Apply even more cool effects to images with the new Nightshot filter in Nokia's #2InstaWithLove

NightShot 2InstaWithLove

Nokia has updated its protest app, #2InstaWithLove with yet another filter. As the name suggests, the company is shouting out to Instagram, who still have not released an official app with all the bells and whistles for Windows Phone. The new filter is Nightshot, which (again, as the name suggests) is an effect that makes a photo look like it was taken in low light conditions.

Of course, if you have a Lumia 920 you'll want to take full advantage of the OIS capabilities and take incredible low light shots, but it's still a neat vintage effect nonetheless.

Now before you head on over to the Windows Phone Store and keep refreshing the app listing to get the "update" option, we received the filter simply by launching the app without bumping it up to a new release through the store. It's all backend magic here, baby.

You can download #2InstaWithLove from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: #2InstaWithLove


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Apply even more cool effects to images with the new Nightshot filter in Nokia's #2InstaWithLove


Nokia should just launch their own service and support all of the major platforms.. It would make sense because they already have focus on camera technology, and could use their service to promote Lumia devices.... They should call it Lumiagram!! Lol!

I know, it's hard to tell. I'm using WPCentral mobile app, and I could be the first one commenting, but once I enter it I can end up being second or third. So I was unsure.

I bet this is going to just be our instagram (eventually). Honestly when I used instagram it was just a bunch of teenage girls using it...

Who is they? Neither Nokia nor MS are the makers or instacrap. Enjoy what Nokia provides you, free of charge.

I was about to comment i can't download the app update. Then i just followed what was said in the article and wow ok im stupid i should have opened the app not try download it haha. Thanks!!!

Folks, this is instagram in stealth mode. They are building it in front of our eyes and all they need to do is rebrand it when filters meet critical mass. Ingenious guerilla marketing if you ask me.

I hope not. Because I don't wanna my pics like polaroid. I hate that polaroid border. And I like some instagram filters, like X-pro and specially Lo-fi.

have you guys heard about iOS 7 being flat? You know like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, xbox? yeah, I guess someone is a fan of the Modern UI (Metro). Not sure how true it is though, I read it on a trustworthy site