and some of these android phones have 1gb, I really try to like the 530, but MSFT makes it really difficult, at least for me, don't hate me too much, but It's just my opinion

There's still a sentence in the third paragraph that refers to the Lumia 530 as an Android phone. No need to besmirch the name of a perfectly good phone like the 530 by calling it an Android phone ;-)

another child.... This forum is full of kids... I guess is the 'pretty colors' of the phones... just for kids.

I would definitely use it. Not thrilled that is still has no RAM but the 520 is making a good impression on me as a cheap backup phone after my 1020 went swimming.

All I want is a phone with 1gb ram, 16gb storage space, and a camera around 8 megapixels. Can anyone tell me the name of a windows phone like that and the price?