New Microsoft mobile phone gets FCC approval

microsoft fcc

A new mobile phone from Microsoft has been spotted getting the approval of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, but so far the details of what it might be remain a mystery.

The listing for the device, which was dated July 3, shows that the official model number for the phone is RM-1018. Aside from the fact that it has a single SIM card slot and a microSD port, there's nothing else that's been revealed about this product's hardware.

While the FCC documentation doesn't provide much in the way of clues, there is already speculation that this phone could be the rumored Lumia 530, the long awaited successor to the popular budget priced Lumia 520. The documents do show that the phone was tested with the Nokia BL-5J battery, which is used in the Lumia 520 and 525. However, we certainly won't know for sure until Microsoft makes an official announcement on this new device.

What do you think RM-1018 will turn out to be?

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Source: FCC via Windows Phone Daily


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New Microsoft mobile phone gets FCC approval


I don't care too much about removable batteries, but I do think micro SD should be standard in all future phones.

Concur with MicroSD.  

now starts all the people who are going to tell us we don't really need it....

Sure troll.   What's my real name?   Now tell me how you think you know me well enough to know what I need.

Wrong.   I want and need it.

Yes. I don't understand why this is even optional. Is there a security benefit? Because I'm not sure consumers care really.

I used to have a Samsung S2 and i always had an additionnal battery . I hope Microsoft will bring out a device with repleacable battery . It's very useful for long travels or for a long day out.

For long travels, I just bring with me a portable battery backup.  It works great.  It supports all my present and future phones.

I completely agree.  I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with removable battery and the back plastic case was extremely cheap looking.  Not to mention everytime I removed the back cover, I was nervous about the cheap plastic cracking.  I'd much rather carry around a portable charger, especially now that they are making them so much smaller, than to have to change batteries.

I happen to think a removable battery is the best. I can swap out my battery whenever I need to without having to be tethered to the charger. If my battery goes bad and I am not ready to upgrade, why should I not be able to put in a new battery? Considering how cheap these Chinese manufacturers are in using the cheap of the cheap materials, I bet these batteries lives will go quicker. That isn't in terms of battery life in between charges, but rather how well they hold a charge. Many people buy multiple batteries for their devices and so these companies can make more money selling their batteries. I am hoping the Lumia 830 follows suit with the 820 in that respect plus all the goodness of a Pureview camera but great specs. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

I get your point about a battery switch will have you up and going again in no time. Personally i woulden't purchase another battery just for my pocket, nor would i feel like having a good product in my hand if that was neccessary. It's like buying a phone for it's design, but wrapping it up in a cover. But people differ in these ways, so it is very subjective.

Second of all, by making the phone without detachable parts, you improve it's durability. My 920 has taken a fuck-ton of throws, slings, woopies and failed-basket-practice hits. Yet it still works like a charm, nothing has ever come off it and it's solid as a Nokia should be, this i can thank to the whole body being constructed as tight as possible. ( I know that not everyone is as careless with their phone as i am, this is only an example of durability when not using multiple parts to construct a phone. )

Third - The battery technology is going to rapidly expand within the next few years. I would say that within 5 years, phones will charge in apprx. 15-30 seconds due to new upcoming technology ( If this tech holds ).

Fourth - Production costs are probably also cheaper for the companies when creating as few parts as possible. Even though i do not think the majority of the cost comes in the parts making the casing, but rather the chips, sensors, storage and screen make for the majority of a price. - I still believe that, when you create the amount of phones that Nokia/Microsoft have/will manufacture, that the cost will fall a rather lot if you make unibodies.

The fourth part i am merely guessing on, but i would emagine it to be constructed that way. Less use of materials, less assembly costs.

Lool that's exactly what went through my mind. his sentence doesn't make any sense to me, I'm not a native speaker so I have no clue. Anyhow he means it's probably going to have the 512 option available. That's what I understood.

