New NFL app for Xbox One and Windows arriving just in time for season kickoff

New NFL app for Xbox One and Windows arriving just in time for season kickoff

Microsoft will be updating the NFL app on the Xbox One and Windows 8 devices, adding several new features in time for the start of the football season next month. The new app will be more customizable, and you will be able to choose the information you see. You an view stats for your favorite teams and players, as well as on-demand video from NFL Now and more, according to Engadget:

This time out, there are a lot more features too, with Fantasy Football and NFL Now, the league's upcoming online video service, playing a huge role in the refreshed version. First and foremost, Microsoft wants its NFL app to feel like your own, which is why it lets you personalize it with content from team and players you're interested in, as well as different media provided by NFL Network, NFL RedZone, NFL Sunday Ticket and, of course, NFL Now.

There will also be quick access to a number of Fantasy Football features, including a recent events feed, in-game highlights, and team management. Microsoft is saying that the app will launch for Xbox One and Windows 8 in late August. The 2014 NFL season begins on September 4.

Do you like the sound of the new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Engadget


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New NFL app for Xbox One and Windows arriving just in time for season kickoff


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Americans are Microsoft's and Xbox top most Priority. The rest of us are just supporters....not surprised about this news at all.

I'm sorry, does your country have an NFL and fantasy league? No? Didn't think so, so why wouldn't this be an American app?

Don't complain because whatever sport is played in your country doesn't have a league that supports it with apps.

Don't complain when the Xbox One goes down in flames because the only market they are fully supporting is the US.


The Xbox One is the all in one entertainment device? Really? Then give us apps for other countries! Where's the FIFA app? regionalised apps for other sports.


BrazilNOW was great, now get on it Microsoft!

Hah I know, trying to beat Apple and Google with 3% market share and an OS without a good music player. There's just no excuse, and I wish ppl would stop trying to dismiss it.

Damn WPCentral!  Fix this Sh$^!  Make it so dumb comments like this, that has nothing to do with the article is shuffled to the bottom of the thread. 

So now people that listen to music have "no lifes" what's next? You have no life because you're always breathing?

People listen to music all day at work, ergo they need a good music player on their mobile (not all work places allow installation of software or to use their network to stream)

Thanks for the link. I voted. But holy god damn, those ignorant hateful Android fan commenters are awful. I had to leave the page after I found myself starting to get angry. The shear magnitude of ignorance is astounding.

God, I hope if you're saying this, that you aren't a soccer fan, because the sport couldn't be more overhyped if they threw dresses on all of those pansies.

Hopefully windows phone soon. Maybe universal app or whatever. Need to keep up with my broncos with a better app. Not a Verizon spammed super slow app.

@wpcentral - apologies for the off topic but is there a problem with the forums?

I can open all other areas of the site except the forums.


I wonder if anyone noticed that the NFL Mobile app for Windows Phone was also recently updated on the 31st of July. So I wonder if the WP one matches the one on Windows and XBOX?

This app is great on the xbox one. You can catch all of your favorite teams videos and news at your convenience. Snap mode is great s well.

Nothing interesting happening....something better to be done....xbox music update....can we get some new free xbox enabled games for our wp & a fast cyan rollout...now seems like cyan make ppl crying & microsoft enjoying it...

I'll gladly take an update to this app with no problem with NFL starting in another month. Sure beats a soccer update that no one cares about unless you're outside the U.S. (just kidding...well maybe not :-) )

Can anyone tell me what game that is? It might be Grid autosport but I'm not too sure.. anyone here know what game it might be? ( the Pagani Huayra gmae on the left )