If it is the rumored 530, why would they put 1 GB of RAM in a phone that is entry-level and supposed to be classed lower than the 630/635? That would blow the 630/635 out of the water.

because RAM is cheap and there are many apps that require 1gb. Phones should be classed by screen size, screen quality, and camera quality. All teh phones should have a sufficient amount of RAM to run all the apps in the store. WP already has an issue with apps. You don't want to piss off customers by limiting their app selection further.

wp already has sufficient ram to run all the apps in the store, the few apps that ARENT 512 compatible are all high graphic games that a lousy entry level phone wouldnt run anyway, you buy an entry level phone to get a phone that can run apps, ifyou buy a $150 phone and expect to play games on it, your an idiot. All you people complaining about the ram thing need to jsut shut up already, if it drops the cost without causing performance from the os (which 512 is PLENTY for WP) then its acceptable for an entry level device.

In the label placement image you see the device outline in original size. Comparing the 630 Dual SIM (which I have here) to that (after adjusting the size of the label) it's a smaller device (more along the lines of the Lumia 720).

This is lumia 530 with 512mb ram. Images of 530 are already leaked months earlier showing the exact design with 4" screen.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Nope,at least not for me.I need a 1GB ram phone,4"(or more) screen,5mp camera(flash),ffc.These are the major things I need for my next low-mid end phone and we have none of those.

You can never have too many budget phones. How else do you think Android took over? The problem is they're not balancing high-end and budget. There hasn't been a NEW high-end phone announced in LONG time (and the 930 does not count)

The 930 counts, however it's getting a wide release only five months before it's going to be significantly obsolete by McLaren and co.

We need a phone with 5 inch and QHD display , water and dust proof , the 20mp camera is good , 4K video, touch ID , snapdragon 805(at least ) with 2.5 GHz quad core , 3 gigs of RAM

One no.for work. One for personal usage. One phone. No hassle of carrying two. Or cheap data on one carrier. Cheap call tarrifs on other. One phone.

Why Should I use MY phone to work? If my company wants to that I use a phone, then they should buy me one. I prefer to have two phones, my personal phone (High end) and another one provided of my company.

Not every company provides a phone. Company msg are sorted separately so are personal. I also mentioned the other usage scenario. And not every one likes to carry two phones. Even though i have 4 active SIMs and 3 phones...this is not the case with everybody.

That's why i said. Not every company does that. Many just provide for the telephonic expenditure. And that's okay. Nothing to be unemployed for. There is a reason 630 was launched in the first place. And the reason is same why Samsung has dual sim variants of its high end phones as well. Market Demands.

Personally i would say that, since the phone industry is revolutionising so much with the simcards, going very rapidly from regular sized to nanosim. They should instead add the capability of a sim containing 2 numbers.

Probably a little more difficult then using 2 sim slots in the phone. But more practical then using up alot of space that could be used a much more important things, like sensors and maybe even the possibility of a slightly larger battery.

If you have two different numbers, two different simcard id's are neccessary, and those id's can be owned by individual companies.

Yeah you will get it for sure but after 801(release Christmas Time) and 805(release next summer)..The edges are yet to be cut!! :P :P

Almost all the electric products (from major brands though) go through FCC certification. Its kind a standardisation too.

You can't have only one dual sim variant. Market craves option plus 520 was cheaper than 620...so going by that logic... 530 will be even more cheaper...else the naming will hold no sense from now on.

Considering that the 53x series exists. What's the point of release a 63x before 53x? Although MS/Nokia itself called 630 as the "most affordable WP".

53x still doesn't exist officially though. Its our guess. From experience that since 520 was there and was such a hit they will sure launch 530. But it can also be the case that 630 is the new 520...and there will not be any 5xx series anymore..

Big news coming. Bigger than this phone. Rubino has been quiet for 2 days. Either a vacation from us dorks, or he is reviewing something and preparing a big article.

Holy Shit!  

I didn't know stalking Rubino is like reading tea leaves or reading bird entrails.


Yes the me tile integration with Facebook.... Missing it alot.... Me is now a vestigial organ that can be thrashed....

Hopefully similar to the 625 or 635 with a front camera flash 1 gig of ram and a 720p screen it needs to compete with the moto g which has been selling well according to reports


It's a Lumia 530 with 4 inch screen 480 800. 8 GB of internal memory expandable 5 mp camera no flash no ffc and a snapdragon 805 with 2.5 gb of ram.

Is it me or is every article a rumour/filler as of late until Microsoft get their arses into gear and start rolling out 8.1. Damn!